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Who knew Roddy Piper could sing?
callanvass31 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Hour one.

Live from St. Petersburg, FL

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone & Larry Zbyszko

Chris Beniot (W/Woman) Vs Jeff Jarrett

Jarrett wins by DQ after Sting comes in and hits the scorpion deathdrop on Jarrett. This match felt like a tease. What we got was certainly mouth-watering, and I wanted more. I won't complain about Sting interrupting the match, though. It was pretty badass.


We get a clip of Ric Flair rehabilitating his shoulder. World renown surgeon, Dr. James Andrews talks about the healing process.

Malya Hosaka Vs Zero (W/Sonny Onoo)

This is a women's match. Zero completely dominates. it was a basic squash match.


Gene Okerlund is next to interview Diamond Dallas Paige. Okerlund asks if DDP is with the nWo because DDP helped jumpstart the careers of Scott Hall & Kevin Nash. DDP says he doesn't need anybody helping him. DDP says it doesn't give them the right to interject themselves in his matches. Scott Hall & Kevin Nash show up. Hall says to forget about the past. What DDP needs to think about is the future.Hall offers DDP a chance to join the nWo. DDP complains about being number 8 on the nWo's list. Nash says they could have come a lot earlier, but DDP is buddies with Bischoff. DDP says he busted his ass at the Power Plant. Nash says he and Hall had to do a lot of convincing to Hogan. He says they couldn't come to DDP. DDP is still offended by the fact that he was picked number 8.

Thoughts: DDP would eventually turn face from this and it would turn his career into stardom.

Rey Mysterio Jr. Vs Ciclope

Mysterio wins with a huricarana. This was a good little match! It's just a shame it got only 5 minutes or so. These guys deserved more of a chance to shine. I don't know who Ciclope is, but he impressed me here.


The Outsiders and Syxx make their way to ringside. Scott Hall says they are making their way to the cable ace awards on Saturday. Hall says they are the reason TNT is the hottest show on cable. They harass Schiavone & Zbyszko at the announcer's table. Hall and Nash claim they want Nitro to be the nWo show.

Hour two.

Your hosts are Eric Bischoff, Mike Tenay & Bobby Heenan

Lex Luger Vs Scott Norton

Luger wins with the Torture Rack. Don't expect much quality here. It is what it is.


Lex Luger says he wants to know where Sting's head's at. He's left Luger's calls and messages unanswered. He says he's sorry to Sting for not trusting him. He needs Sting, and can't take on the nWo alone.

Harlem Heat (W/Sister Sherri) Vs The Amazing French Canadians (Jacques Rougeau & Pierre) (W/Col. Parker)

Konnan Vs Chris Jericho

Konnan wins by DQ after referee, Nick Patrick disqualifies Jericho for inadvertently bumping into him. This had potential to be a good match, but the chemistry wasn't there. It didn't help that they were working towards a lousy finish.


Juventud Guerrera Vs Miguel Perez

Perez wins with a wheelbarrow victory roll. This was actually pretty decent stuff for the time it was given. Perez was impressive with all the high-impact stuff that he did. Juvi is always fun to watch.


Ted Dibiase thanks Sting for attacking Jeff Jarrett earlier tonight. Ted Dibiase says Sting is already wearing the nWo colors, now all he needs is a t-shirt to make it official. They're waiting on him.

The Faces of Fear (Meng & The Barbarian) (W/Jimmy Hart) Vs The American Males (Marcus Bagwell & Scotty Riggs)

The Faces of Fear win. Jimmy Hart demands that the Faces of Fear get title shots against The Outsiders. The big story here is that more dissension was teased between Bagwell and Riggs.

Next, is a very cheesy music video starring Roddy Piper. It's actually not half-bad! Piper's got a decent voice.

Here comes another pointless Hollywood Hogan promo to end the show. He says his movie Santa With Muscles is gonna be number one at the box office for a long time. Steven Spielberg is gonna call him. (Santa With Muscles flopped miserably and should be used only to wipe yourself with if you're out of toilet paper) He says he's tired of Piper's nonsense. Hogan poses to end the show.

5/10 overall.
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