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Season 1

19 Sep. 2007
Disgraced television news anchor Chuck Darling is forced to return to his old television station in Pittsburgh, where he discovers that he and his co-anchor had a child together.
26 Sep. 2007
Fish Story
Anchor Chuck is now convinced Kelly Carr's daughter Gracey is his and wants to step up as her father, but Kelly refuses him any access. failing to care properly for the goldfish bowl the station gave 'big fish in a small pond' Chuck makes him look irresponsible, so he demands it discretely replaced by servile 'boss' Ryan. Meanwhile the professional bumbling and 'collegial' abuse continues, in Gary's case extremely painful in every sense.
3 Oct. 2007
First Supper
Chuck gets a chance to have dinner with his daughter, Montana is upset over a breakup, and Marsh helps Gary audition for a news position.
10 Oct. 2007
A Gentleman Always Leads
Chuck wants to get the top story in the newscast because he wants to impress his old friends who are in town for a convention, but Kelly doesn't want to give it up.
17 Oct. 2007
A Night of Possibilities
Chuck's plans for a night of fun and romance are thrown for a loop when Ryan asks him to join him for dinner, and the staff's carpooling plans create a series of conflicts.
7 Nov. 2007
Gracie's Bully
Gracie's class visits the TV station. Ryan sees a younger version of himself in chubby nerd Brian, but gravely underestimates that kid. When classmate Xander Tucker seems to bully Gracie, Kelly first forbids Cuck to intervene 'too macho', then grossly abuses the knave herself, which causes well-deserved trouble, while the kids' story proves quite innocent. Gary wins a bet and learns about Marsh's soft spot, a poet reminding him of his dad. Stutterer Montana is professionally outclassed by a schoolgirl.
14 Nov. 2007
Something's Up There
KellyÂ's carefully laid plans for GracieÂ's birthday party fall apart when Montana offers to give the girls makeovers and Chuck insists on buying GracieÂ's cake.
26 Feb. 2008
Cradle to Grave
Kelly is asked to deliver the eulogy for an old colleague, but she doesn't know that it's because people thought they were sleeping together. During the funeral, Chuck babysits Gracie with mixed results.
27 Feb. 2008
Business or Pleasure
An attractive young anchor from a rival station asks Kelly out on a date. Chuck immediately jumps to the conclusion that he is only trying to steal her from the station and that he couldn't possibly be serious about her.
16 Apr. 2008
The Wall of Fame
Marsh throws a surprise party for Chuck, even though it's not really his birthday. Kelly is worried that a picture on Marsh's wall may expose the secret that Chuck is Gracie's father.
23 Apr. 2008
Hug & Tell
Kelly has agreed to tell Gracie that Chuck is her father, but she continues to put it off. Gary tries to make nice with the building security guard, who apparently doesn't like him.
30 Apr. 2008
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
Kelly's revelation to Gracie that Chuck is her father makes things uncomfortable for all three, and the night of Gracie's conception is detailed.
7 May 2008
The New Boss
The new station manager asks Ryan to fire Montana, based on a comment that Chuck and Kelly made during a meeting with the new boss.
14 May 2008
Chuck and Kelly, Doin' It Again
Just as Chuck and Kelly are ready to tell the office that Chuck is Gracie's father, the station kicks off a Chuck and Kelly advertising campaign that is ripe with sexual innuendo.
2 Jul. 2008
Date Night
Chuck acts pretty jealous when Kelly accepts to date his handsome professional rival Craig St. Claire. Worse, he's accidentally forced to take ghastly make-up girl Margaret, an avid fan, to the same restaurant. Yet once there, Chuck proves charming company, while Craig walks out because Kelly can't keep her eyes off Chuck.
9 Jul. 2008
House of Tomorrow
Chuck attempts to buy his first house in order to impress the attractive real estate agent, Colette, and to prove to Kelly that he was growing up and taking responsibility for his life. However, the technology-advanced house seems to have other ideas about Chuck moving in!
31 Jul. 2008
Hostage Watch
On a very slow news day Ryan decides to pad the broadcast with human interest stories much to chuck's annoyance. During the argument Ryan receives a call about a bank robbery in progress and that the robber has taken hostages and wants Chuck to negotiate. Kelly reminds Chuck that he is a father now and doesn't want him to go but Chuck reminds her that he is a news man and will be OK. Gary covers the scene from the outside and Chuck goes inside the bank to talk to the hostage taker and eventually hits upon a very novel solution to the crisis.

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