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Author: s_sondergaard from Denmark
6 February 2012

This stand-alone episode is much better than "Black Market". It shows a lot of failures in the chain of command, it has a new approach to genocide and it's shows how hard it is to get through with pointing out errors in the medical world.

A great example of "Battlestar Galactica"s diversity and how it works without space battles, cylon-attacks or love affair.

What I don't understand is people disliking this episode when it shows what the series is really able to do - blend social comments with a huge war in space. It may not be "The Wire" but for a more commercial series it delivers much more that you could ever ask for.

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Very good

Author: moola_boola from Edinburgh, Scotland
15 July 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was an exciting stand-alone episode. I usually find the stand-alone episodes quite disappointing (e.g. 'Scar' and 'Black Market') as they often force characters into uncharacteristic roles in order to drive an unnecessary plot. However, I felt that Helos attitude was consistent with his character and the newly-introduced characters were interesting. It was also a very good way to show us what the Sagittarons are like and how people perceive them. Unlike 'Scar' and 'Black Market', this episode really does add to the Battlestar 'Universe' and it develops some of the minor characters in substantial ways. It is not a throwaway episode but it's certainly not the best episode (it doesn't compare with the 'Pegasus' episodes from Season 2). It is well-acted, well-written and suspenseful.

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Just once let Helo be wrong!

Author: Tweekums from United Kingdom
16 December 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Helo has been put in charge of the refugees living on Galactica; they are suffering from over crowding and an infection has broken out; to make matters worse most the Sagittarons refuse medical treatment for cultural reasons despite the fact that the disease is fatal. When one of them approaches Helo and claims that Doctor Robert has killed her son he is initially sceptical; after all they won't take the medicine, she insists that he had gone for treatment but the doctor said they came too late. Helo raises the possibility with the senior staff but they don't believe a word of it; especially Col Tigh who is an old friend of the doctors. Eventually Helo confronts Dr Cottle with evidence that the vast majority of Sagittarons treated by Dr Robert die but even then he is unconvinced. When Dee, herself a Sagittaron goes to see Dr Robert Helo rushes to her and finds her in a bad way leading to a confrontation that will see either him or the doctor arrested depending on who Dr Cottle believes. Away from the main plot Zarek is warning the president that giving Baltar a trial will lead to trouble in the fleet and Sharon tries to persuade the captive Six into testifying against Baltar.

This episode suffered from a common flaw amongst stand alone episodes; namely the fact that it deals with important situations and characters that have never been mentioned before and are unlikely to be mentioned again, another flaw is that Helo once again makes a contentious decision that once again turns out to be right; it would make his character a bit more interesting if he had to deal with the consequences of a bad decision for once. I still like the character and think Tahmoh Penikett does a good job in the role... I just wish he wasn't right all the time!

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Medical Ethics and Uneven Episode

Author: Christian from Canada
17 November 2016

The content of the episode is one of the best in terms of philosophical musing on medicine profession dilemma of patient right to refuse treatment, religion/superstition vs public interest. We can think of vaccine or pharma refusal or typical Jewish observance of Sabbath and Jehovah's Witnesses and blood transfusions parallels to name a few. The episode features great scenes, conflicts and dialogs, but is plagued (pun intended) with a few unconvincing performances from non core characters and stereotypical one-dimensional portrayal of Sagittarons, save a quick not particularly insightful comment from Dee (Anastasia Dualla). The themes and story elements are strong, but directing and acting could have been better to hit the point home. The writing created a perhaps simplistic story arc with personal internal drives which led to an unsatisfactory ending instead and of raising more questions and reflection.

All in all a good watch and canvas for further discussion. The Helo and Sal personal opposition was noteworthy, but more time could have been used to examine the themes and weigh the pros and cons like Star Trek usually does.

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Crappy, Crappy, Crappy

Author: watchmewatch from OC, California
18 February 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Battlestar Galactica is unquestionably the best show on television, and I look forward to new episodes with unreasonable anticipation. "The Woman King" is a shitty episode that does NOT continue with ANY meaningful BSG storyline, is embarrassingly poorly written, and just sucks. It's completely centered on Helo's crappy job and you never see Lee or Kara or ANY CYLON, while Roslin and Adama get one or two scenes each that both include cringe-inducing dialogue. Remember all that cool stuff that's been happening in previous weeks about the Cyclons and religion and Kara's destiny and Starbuck/Apollo's doomed marriages? None of that is even mentioned. Baltar is never seen, only mentioned.

Skip this one, if at all possible. If you've already seen it, try to forget that you did. This one's a stinker, a clunker, and whatever awful thing you can thing of. Incredibly disappointing.

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