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Meet the Quagmires

Author: sabascg from United States
21 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Definitely one of the best episodes yet. I'm really surprised to see so much hate for Family Guy around here. Sure, the stories are rips and are filled with jokes unrelated to the plot, but funny is funny! Just Enjoy it!

As another user so inharmoniously put it, this episode is a total rip of the Back to the Future movies. Well, more of an homage, if you ask me! Peter feels left out at the bar when his friends discuss single life and all their wild pasts (brought about by another enjoyable scene with Quagmire). In a rather out-of-character move (if we can really go so far on this show), Peter asks Death, who just happens to stop by, if he could go back in time to when he was 18 to really live it up! All it takes is for a bit of women's professional sports to hit the TV before Death gives in, and Peter and Brian are transported back to 1984! A few bone-headed and enjoyable bits later, and Peter is trying to regain his marriage to Lois after somehow ending up with Molly Ringwald! Of course, that brings us to the title of the episode, Meet the Quagmires! I'm sure you can piece this little scenario together yourself. So while the episode so far has been filled with little pop culture references and BttF bites, here's where it really shines! Brian ends up on the guitar on stage, rooting for Peter, in the crowd, to kiss Lois. Obviously he manages to do so and the family photo is again filled with the trifecta from hell! At this point, I'm on the edge of my seat, BEGGING for them to keep this up with a song from Brian. It finally comes! He kicks it up with Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" and rocks the house, including a couple great cameos! They cut it short for time by spoofing Marty's solo bit with an insane vocal move from Brian and a subtle but hilarious comment. Cap it off with a less hurried end than usual and another great cameo and we've just seen a great episode!

Family Guy as loads of references to pop culture and a lot of it just so happens to be from the 80s. And guess what. They aren't the first! The Simpsons have also been known to spoof a lot of our favorite stories and call it entertainment. It's just fun! They aren't really taking a jab at anything, just honoring it! I can't imagine anyone not liking the first Back to the Future (I like the others, but they aren't the greatest thing to come outta Hollywood). This is parody, just good, fun, entertainment. Watch this as a fan of the eighties, not someone who can't figure why piano ties went out of style. Just let go and laugh!

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It's Back to the Futurte for Peter and Brian

Author: S.R. Dipaling from Topeka, Kansas, USA
22 March 2009

While I cannot truly claim that this series is either my favorite animated(or any show)or even high quality(that still probably belongs to either "The Simpsons" or "South Park"),I been finding myself greatly enjoying many of these shows on reruns either on the local FOX channel,TBS or on Adult Swim. This one is particularly good.

Peter gets his wish(granted by the Grim Reaper,of course!)to go back in time to 1984 to get to spend one night of swinging bachelor activity instead of what he actually did,which was go steady with Lois on the way to marrying her and becoming,well...the Family guy. Doing so changes the future grossly and now,flanked by trusty friend,sidekick(and truly the one voice of reason in this family)Brian,Peter must change over the events of the altered past to bring back the present he is meant to be in. Plenty of the stock fast gags and side-references(though somewhat lighter on the latter than usual)and a nearly plot-point by plot-point following of the movie Back to the Future makes this ep particularly special to me.

So far this,along with the Blue Harvest episode and the two-part Stewie-kills-Lois/Lois-kills-Stewie eps would have to be my faves of the fair amount of shows I've caught. This show may not but in sum great,but it has more than its share of brilliant moments. This is one of them.

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One of my favorite episodes with so many throwbacks

Author: ferrisbuellersdayoff from United States
7 January 2009

I've seen this episode about 4 times and it still makes me laugh out loud more than any other episode of this outrageous (and at times genius) show.

Now I'm too young to have been around for much of the 80s, but there are some great references to the pop culture of the decade, from Caddyshack, to a jab at Eddie Murphy's stand-up, to Michael Jackson, Molly Ringwald, Rick Asley (sorry for the spelling), and -- my favorite -- Back to the Future.

So if you like the character Death (who doesn't?), classic pop-culture parodies, a few fart jokes, and Quagmire, then you'll love this episode.

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This 80's episode was awesome!!!!!!!

