The Happening (2008) Poster


Plot Keywords

park school
teacher crisis
bee girl
nature strange behavior
disappearance knitting
news report violent behavior
central park manhattan new york city child in peril
panic police officer
crossroads lawnmower
emergency school bus
falling to death police officer killed
positive pregnancy test female slaps female
shot in the chest shotgun
environmentalist sushi
west virginia police officer shot in the head
abandonment classical music
reading director cameo
old woman corpse
hand slap filbert pennsylvania
fear ladder
love radio
city park suicide by hanging
screen door death
epidemic garden
cut into pieces german shepherd
princeton cell phone
model home broken leg
stabbed in the neck disorientation
police car rocking chair
westover military base jacksonville florida
train ticket act of god
road movie dead body
power outage impalement
hanging construction worker
uncharacteristic behavior plant life
disaster car crash into tree
cloud killer tree
train station plant
crushed to death science teacher
cough syrup albert einstein
greenhouse urban setting
dinner bullet
bocci ball paranoia
television news hanged woman
self mutilation boston massachusetts
map car crash
loss of father bathtub
botanist student
written and directed by cast member nebraska
blood natural disaster
mass suicide hot dog
child shot in the head man with glasses
butterfly collection little girl
power failure lawn mower
wind photograph
car horn toxin
classroom framed butterfly
hang by neck rittenhouse park
watching tv florida
teacher meeting tree
rural setting math teacher
american flag cooling tower
hitchhike hairpin
jumping off a roof pistol
laboratory backpack
family relationships park bench
swing france
framed photograph semiautomatic pistol
passenger train broken arm
slow motion scene jeep
hanged man police officer shot in the forehead
split rail fence nuclear power plant
scream loss of friend
weird behavior new jersey
survival arm ripped off
self inflicted gunshot wound doll
paris france lion
ticket train
gore shot to death
eco horror garden swing
tv broadcast mood ring
butterfly shot in the forehead
mauling cornfield
pregnancy test blood spatter
gas mask man vs nature
walking the dog shock
hummer nursery
separate into groups construction crew
train conductor new york city
binoculars philadelphia pennsylvania
soldier siren
estranged couple father daughter relationship
gash in the face slapping
shot in the head taxi
walking backwards thrown through a windshield
hugging long take
ostracism bloody nose
survivor radio news
wrist slitting bloody body of child
child murder plastic plant
dog zoo
falling from height sitting on a park bench
suicide botany
manhattan new york city surprise ending

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