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Sex & Nudity

  • Sex is a driving force of this series, and full nudity occurs quite frequently throughout each season, including extended instances of exposed breasts, buttocks, and genitals (both male and female). Viewers can expect to see and hear graphic sex scenes, many of which take place in a brothel, as well as several scenes and situations of incest, rape, and sexual violence (primarily towards females).

Violence & Gore

  • Characters can die from many ways (beheadings, neck slashing, burns, melted gold spilled on a man's head, stab wounds, minor gashes, rape, massacres, face smashing, etc). Even major characters that you won't suspect of dying has a big chance of getting killed. George R. R. Martin intended for this, he has stated that he wanted his book series to be realistic and unsuspecting. The violence in this series is brutal, realistic and sometimes gory. But, it is usually over quickly and is not lingered on for too long. Violence is still a strong presence on the show, however.
  • Beheadings are shown (head falling into basket / rolling away).
  • Jousting has been present in the show, with bloody results.
  • Battle scenes are normally bloody.
  • A numerous amount of soldiers get graphically stabbed by swords and spears, with blood spewing from throats and other body parts.
  • There are numerous grisly and gory images that will be upsetting to some viewers.
  • Some disturbing scenes of torture. (Especially in Season 3 and 4)
  • In one episode a horse is decapitated and another horse has its throat slit for a ritual, which may be especially upsetting for animal lovers.
  • There is significant violence against frail, young women and children, which might be one of the most upsetting aspects of the show.


  • Strong language throughout almost every episode, used in both the derogatory and literal senses. The strongest word used is "c*nt", which is generally used once every two episodes or so, but there are some occasions where it is said more than once.
  • F*ck, c*ck, c*nt, p*ssy, sh*t, wh*re are very common
  • Bastard is used extremely commonly however always in the literal term (illegitimate child). It is a term of shame and is sometimes used to insult people.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Wine is consumed in almost every episode, particularly during feasts and gatherings. It is implied that some characters drink for the sole purpose to get drunk. It is quite a big feature of the show and often influences character behavior.
  • "Milk of the Poppy" used as a painkiller.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Well liked major and minor characters are sometimes unexpectedly (and sometimes brutally) killed. A lot of fights and brawls occur throughout the course of the show.
  • The show includes more than a few instances of sexual violence predominately (but not always)towards women - one major male character is gelded, another major character already a eunuch describes how he became that way when very young (shortly before taking revenge upon his aggressor whom he had spent years searching for.)
  • There are occasional scenes showing "white walkers", man-like monsters that live in the ice and seemingly have bodies made of the same, intense blue eyes, grimacing faces and scrawny bodies that might scare younger viewers
  • Many viewers will find season three very disturbing in the fact that a major character from season two is tortured by a psychopath. Afterwards the nature and identity of the character being tortured is forcefully changed from psychological torture, and is enslaved by the torturer.
  • Towards the end of season three in an episode (commonly referred to as "The Red Wedding"); in what starts as a happy wedding with all parties seemingly fully at peace three major almost universally well liked characters (by other characters and audience alike) are unexpectedly violently murdered during the after wedding banquet - the killing scene is long and detailed.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman is seen completely nude after a fire burns off her clothes, full frontal nudity (Season 1)

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