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Kiyo is beginning to think that Zatch, who shoots lightning from his mouth, attracts too much attention and is way too much trouble to bring with him to school. Giving Zatch a homemade toy (Volcan 300) to play with, he ditches Zatch and heads off to class. But all eyes are nevertheless on Kiyo! It turns out that his picture is on the front page of the paper, after saving the day at the bank! Kiyo is the talk of the school, and suddenly he has all the girls' attention! Okay, so maybe for making friends, having Zatch around isn't such a terrible thing, after all. Good thing, because Zatch has followed Kiyo to school anyway! Suzy tells Zatch 'Since you came along, Kiyo's become really popular!' But on the way home, Kiyo and Zatch run into Hosokawa and the ice-shooting mamodo, Reycom. Hosokawa says 'I'm not after you, Kiyo, just that kid Zatch.' Unlike Zatch, Reycom is very much aware of his powers. 'The stronger your feelings are,' Hosokawa explains, 'the stronger becomes your ability to...

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