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Program announced for Sydney’s 10th annual Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival

Presented by Deadhouse Films, The 10th annual A Night of Horror International Film Festival, and Fantastic Planet: Sydney Sci-Fi and Fantasy Film Festival, screen simultaneously at Dendy Cinemas Newtown from November 24 to December 4, 2016. Says festival director Dean Bertram:

The 10th annual festival is going to be our biggest event yet. Featuring over 100 films, several international filmmaker guests, multiple parties and a horror filmmaking master class; Sydney’s genre fans and filmmaking community are going to be treated to eleven days of the best and freshest horror, sci-fi, and fantasy from around the globe.

The festival opens on Thursday November 24, with the Australian premiere of the international festival hit Peelers, plus a Q&A with special international guest: Canadian director Sevé Schelenz. And in keeping with the spirit of the bloody hilarious film, the screening will be followed by a “zombie and strippers” themed after party.

The closing night film,
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30 Scariest Horror Movies Streaming in Time for Halloween

30 Scariest Horror Movies Streaming in Time for Halloween
With Halloween approaching, there’s never been a better time to stream some scary movies. To help plan a fiendish film festival, here are enough bewitching recommendations available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu to provide creepy thrills for the whole month. To make things easier, titles are organized in three distinct categories: Date night, extreme horror, and family friendly. Choose wisely … or suffer the consequences!

Here’s a sampling of the date night, extreme horror, and family friendly movies, respectively.

The New Daughter” (2009)

Service: Hulu

Don’t let the generic title fool you. There are some unexpected terrors waiting to be unleashed in this eerie tale of a divorced novelist (nicely played by Kevin Costner) who moves his two children to an isolated farm in rural South Carolina. Fans of Stephen King and M. Night Shyamalan will find much to enjoy here, from the ancient Indian burial mounds to
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Bamber, Lutz, Williams, Weixler Set For ‘Money’ (Exclusive)

Bamber, Lutz, Williams, Weixler Set For ‘Money’ (Exclusive)
Madrid – Jamie Bamber, Kellan Lutz, Jesse Williams and Jess Weixler are set to star in indie thriller “Money,” from “An Act of War” and “A Conspiracy on Jekyll Island” producer Atit Shah at Create Entertainment.

Initiating principal photography from June 9 in Woodbury, Long Island, “Money” marks the feature debut of one of Spain’s most talked-about shorts/commercials directors, Martin Rosete, who leapt to attention with the 2012 Tribeca Fest-selected sci fi drama “Voice Over,” which won over 100 prizes.

From a screenplay by Barcelona’s Josep Ciutat, “Money” turns on two affluent couples held hostage by a charismatic con artist who poses as their neighbor. Ensnared in a web of lies and embezzlement, their loyalties are severed and love destroyed for two suitcases full of cash.

Rosete’s brother Jose Rosete, who has collaborated with him throughout his career, will serve as “Money’s” cinematographer.

Equity financed, and to be shot at night,
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Blu-ray, DVD Release: Labor Day

Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: April 29, 2014

Price: DVD $29.99, Blu-ray/DVD Combo $39.99

Studio: Paramount Home Entertainment

Labor Day is a bit of romance and plenty of drama.

Kate Winslet (Carnage) stars as single mother Adele, who with her son Henry (Gatlin Griffith, The New Daughter) offers a ride to a wounded man, Frank (Josh Brolin, Gangster Squad), only to find out that he’s an escaped conflict. As police search the town, Adele and Henry learn more about Frank, as their options become increasingly limited.

Winslet was nominated for a best actress Golden Globe for her performance in the PG-13 movie, which also stars Tobey Maguire (The Great Gatsby), James Van Der Beek (The Rules of Attraction) and J.K. Simmons (Jobs). Jason Reitman (Young Adult) wrote and directed Labor Day based on the novel by Joyce Maynard.

