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  • You can get the DVD, posters and other My Name Is Wallace merchandise at Wallace's official web site:

    The DVD's are Region 1 only, and have special features including a director's commentary, a pop-up video version of the film and a My Name Is Wallace version of ComicBookCreator software.

  • He's not mentally retarded; his social growth is severly stunted having lived with his mother in a very sheltered situation. He does have certain habits and behaviors that might make someone think he suffers from mental retardation: he takes things very literally, exhibits obsessive/compulsive traits, and has a bit of a speech impediment. His real challenge in life is making sense of all of the things he's being exposed to without the guidance his mother provided.

  • In 1983, the director, Bob Pondillo (then known as radio air personality Bob James) and the lead actor, David Lawrence, were two of the five founding members of the seminal radio comedy troupe, The American Comedy Network.

    In a bit called "The Personals," a satiric look at strange people who went to dating services looking for hookups, only to create tapes that would never get them a date, David brought back the Wallace character, a voice characterization that he'd been using for various characters throughout his career. Wallace's line in the film, about cutting himself while shaving his torso, was part of this riff.

    Through the years, as Bob and David stayed in touch, Wallace would pop up during conversations, and in early 2006, Bob thought it might make for an interesting script to look a little closer at this wierd and lovable character.


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