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Good Action Flick
geekroad27 August 2010
Many reviewers here have stated that this movie isn't realistic because 'Salt doesn't get bruised enough' or 'no one her size could...' Have these people ever been to an action movie before? NO ACTION MOVIE IS REALISTIC. They are all written to be over-the-top because that's what makes them entertaining. We suspend disbelief to enter the world of the action-hero (or heroine) and we go along for the thrilling ride that is sometimes so over-the-top it's ridiculous! But that's what makes it fun. If action movies were realistic, they would be slow and boring. This movie does not cross the line anymore than any other action movie.

Salt delivers exactly what is promised -- a solid 100 minutes of action. It keeps you watching, it keeps you guessing (even when it turns out you were right in some cases), and it entertains from start to finish. If you like the action movie genre, chances are you will enjoy this movie.

As for the reviewers who criticized the way Russians are portrayed, the action genre plays to comic book-like caricatures. The villains are no more realistic than the heroine! This isn't a documentary!

If you like action movies, give Salt a go. Angelina won't disappoint.
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Jolie proves she can play rough in Kurt Wimmer's Salt
EmilyMoulder19 December 2010
While I can't say that I was awaiting Angelina Jolie's latest outing with bated breath, I was intrigued by the fact that Salt was originally intended to be a Tom Cruise vehicle.

Tom's waning box office pulling-power aside, this sex-swap was a smart move by writer Kurt Wimmer (Equilibrium) as it gives Jolie the chance to prove that she can lay the smack-down on just as many henchmen as the boys can. Having her rather than him as the duplicitous CIA agent Evelyn Salt, Wimmer gives a fresh angle to a plot that could easily have been a boring instalment of the Bourne series. Salt also sees the welcome return of Russian villains to the cinema after a long period in which Middle Eastern terrorists were severely over-worked.

When a Soviet defector strolls into the CIA and announces that Salt is a sleeper agent who will kill the Russian president, she goes on the run. Fearing for the safety of her husband Michael, Salt sets out to find him before agents Winter (Liev Schreiber) and Peabody (Chiwetel Ejiofor) catch up with her. The question of where Salt's loyalties lie is the true source of tension and Jolie plays it cool, gaining and dismissing the audience's trust several times over.

Schreiber and Ejiofor draw the short straws in terms of dialogue and simply run after Jolie for the entire movie without doing anything of significance. Hopefully, if the proposed sequel goes ahead, Wimmer will be able to correct this glaring oversight.

The action scenes are sharply directed and Jolie finally gets her hands dirty, particularly in the opening exchanges where she's being tortured in a Korean prison. If that wasn't enough, she also flies down an elevator shaft by leaping from wall to wall – it was a silly effect but added a cheesy, fanciful element to what would have been an entirely too serious movie.

