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Movie: 2007

[edit] Flight 29 Down: The Hotel Tango

* Part 1:

With the group split into two, tension mounts on the beach as Lex blames Daley for the breakup. Those that left begin their mission to find life on the island.

* Part 2:

Nathan creates a new signal to grab the attention of passing ships, while the team that is exploring the island discovers they are not alone.

* Part 3:

The fate of Jory, Ian and Captain Russell are discovered. Lex invents a flashing beacon from parts of the plane wreck.

* Part 4:

Captain Russell threatens revenge after the accidental destruction of his plane. There is a race to get back to the beach to protect Daley, Lex, Taylor and Nathan before Russell can do any damage.

Flight 29 Down: All four parts of The Hotel Tango will air August 25, 2007 at 8-10PM ET. 7-9PM Central. (From the Discovery Kids schedule) what
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