Despite getting a wide release in theaters, the film grossed only $13 million, probably on the poor reviews from critics,
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3 Days to Kill murders Kevin Costner's charisma at the Us box office

Limp thriller is not Kev's finest hour, while Pompeii blows up – in the wrong way, leaving The Lego Movie to carry on building

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Kevin Costner's waning appeal

He had a small but significant role in last summer's hit Man of Steel, but Kevin Costner has shown that these days he cannot be relied upon to carry a movie. The last time he headlined a movie was in 2008, with the lighthearted drama Swing Vote, which earned $16.3m (£9.72m) at the box office. That same year Costner starred in The New Daughter. What? Exactly. So it came as little surprise to see Costner's latest, 3 Days to Kill, debuted at No 2 on $12.3m (£7.38m). Suddenly the $55m (£33m) final gross of seafaring action-adventure The Guardian, which was hardly a massive achievement back in 2006, begins to look relatively impressive. Historically Costner headline movies have never opened strongly,
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The Kevin Costner Renaissance Has Only Just Begun

It’s been some time since the heyday of Kevin Costner’s prime. I’m talking about those sweet years between 1987 (The Untouchables) and 1994 (Wyatt Earp), when he was a regular box office draw, an award-winning director, and the president of sports movies. It’s not that he disappeared exactly. In fact, Costner’s been remarkably consistent in appearing in almost a movie a year. It’s more that the quality and profile of those films has diminished, and him a bit too in the process. There have been exceptions of course – Thirteen Days, Open Range, The Upside of Anger, TV’s Hatfields & McCoys. But a look at his projects between 2006 and 2013 – The Guardian, Mr. Brooks, Swing Vote, The New Daughter, The Company Men &ndash...

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Toronto: Imagina Grabs Global Sales Rights to ‘Bambi,’ ‘Wound’

Scooping up two awaited Spanish titles, Madrid-based Imagina International Sales has closed world sales rights to the Sony-distribbed “Who Killed Bambi?”, the latest film from “The Orphanage” producer Rodar y Rodar, as well as Fernando Franco’s “The Wound,” the only debut film in competition at the fast-approaching San Sebastian Festival.

A Nov. 17 Sony Pictures Espana release in Spain, “Bambi” receives a Toronto market screening. Toplining Ernesto Alterio (“Clandestine Childhood”), Quim Gutierrez (“Dark Blue Almost Black”) and Clara Lago (“Fin”), “Bambi” is a bungled kidnap comedy helmed by Santi Amodeo, director of two quirky mid-decade dramas — “Astronauts” and “Doghead” — that is loosely inspired by Mexico’s “Matando Cabos.”

Imagina sales director Geraldine Gonard describes it as a dark screwball comedy. “Bambi” marks “a move towards the mainstream” for Amodeo, per Rodar producer Joaquin Padro.

In “The Wound,” Franco delivers an intimate portrait of a woman battling a borderline personality disorder.
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‘Enemy,’ ‘Vivir,’ ‘Cannibal’ At San Sebastian

‘Enemy,’ ‘Vivir,’ ‘Cannibal’ At San Sebastian
Madrid – Denis Villeneuve’s “An Enemy,” David Trueba’s “Vivir es facil” and Manuel Martin Cuenca’s “Cannibal” will face off in competition at September’s 61st San Sebastian Festival, the biggest movie event in the Spanish-speaking world.

A co-production between Canada (Rhombus Media) and Spain (Roxbury Pics), “Enemy” – Villeneuve’s follow-up to the Oscar-nominated “Incendies,” was shot in Toronto from April 2012 before Villeneuve took on Warner Bros.-distribbed “Prisoners.”

Enemy” stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a man who discovers his double, (Gyllenhaal again), lives close by. With “Prisoners” world preeming at Toronto, “Enemy’s” San Sebastian berth gives Villeneuve the singular distinction of having two movies in major near back-to-back festivals.

Produced by Cristina Huete for Fernando Trueba P.C., David Trueba’s “Vivir” sits as a companion piece to his Sundance-screened “Madrid 1987,” a humor-tinged portrait of recent times past in Spain, caught through the psychology of the characters. Here,
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Charlie Harper's daughter to be new series regular on 'Two and a Half Men'

Charlie Harper's daughter to be new series regular on 'Two and a Half Men'
With the ‘half’ of Two and a Half Men off the cast of the CBS sitcom, there’s room for a new character when the show returns this fall without Angus T. Jones as a series regular. That new role will be Charlie Harper’s long-lost daughter. Deadline first reported the news.

Yep, perpetual bachelor Charlie Harper managed to spawn an offspring sometime before he kicked the bucket. The daughter, in her late teens or early 20s, will show up at Walden Schmidt’s (Ashton Kutcher) home, saying she’s looking for the house’s previous owner, her father. She
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Ineffable Pictures Exorcising Their Personal Demons

According to Hollywood, teenagers plus supernatural beings equals money-making franchises that can be milked until their creative teats dry, whither, and blow away. So what's the next young adult property looking to make a killing? Read on!

