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Latifah coasts on grit and verve, and Holmes has a goggle-eyed sweetness, but it's Keaton who rules.
Moviegoers will come up empty with Mad Money. This lifeless comedy and uninventive caper feels as if it were cobbled together at a studio's obligatory consciousness-raising diversity seminar.
This is the feistiest Hollywood movie about American women and their thankless jobs since "9 to 5."
A caper comedy with some definite problems.
A likable and completely dispensable heist film starring two of the deftest comedians working (Keaton and Latifah), the film from Callie Khouri is itself an American retread of the British caper telefilm "Hot Money."
Miami Herald
If you're going to make a heist picture, then at least have the decency to make the heist itself interesting. Otherwise, do like Tarantino did in "Reservoir Dogs" and just skip it altogether.
Once the star of some of the finest movies of the '70s and '80s, Keaton has begun making just this kind of chick-flick comedy with increasing regularity at least since 1996's "The First Wives Club," and it's gotten so she's not even trying to get into character anymore.
Mad Money is a comedy caper where the caper's not interesting and the comedy's not funny.
If the movie gets by, as it surely will during the current entertainment drought, most of the credit should go to a couple of performers (Latifah/Keaton) who come from different traditions, yet share a gift for breathing life into moribund material.
The Hollywood Reporter
Improbable and generally unfunny comedy.
Why would so many accomplished women waste their time and talents on a movie as counterfeit as Mad Money?

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