Consequently the first 40 minutes are fast and furious as Salt evades her fellow agents by any means necessary but not to be outdone, the rest of the film takes a left turn and continues to surprise with some serious fisticuffs, gun-play and high-speed car chases. Admittedly, for all its skill and enthusiasm, Salt's finale is a little over-the-top and it wanders into well-worn ground without knowing when to stop. Aside from this minor gripe, Salt is a well-directed action movie that delivers us a potential new franchise, an intriguing lead character and an exciting close to a lacklustre summer.
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Jolie plays Bourne
mr-natural27 March 2011
I enjoyed this flick - it's a satisfying thriller with nonstop action, and Jolie does it proud. I would like to say that I'm surprised by all the negative reviews, all of which seem to take offense at the various "illogical" and "unrealistic" aspects of the film. These same folks no doubt LOVE films like Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean, films of the fairy tale genre with license to dismiss realism altogether. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But it is too bad they can't appreciate a fine little thriller like this that just fudges with reality a bit. Almost every James Bond film was at least as silly as this film, but I loved all them too, as did most of the world. Maybe these picky folks are just a bunch of chauvinistic men and jealous women. I say let them eat cake.
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Popcorn entertainment nothing more nothing less!
chrichtonsworld19 August 2010
While I was expecting a little more sophistication in the plot department I realized that such a thing couldn't happen when US versus Russia is at play. (To my knowledge the Cold War is over and the spy business has become more complicated than ever. This oversimplification of old enemies and their wars is too much.) The plot is all over the place and realism is thrown out of the door. There are too many things happening in the movie that are too convenient and even impossible. Still it didn't keep me from enjoying this movie. It even managed to thrill me at occasions even if I was aware that most of the plot was nonsense. Jolie does an excellent job as the action heroine. The action is that makes this movie tick and that is almost the only thing that should count in a movie like this.Ignore the bashing and trashing of Jolie. This is pure entertainment!
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Dunderheaded action picture
zetes25 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
It almost seems as if it were scheduled to make up for the headiness of Chris Nolan's Inception (yeah, I know, it wasn't THAT smart, but compared to the vast majority of American blockbusters...). It's pretty much a Bourne rip-off. It stars Angelina Jolie as a CIA agent who is exposed as a Russian sleeper agent by a Russian defector. Whether she is one or not, her bosses (Chiwetel Ejiofor and Liev Schreiber) decide to keep her under wraps. She'll have none of that, though, as she fears for the safety of her spider expert husband. So basically, like Bourne, it's about a defecting agent running from her employers while simultaneously trying to foil the bad guys. The film does have a couple of semi-clever twists, but it also contains a metric ton of stupidity. There's no real set-up for Jolie being some kind of Bourne-like superwoman, yet as soon as the action sequences start she's either MacGuiver or Jackie Chan. Weighing in at about 95 pounds (seriously, Angie, eat a burger) she's able to beat the everloving crap out of every trained CIA, FBI or Secret Service agent who gets in her way. The filmmaking is reminiscent of Bourne, but, unlike Bourne, the choreography is confusing and implausible. Very little of the plot makes any sense, from the reason for the initial exposure to Jolie's motivations to the final sequence. Any moderate examination reveals the film to make no sense whatsoever.
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Entertaining Action Thriller But Die Hard Becomes Die Never; Also the Plot Development Gets a Little Unbelievable
classicalsteve12 September 2010
When Bruce Willis makes crash landings in the original "Die Hard" movie, at least he winces in pain and it takes him a few moments to regain composure. In "Salt", when Angelina Jolie jumps consecutively onto six moving trucks on the freeway, she's flying right up and instantly running at Olympic record pace, sort of like the original Terminator except sporting lipstick. Throughout the movie, she decks secret service agents faster than they can graduate out of combat training if she's not pushing out of moving vehicles going 70 mph while wearing handcuffs, although the officers forgot to put the cuffs on behind her. They put them on in front of her leaving her with a slight chance to get away. I guess the point of this movie: don't try this at home.

The essential plot I think is quite compelling, and I don't want to give too much away but only to say that nothing is at it seems until the very end. But I think I would have liked more of the mystery behind the story than all the long action sequences which I felt undermined a potentially complex idea. These days in filmmaking, it seems that the longer action sequences displace story development. There are flashbacks to a greater story but a lot of it was more confusing than insightful.

After a brief prelude in which Jolie is interrogated and tortured by North Korean military agents, the movie begins, presumably about a year later, with a Russian requesting asylum with the United States via the CIA. Agent Evelyn Salt (Jolie) interrogates the defector who tells a strange story about how the Russians infiltrate the United States with moles programmed and brainwashed during childhood. Only seconds after the interview is over, the defector is killing CIA agents and escaping the headquarters. And so is Salt. In fact, the agency is more determined to get Salt than the defector, which is one of the many little glaring plot problems that occur during this movie. The non-stop action begins here, fueled by several plots and subplots.

