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Because the owners of the actual commuter station they planned to film in changed their terms at the last minute, a fake station had to be built in a car park. That meant the white van couldn't be prepared in time. The contents had to be simulated using CGI.
The only thing in the back of the white van that is real is the stars and stripes box. The rest was made by VFX.
Jake Gyllenhaal was on board the production before Duncan Jones. After seeing Moon (2009) Gyllenhaal suggested Jones as a possible director.
Russell Peters did about an hour of stand-up with his own material for his scene. Because majority of his jokes were full of adult themes and graphic language, most of them were cut because of the PG-13 rating.
Vera Farmiga stated that she took the role just at the start of her pregnancy in February 2010. She knew that in that scenario she would be unavailable for the next 10 months. She filmed her scenes in 10 days.
Beleaguered Castle, a military project code name for the unit that runs the Source Code project, takes its name from a variation on the game of solitaire.
Despite being set in Chicago, much of the film was filmed on a soundstage in Montreal, Canada.
Originally, it was planned to use an actual train station for the scenes off the train, however the place changed terms at the last minute so they had to come up with an alternative, they ended up building a train platform in a parking lot.
The commuter train map posted inside the rail car, was actually the map of the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) with the color of the lines altered. The train being filmed was also a Metra train, an entirely different rail system, which features no maps at all in its cars.
Topher Grace was considered for the lead role.
During Max's stand-up routine, his punchline includes the names "Barack" and "Michelle". Before becoming President, Barack Obama represented Illinois in the U.S. Senate. The film's setting, Chicago, IL was where he lived when not in Washington, DC.
The logo of the Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago's Hockey Team, has a cameo in the movie on the train.
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Scott Bakula:  voice of Colter's father. Bakula starts off his phone conversation by saying "Oh Boy". That was his trademark line from Quantum Leap (1989), which has a similar plot to this film.

Director Trademark 

Duncan Jones:  [Chesney Hawkes]  Christina's ringtone is The One and Only by Chesney Hawkes, the same song that Sam's alarm plays in Moon (2009)


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

None of the sessions in the Source Code actually last 8 minutes of screen time. The third session is the longest, taking 7 minutes and 30 seconds.
Jake's body in the box is actually a working prosthetic. The breathing was an effect.
This film contains several references to the two movie versions (1962 and 2004) of Richard Condon's book The Manchurian Candidate. In both The Manchurian Candidate and Source Code, a main character is a decorated U.S. military veteran who has returned stateside but who is (without his knowledge) still being used as a tool in a secret military program. In both the book and first movie version of The Manchurian Candidate (1962) and in Source Code, the man is "triggered" by a code involving playing cards, and in both cases, a queen is the card used prominently. Two of Source Code's main actors (Vera Farmiga and Jeffrey Wright) also had prominent roles in the 2004 film version of The Manchurian Candidate (2004).

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