According to THR, Ineffable Pictures has optioned the rights to Lisa Desrochers' Personal DemonsPersonal Demons, Original Sin and Last Rite. The books center on a teen girl with a special ability who is caught in the midst of a love triangle (of course) between an angel and a demon, each of whom are competing to “tag” her soul for heaven and hell, respectively.

This one will not be heading to the big screen though. John Travis, who wrote The Haunting of Molly Hartley and The New Daughter, is adapting the Personal Demons series for television. No word on a network yet, but our money's on The CW. It can't be any worse than
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Blu-ray, DVD Release: Atlas Shrugged: Part II

Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: Feb. 19, 2013

Price: DVD $22.98, Blu-ray $29.99

Studio: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Samantha Mathis is Dagny Taggart in Atlas Shrugged: Part II.

Powerful forces trigger a global revolution in the 2012 science fiction-tinged drama-mystery film Atlas Shrugged: Part II, an adaptation of acclaimed author Ayn Rand‘s best-selling 1957 novel.

Adapted for the screen by Duke Sandefur, Duncan Scott and Brian Patrick O’Toole (Cemetery Gates) and directed by John Putch, Atlas Shrugged: Part II is the second installment in a planned trilogy, with Part III tentatively slated for release in 2013. Atlas Shrugged: Part I was released on in theaters and on disc in 2011.

In the movie, the global economy is on the brink of collapse as brilliant creators, from artists to industrialists, continue to mysteriously disappear. Dagny Taggart (Samantha Mathis of The New Daughter, replacing Taylor Schilling, who portrayed Dagny in Part I), Vice President in Charge of Operations for Taggart Transcontinental,
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FEARnet Heats Up January With Lots of Premieres

  • FEARnet
FEARnet Heats Up January With Lots of Premieres
FEARnet has lots of tricks up its sleeve for January. At the top of our must-see list is the unedited broadcast premiere of Let Me In starring Chloe Grace Moretz. We've also got the world television premieres of Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet, You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Kills You, and Rogue River. Broadcast television premieres include Blood Creek and The New Daughter; and network premieres include Slither, Lost Boys, and The Omen (2006).

We are also having a game-filled movie marathon (Taboo, Wishmaster, When Evil Calls, Simon Says, and House of the Dead 2) and a "violent vixens" marathon (Little Witches, Life Blood, The New Daughter and Neighbor).

Premiere dates are as follows:

· Slither, Saturday, January 5 at 10 p.m. Et/7 p.m. Pt;

· The New Daughter, Sunday, January 6 at 10 p.m. Et/7 p.m. Pt;

· Blood Creek, Sunday, January 6 at 12 a.m. Et/9 p.m. Pt;

· “Violent Vixens” Marathon,
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Frightfest ’12: Under the Bed, Tulpa, and Maniac (Remake)

Under The Bed (2012) “The Aggression Scale” director Steven C. Miller returns with “Under the Bed”, an homage to the much loved creature features and Amblin films of the 1980s, in particular “The Goonies” and “Poltergeist”. Of course, with Miller being one of the rising stars of Us indie horror, the film unsurprisingly also has a nightmarish quality, making for an intriguing mix that should catch the attention of genre fans who grew up during those heady days of kiddie danger cinema. The film follows a troubled youth called Neal (Jonny Weston, “John Dies at the End”) who returns to live with his father and younger brother Paulie (Gattlin Griffith, “The New Daughter”) in the house where their mother died years back – an event which Neal blamed on a monster under the bed which only Paulie has seen too. In the years since, his father has come to believe him to be mentally ill,
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Exclusive Interview: Luiso Berdejo of Rec 3: Genesis

Shock Till You Drop had a chance to sit down for coffee with Rec 3: Genesis co-writer Luiso Berdejo.

Some time ago, Berdejo developed a solid reputation with his short films (three of which are available on YouTube).

He co-wrote the first Rec film and directed The New Daughter, the thriller starring Kevin Costner which was unceremoniously dump in a super limited theatrical run before heading to DVD.

Berdejo talks with us about what we can expect from Rec 3: Genesis, the decision to move the film outdoors and he shares some details about the fourth installment Rec: Apocalypse.