I think Salt is a decent film but not a great one. At least what it does successfully is keep you guessing. You're not sure what Salt is doing, where she's going, or even whose side she's on which keeps you at the edge of your seat. By movies end, I still had a lot of unanswered questions that were not explained through the action sequences. I also realized at one point, Jolie doesn't say much after the initial interview until the very end. It's hard not to like Jolie but I think she should have requested a bit of a better script with a little bit less chasing, gunning and blowing things up. Jolie can also act, not just chase.
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Entertaining for sure
jane1035720 July 2010
Was it realistic? No. Did all the dots get connected? Not all. Was it fun to watch? Yes. Was it predictable? Not entirely. Lots of twists & turns. If you don't mind people sliding down a banister with six-shooters out shooting 5 hit men with Uzi's, then you'll probably like it. (This didn't really happen, and I don't really know guns but you get the message.) I thought I had it all figured out but I was oh so wrong. I would like to see it again, knowing what I know now. There wasn't a lot of cursing and relatively little blood & guts considering this type of movie. I must say, sitting next to some women who liked shouting at the screen and throwing their own punches heightened the excitement for the audience.
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Completely unrealistic image of Russia
FractalizeR-625-85214 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I wonder is there any more stupid image of Russia in the history of American movies? Where did you get these surnames? Ask any Russian on the net for a huge bunch of real Russian surnames. Where did you get this ring kissing ritual? Stupid.

An image of Russian super-spies drinking vodka on the stinking rotten ship, which somehow serves them as a base is also unrealistic. Just as 50Kg woman which can be thrown against the wall and have no even single bruise after.

I wonder, do all Americans still know Russia as it is shown in this film? Or it is just comfortable to utilize 30 year old image because developing new one and showing it can reduce cash flow? But the action itself (if you switch off your brain for 1h30min) is good. It is the only thing we can enjoy in this movie together with a good actor play.
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This movie states: Russians are dicks
npac405 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Seriously you guys? At one point of the film the Russians kill a guy and celebrate that in the following way: everybody just pulls out a shot of vodka. They are all carrying guns, machine guns etc. and in the next moment they just pull out glasses FILLED with vodka! WTF?! Seriously? The whole movie is kinda ridiculous - special agent "Salt" does not kill a single American (just injures a few, but never fatally), however when she's got the chance she murders at least a dozen Russians without a blink of her eye. And we are supposed to be wondering if she's a Russian or American spy. REEEAAAALLY? This movie is just awful.

Also, not sure why, but before watching it Angelina was still "hot chick" for me. She's "aunt Angie" from now on.
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Disjointed mess
BigWhiskers24 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I went into this thinking Angelina Jolie looks hot and it will be exciting. Instead it's an overblown mess with jerky camera angles and a plot so convoluted that you could drive a car through the plot holes. Ms Jolie plays a spy for the CIA who turns out to be a Russian sleeper cell spy as well. So she runs and runs and runs and sports a black wig and expensive sunglasses like a character from the Matrix. And they do what I always hate in movies , they zoom in during the fight scenes which makes it all blurry and jerky ,what's the point.By the end of the movie I was so put out especially with the shameless setup for a sequel, Jolie running off into the woods,fade to black.I left the movie theater thinking I'll bet critics like that windbag Ebert will like this movie yet trash another movie that is way better.

3/10 and that's generous.
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Absolute RUBBISH
Red Rat28 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I thought that this film would be an exciting mix of action, thriller, espionage and drama. Instead it's an overblown farce and a plot resembling blancmange. Angelina Jolie plays a spy for the CIA who turns out to be a Russian spy as well. So she gets exposed and runs away (but somehow doesn't look anything the action figure of Lara Croft but quite ungainly and pathetic) and uses a black wig and sunglasses like a Matrix character which doesn't hide her at all. In fact, at one point when trying to allude the CIA she disguises herself in a Russian fur hat and fur coat. Hilarious! In another scene she randomly picks some dry cleaning off a rail in a hotel and surprise surprise the suit fits like it's tailored. Her disguise to go into the White House is just so ridiculous that you actually feel shame for the director and make up artist. Interestingly throughout the film special agent "Salt" does not kill a single American, however she kills every Russian she can. And we are supposed to be wondering if she's a Russian spy? This film is so bad and panders so shamefully to the uneducated ill informed American conception of an evil enemy that really the only thing missing is the idea of an Arab funding it all from a cave in Afghanistan.

