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Director Duncan Jones achieves a strange and winning amalgam, a gripping action film that also works as poetry.
An ingenious thriller that comes billed as science fiction, although its science is preposterous.
Among all the chess-piece players on the board, the star is the only one who really builds a solid emotional foundation for his character.
The first film in a while to have a decent heart while quickening your pulse.
Working from a tight script by Ben Ripley, Jones creates scary, hairy, high-octane tension. Disbelief? Suspended, until the logic lapses kick in later. It's a small price to pay for a ride that starts at wild and accelerates from there.
A high-octane mind game best enjoyed by following a key character's advice: "The Source Code is a gift. Don't squander it by thinking."
Source Code is a contraption, no doubt. But it works.
With a twisty, mind-bending plot that frequently changes direction and occasionally overreaches, Source Code wouldn't work at all without a cast with the determination and ability to really sell its story.
The movie boils down to one character, acting under enormous pressures of space and time, racing to solve a mystery. In this case, that may be good enough.
Based on its thrillingly fractured first half - not to mention "Moon" in its entirety - Jones seems much smarter than he allows the film to be in the end. It wriggles out of its own intriguing puzzle.
Gyllenhaal is particularly unsuited to this role, his saucer eyes flashing from calm to crazed.
Somewhere under all that bloat is the greatest short subject of all time.

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