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Big Casting News for Carrie Remake

When it comes to Kimberly Peirce’s planned remake of Stephen King’s cherished tale Carrie, the web has been abuzz with loads of casting news. We first learned that Chloe Moretz would take on the titular role, and it wasn’t long before we discovered that Julianne Moore more portray the obsessively maniacal mother to Carrie, Margaret White. Ivana Baquero Carrie RemakeWell, we’ve got more news spilling into cyberspace today, as it’s been announced that Ivana Baquero (Pan's Labyrinth, The New Daughter) looks to now be a lock as the sexy, sassy Chris Hargensen (initially played by Nancy Allen).
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Lily Allen has given birth to a baby girl Lily Allen has a new addition to her family as she recently gave birth to a baby girl.

Allen and her husband, Sam Cooper welcomed their new daughter this Friday, states The new daughter’s name is unknown at this time.

Allen has previously suffered two miscarriages in the public eye.

What do you think they have named their daughter?

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Blu-ray Review: The New Daughter Is Good-Looking But Ultimately Not That Great

Kevin Costner hasn’t worked as much as he should have since his career faltered during the late 90s (around the time The Postman was released to a frankly astonishing amount of bilious criticism), and yet for a while, during that decade mostly, he cemented his position as one of the most genuinely likeable leading men. The ability is still there – more recent films like Open Range and particularly Mr Brooks confirm as much, and his work has also included under-rated films like 3000 Miles to Graceland, 13 Days and The Guardian – and some in Hollywood are still clearly willing to give him a chance. Hopefully Man of Steel will reannounce Costner as a viable Hollywood commodity, and not a relic of fifteen years ago.

But for now (well two years ago in fact), his “comeback” is prologued by this horror film from Luis Berdejo, which won’t quite do what Man of Steel will for Costner,
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Brothers Prepare for Battle in Second 'Under the Bed' Still

Brothers Prepare for Battle in Second 'Under the Bed' Still
We gave the Hollywood Reporter an exclusive first look at Jonny Weston (John Dies at the End) and Gattlin Griffith (The New Daughter, Changeling, Green Lantern) in Under The Bed, a new horror film produced by both Tom and myself announced last week. Now in post, THR has a few more details: Weston and Griffith "play brothers who team up to battle a creature in what is being described as a "suburban nightmare" tale," adding that it's "a love letter to early Steven Spielberg films." Steven C. Miller (Automaton Transfusion) directs from a screenplay penned by Eric Stolze. As previously announced, Peter Holden (The Social Network), Musetta Vander (Sindel in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation) and Kelcie Stranahan round out the cast. Holden plays Terry, the brothers' father, while Vander stars as the stepmother Angela. Stranahan plays Cara, Neal's love interest.
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We Made a Movie! What Lurks 'Under the Bed'?!!

We Made a Movie! What Lurks 'Under the Bed'?!!
Outside of Bloody Disgusting, both Tom and myself produced a horror movie that we're pretty damn proud of. Over the past few month's we've been working insane hours on both the website and Under The Bed, our horror film inspired by classic Steven Spielberg films such as Poltergeist. Jonny Weston (John Dies at the End) and Gattlin Griffith (The New Daughter, Changeling, Green Lantern) topline the latest indie from up and coming genre producing outfit Site B. The duo will play brothers, Neal and Pauly, respectively. Ever since we discovered his $30k zombie feature Automaton Transfusion back in '05/'06, we've been huge fans of director Steven C. Miller, which is why we approached him to helm this love letter to the 1980's. The script was penned by Eric Stolze from a story we co-developed together. Peter Holden, Musetta Vander and Kelcie Stranahan round out the cast.
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New Release: Lebanon, Pa. Blu-ray and DVD

Monarch Home Video will release the indie comedy-drama movie Lebanon, Pa. starring Josh Hopkins (TV’s Cougar Town) on Blu-ray and DVD on June 28.

Rachel Kitson and Josh Hopkins take it slow in Lebanon, Pa.

Written and directed by Ben Hickernell (Cellar), Lebanon, Pa. centers on thirtysomething ad executive Will (Hopkins), who heads to the titular Pennsylvania town to put his recently deceased father’s affairs in order. While there, he’s befriended by his pregnant teenage cousin C.J. (Rachel Kitson) before getting romantically involved with her married teacher (Samantha Mathis, The New Daughter). Drama and comedy then ensue…

Written and directed by Ben Hickernell and co-starring Mary Beth Hurt (The Walker) and Ian Peakes (TV’s Still Standing), Lebanon, Pa is currently enjoying a generally well-reviewed limited release in theaters in several major markets.

Bonus features have not yet been announced for the Blu-ray and DVD, which will
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