The film ends, thankfully, but unthankfully with Jolie running off into the woods,fade to black and you can just here the film studio setting up storyboards for a sequel. Oh please NO.

Total rubbish. 1/10
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stefinlithuania19 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The movie is utterly outrageous. Nothing in it is barely logical. From start to finish what you see is Angelina Jolie as an indestructible war machine with no plausible or understandable aim. A really bad movie... unless you care only about fighting scenes and impossible action. Like don't getting a bruise jumping from car to car, climbing barehanded the wall of a fifteen storeys building, jumping in a winter lake from a helicopter, or swooping down an elevator shaft. One of the worst movies ever. The people dubbing in Russian are even not that bad, but the overall impression is quite sad. BTW, have you seen the handcuffs? With a half-meter chain between them, you can really hurt somebody... Did you notice that she has a blood stain on her back when she got shot, even if she is wearing a bullet-proof jacket?
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Salt is one "peppery" heroine
dtucker867 August 2010
The people who wrote this film apparently don't think the audience is very smart. They want us to believe that Angelina Jolie who is about five foot four in her bare feet and 100 pounds wringing wet is capable of beating up and shooting about sixty people, crawling around a ten story building on a narrow ledge, jumping from tractor trailer to tractor trailer and climbing down a ten story elevator shaft! Boy she is one tough, ass kicking mama! Some people have said this movie is merely a clone of the Jason Bourne movies (one reviewer waggishly called Salt Jason Bourne with a vagina). However, Jolie makes her role distinctly unique. She holds this movie together with cool intensity that would rival any actor. The plot is convoluted and hard to follow but there is enough action for five movies, so just sit back and enjoy the ride. By the way, for you history lovers, there really was a theory that Lee Harvey Oswald had a Soviet lookalike who was the real killer of JFK and there really is an underground bunker below the White House.
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best.....worse movies i have watched for a very long time!
bobaslave26 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Awful movie. The plot is ridiculous! US CIA, FBI, White House etc, filled with Russian spies, A. Jolie is indestructible! She escapes from every place and break into the White House bunker for god sake! As a comedy i would have rated it above 3 but as an action/thriller's a 1!!! Some might like unrealistic movie looking for a little bit of fun...but i don't even think it even did that for me. There is nothing new in this movie, nothing that you don't have in Jason Bourne (a million times better) so why would you watch this horrible one. A superwoman who can make bazooka from a chair, bleach and extinguisher better than Mcguiver and kicking everybody's behind better than Jacky Chan although she's probably 50kg with not a single muscle...please! And at the end, while she is supposed to be the biggest terrorist on earth the guy let her go because she told him she's innocent!! To be honest i don't know how i got to the end of that movie if we can call it a movie!
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Best not to think about it
rmillerlaw15 October 2010
This is a fast paced, interesting movie that has many twists and turns, most of them that you won't see coming. Angelina Jolie has never looked more confident and beautiful, and some of the ideas in the script are almost brilliant.

I say almost, because the more you think about this movie after-wards, the more highly improbable, and less intelligent, this movie seems. And, it only seems to get worse as the movie goes on, requiring the characters to do more improbable things as the movie moves towards the end.

I'd say that any of the Tom Clancy films, or even the Mission Impossible films, give you a better experience than Salt.
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Great Action Sequences !
twenty-four-fps8 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Great action sequences. Questionable plot. Limited character development.

I enjoy spy films, and remember having liked the 1994 "Clear and Present Danger" (starring Harrison Ford), also directed by Phillip Noyce, so I decided to see "Salt" and bought the Blu-ray. The disk has all three versions and lots of interesting extra features, including a commentary by Phillip Noyce, and interviews with real-life spies, such as the famous former Counterintelligence KGB General Oleg Kalugin, now an American citizen.

"Salt" is an enjoyable film, better, I say, than all Bourne films, or "Mission Impossible" (with the possible exception of the first one, directed by Brian de Palma, where Angelina Jolie's father plays), and also better than many James Bond films, with, perhaps, the exception of the 1963 "From Russia with Love", from which "Salts" borrows something - remember Colonel Rosa Klebb played by Lotte Lenya ?

