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special forces not doing the best job of playing spooks
harpoon_511 July 2011
Firstly, how much does special forces/delta force do counter-intelligence stuff like blending in in urban environments? Secondly, I'm not military or intelligence, but I recommend Andy McNab's books (a former SAS operator that writes fiction starring himself as the protagonist)... it really gave me an insight into how this covert/spook stuff works. One of the most glaring issues is that when you're following a target or suspect in a city, you don't even let them SEE you, let alone make eye contact with them. Even an untrained individual could make a connection if he or see she's the same random guy twice, and then it's game over - no pun intended.
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Somebody Is Cheating And Somebody Isn't
ccthemovieman-19 October 2007
This was a pretty solid episode, with the usual two stories: the "action" part which involves the annual "CT (counter-terrorism) games" and the home front with Kim meeting an old- friend, but thankfully - unlike other characters here - no hanky-panky. The guy was extremely rich which seemed to impress our girl, but she sees he's still the same old shallow guy, too.

The "games" were okay; nothing really that great. Basically, it's a competition between Units from around the world. One Unit plays the "terrorists" and the rest have to see who can capture then. It turned out to be more than that when one guy goes overboard simply because, as we find out, he's nuts. The Germans, of course, are made to look like the bad guys, but are they? That's the mystery.

Overall, not the greatest of episodes because neither segment was noteworthy, but it was nothing to complain about, either, since it held my attention.
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