Author: thekidds8407 from United States
12 June 2007

Seth, this was a great episode. Keep using your talents and doing what you are doing! You are obviously showing your viewers what they want to see. I TIVOed this episode and saved it for my husband to see who (of course) loved it. Seth McFarland pushes the limits of T.V. and makes everyone bust out laughing unexpectedly. I loved the Ms. Pac-Man, Beverly Hills Cop, and the chalkboard part of this episode. Frankly, I loved ALL of it. I don't consider this episode as a "rip-off" of some of the 80's movies. You are making a parody of the 80's movies. Not only that; you go one step further to make it HILARIOUS! If you are a child of the 80's, YOU WILL LOVE THIS EPISODE! Keep up the great work!

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Title of song?

Author: Kristoffer-g from Norway
11 February 2009

Ey there does any one know the name of the song in the start of the episode? when Lois comes walking by the pool and takes a dive, Really cool song so would like to get the name of that one! Thx a lot if you guys can help me;) And yea its one of the best Episodes of Family guy. Wish there was more like this one:D. And is there maybe a list somewhere of all the songs that have been inn Family guy? That would be really nice, not like a sound track CD but just a list, of the best ones or something. Gota love in this episode tho when Brian says that he will eat Lois crap:D messed up dog:D, but Stewie is the one that says the most funny stuff

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Funny, but Family Guy, don't spoof classics that are already hilarious

Author: jmanchak6 from Canada
6 March 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Family Guy's season 5 finale was hilarious. I saw that finale in May of 2007. On January 1, 2010, I finally got to see "Back to the Future".

Well, that was 1985. You'd think that it would be dated and slow, and Family Guy was doing us the favor of giving us newer, funnier jokes. That isn't the case. Back to the Future is WAY funnier than this spoof.

Not to hate on Family Guy, its just that I liked Back to the Future way more than this silly episode.

The figures disappearing from the photograph, the replacement for the guitarist, and the song at the beginning of the dance is all here.

7/10 A funny episode, but nowhere near the quality of Back to the Future

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A great episode!

Author: veemon_emperor from United States
21 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode was hilarious! Pretty much, it's about Peter never getting to have any fun when he was 18 because he was on dates with Lois. Death comes to the Drunken Clam because everyone thinks Morris the bartender is dead(which he isn't). Peter asks Death if he could go back to when he was 18 so he could party. Death brings him back to 1984 for a day. Instead of going to a movie with Lois, Peter parties with Cleveland and makes out with a movie star. When his day in the past is over, he comes back and realizes that Lois is married to Quagmire. Pretty much its a spoof of Back to the Future. I think people who have seen Back to the Future would love this episode.

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Hilarius episode

Author: samcracc from United States florida
27 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode is Hilarius. Whats funny that Peter Griffen is with a fat lady that she tells Peter "do you like cake" then she says "do you like my butt" then she would say do you like "cake on your butt". Whats Hilarius that Tom Cruise runs after his thought and The Jetsons when George picks Jane off because George does not want to take his whole money. His laugh when he dances is Hilarius. That Peter Griffens fart is Hilarius. The music of Never Gonna Give You Up is brilliant and so does the other musics from The Family Guy episode of Meet Qaugmire. This episode is when Peter and his dog goes in 1984 then had messed up 1984 with not having Lois anymore but then they went back to 1984 when they saw Jane dead on the floor then Death took Peter and his dog back to 1984 to rearrange the problem. This episode is Hilarius you will like this episode and so does the music.

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Family Guy rips Back to the Future

Author: fuzzysham13 from United States
20 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK, so the Family Guy season finale was a total rip from Back to the Future and I should know, I used to watch those movies all the time. Come on, Peter goes back in time makes out with Molly Ringwald and then comes back to now where he's married to her instead of Lois who is married to Quagmire. Kinda like when Old Biff steals the time machine in Back to the Future 2 and gives a book over sporting events to himself back in the 1950s. And then Brian pulls out a chalkboard and draws a line on it with how reality should be but then draws a skewed parallel line just like in Back to the Future 2 except the Professor does it to show Marty when things went wrong. At the end of the episode Brian has to play guitar so everyone can dance at the big country club dance. While playing Brian pulls out a picture of Stewie, Chris, and Meg which starts to fade when Lois is about to kiss Quagmire. Peter comes in and punches Quagmire and kisses Lois bringing the picture back to full color. Kinda reminiscent of the first Back to the Future's end right before Marty goes back to 1987.

Not cool. Seth MacFarlane just keeps ripping off of other great shows/movies. Guess he can't write his own material.

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