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Not much to complain about.

Author: callanvass from victoria b.c canada
6 July 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Hour one.

Live from Atlanta, GA

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone & Larry Zbyszko

Jeff Jarrett & Steve McMichael (W/Debra) Vs Konnan & Hugh Morrus

Konnan and Hugh Morrus win after Jarrett nails McMichael with the briefcase. Arn Anderson and Ric Flair come out and admonish Jeff Jarrett for the screw-up. Jarrett insists that it was an accident. Ric Flair says Jarrett is making him look bad.


Diamond Dallas Paige Vs Rick Fuller

DDP wins with the Diamond Cutter. They show footage from last week of the nWo and Randy Savage beating and humiliating DDP. DDP says the fans know who the real deal is. DDP tells him to snap into a diamond cutter.


Juventud Guerrera Vs Ray Mendoza Jr.

Juvi wins with a 450 splash from the top. This was exciting at times, but rather sloppy as well. Juvi botched a few moves in this one.


Jimmy Hart, Kevin Sullivan, and Jacqueline take over the announcer's table. Jimmy Hart says his prediction came true when he predicted Chris Beniot and Woman wouldn't be here. Jacqueline issues an open challenge at Uncensored and says she can be any man or woman. Sullivan says Beniot will never be like him because they are too legit to quit.

Dean Malenko Vs Mike Enos

Malenko wins with a small package. Malenko was very aggressive during the match. Malenko says that's the new and improved Malenko. He says he's gonna run through Eddie Guerrero and anybody else who steps in his way.


Eric "The Dick" Bischoff is out next for an interview. Eric Bischoff says the fans owe a debt of gratitude to the nWo. The President of Turner entertainment, Dr. Harvey Schiller comes out and says he needs to talk to Bischoff. Dr. Schiller says he can't fire referees and do anything he wants. Bischoff says he has a right to do what he wants because he's the Executive Vice President. Harvey Schiller says Bischoff is suspended, The crowd pops huge. Bischoff is not allowed to sign any more contracts. Bischoff says Schiller is taking this too far.

Eddie Guerrero Vs The Ultimo Dragon (W/Sonny Onoo)

Eddie wins with his feet on the ropes. Eddie said he didn't mean to cost Malenko the Cruiserweight title. He's tried to apologize to Malenko, but he won't accept it. Dean Malenko comes out and comes face to face with Guerrero. Eddie says he's sick of Malenko blaming him. Malenko says he and Eddie have been up and down the roads together. Eddie has lost Malenko's respect.


Hour two.

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay & Bobby Heenan

Scotty Riggs Vs M. Wallstreet

Riggs wins by DQ after Buff Bagwell interferes. There isn't much to report here. It was a mediocre match that I had little interest in to begin with.


Roddy Piper is out next for a promo. Piper says He's faced Hogan two times, and he's put Hogan to sleep both times with the sleeper. He calls Hall and Nash a couple of monkeys, and says he has one family. He says the fans are his family. He says he's gonna let the fans decide who Roddy's partners will be at Uncensored to face the nWo. He's got 6 guys in the back to see who can team with Piper. 6 random unknowns come out and John Tenta as well. Tenta and two of the unknowns end up being selected for Piper's team. This was a chore to watch.

Rey Mysterio Jr. Vs J.L.

Mysterio wins with a springboard huricarana. As always, more time would have been nice for this match. It was too short.


Madusa is out next for an interview. Madusa said she trashed the WWF title in a can for nothing. She says she's been laying dormant all because Eric Bischoff cares more about himself. She says Bischoff should have been fired. She says she will become the WCW women's champion. Luna Vachon comes out and attacks Madusa.

Hulk Hogan and the entire nWo come out. Sting is out with them and so is Bischoff, despite being suspended. Bischoff says Harvey Schiller can't fire him because he and Hogan are friends with Ted Turner. Hogan says Schiller is stepping over his limitation. He mocks Piper's team as well. Randy Savage says Piper needs a psychiatrist badly. He says Piper couldn't even beat Elizabeth. Sting just stays alone in the corner the whole time. Sorry for the crappy recap, it's the same nWo promo you've heard 400 times before.

The Steiner Brothers Vs Lex Luger & The Giant

The match is interrupted by the nWo. Luger, The Steiner's, The Giant, Roddy Piper & his team brawl with the nWo to end the show. This was a decent way to end the show. It was fairly exciting and added interest to Uncensored.


This is a decent episode of Nitro. There are no standout matches, but the story lines moved along nicely for the most part.


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