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Film Review: ‘Wheelman’

Film Review: ‘Wheelman’
It’s difficult to avoid catchphrases like “stripped for speed” and “pedal to the metal” while appraising “Wheelman,” writer-director Jeremy Rush’s cunningly conceived and skillfully executed thriller about a getaway driver who is driven to extremes when someone carjacks the heist for which he’s been hired. It’s a grade-a B-movie that gets maximum mileage from a carefully calibrated mix of hardboiled neo-noir melodrama and high-velocity minimalism. Just as important, Rush’s more-than-promising debut feature — which clocks in at just 82 minutes, with nary a wasted second — is a perfect-fit star vehicle for Frank Grillo, the sinewy tough customer whose previous credits include TV’s “Kingdom,” the Chinese-produced smash hit “Wolf Warrior II” and appearances in the “Captain America” and “Purge” franchises.

The set-up may sound like something on the order of Nicolas Winding Refn’s “Drive” (or Walter Hill’s “The Driver”), but “Wheelman” actually has a bit more in common with “Locke,” Steven Knight
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Does Deadbox Contain The Longest Take In Film History?

Forget everything you learned in film class over the summer. “Adrenaline” director Robert Archer Lynn wants you to know that his latest picture, the upcoming paintball slasher epic “Deadbox” (aka “Havoc”), contains the longest single take in the history of the medium. In fact, the movie’s gimmick is listed in nearly ever press release related to the project, boldly declaring to anyone who will listen that the entire project was executed using an intriguing 105-minute shot. And while this is certainly an impressive accomplishment, it really won’t amount to anything worthwhile if the movie itself is a complete and utter waste of your precious time. That, of course, remains to be seen. Presently, Aleksandr Sokurov haunting 2002 masterpiece “Russian Ark” holds the title for the longest take. If what Lynn claims is true, I guess that’s about to change. Here’s a quick synopsis if you’re interested:
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