Moles in the CIA (and FBI), "sleepers", "illegals in dormant state waiting to be activated for sinister purposes against the West, Soviet/Russian (KGB, SVR, FSB) defectors after defectors ... all are true and not new - see "Telefon" (1977, with Charles Bronson), "The Fourth Protocol" (1987, with Pierce Brosnan, "The Good Shepherd" (2006, also with Angelina Jolie), "The Company" (2007, TV with Michael Keaton).

Angelina Jolie, Liev Schrieber, and Daniel Olbrychski do well as Evelyn Salt, and, like many others, I liked watching them, but I have two serious problems with the plot. Not so much the impossible acrobatics and escapes and infiltrations ... but the premise of the film itself:

  • How is it possible to depict (and make us believe that) The Secret Service is so ineffective ... Bystanders ... ?

  • The "defector".

1. A Russian spy comes to the CIA, and reveals top secrets about former Soviet, now Russian operations against the United States. He even uncovers the identity of a mole inside CIA ranks. OK - Good deeds ! But, if he is a genuine defector, why, after being interviewed, does he kills his CIA guards, and then escapes ... Doing this only discredits his testimony. That is not how a genuine defector behaves.

2. If, on the other hand he is not a genuine defector, but an active enemy agent, someone who came to activate "sleepers", why does he have to come in and reveal everything to the CIA, including uncovering the identity of a top mole in the CIA, thus, gravely endangering the mission his agents (the sleepers) are to carry out ? If he only needed to provide instructions to his undercover agents, he could have used other methods of communication. This is not how an offensive (let us call him "a non-genuine defector") behaves.

3. If, further, this was just a temporary defection, with the sole purpose of uncovering to the CIA the identity of a mole (the Theatrical and Director's Cut versions of th film, but not the Extended version suggests this), than it was not at all necessary to reveal the rest of the plan to the CIA (that this mole, a Russian agent will soon attempt to kill ...), and, definitely, it was absolutely wrong for the defector to kill his guards and escape. So, bad logic. Am I wrong ?

We, the viewers like thrillers, action, adventure, spy stuff (deception after deception, double-cross, multiple against and allegiances), but we also like solid, smart and plausible intelligence (brain, analytical) work behind the action - e.g. "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (1979, TV) and "Smiley's People" (1982, TV) both with Alec Guiness Not too much "intelligence" work in "Salt", just a lot of (great !) action sequences ... there is too much Phillip Noyce expects us to accept, take for granted.

On the positive side: "Salt" may also be viewed the soul-searching journey of a double-agent who struggles with the question: "On which side am I ?" or "On which side should I be ?" In the end the agent decides where the allegiance should be placed, and chooses the side who advocates morality and humanity.

If you do not ask (too many) questions, "Salt" is definitely enjoyable.
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Decent Flick!
namashi_126 November 2010
Phillip Noyce's 'Salt' is a decent action-thriller that focuses on Spys. The film has it's share of shortcomings, but manages to sail safely.

Angelina Jolie stars as Salt a CIA agent, who is accused of being a double agent. Her journey from there-after, is filled with loads of action, and many twists and turns.

'Salt' has a paper-thin plot, but it's list of twists keep the proceedings alive. However, I would like to state, that, the culmination doesn't appeal. The actual twist in the tale doesn't leave any impact whatsoever. Writers Kurt Wimmer and Brian Helgeland could've truly worked for a better culmination.

Phillip Noyce's direction is fair, while the stunts are the mainstay of the film. Angelina Jolie is excellent as Salt and goes on to prove her potential once again. Among other performances, Liev Schreiber and Chiwetel Ejiofor leave a lasting impression.

On the whole, 'Salt' also offers some spice. Apart from a tacky culmination, this one truly ranks as a fit popcorn flick. Reccmended!
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Who is able to suspend their disbelief for more than 5 minutes in to this?
imdb-1784786 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
While this movie starts off rather interesting, with good setting, sharp optics and good introduction, it snuffs every bit of enjoyment after only 15 minutes into the story. And then it's all downhill from there.

Let's be honest for a while: - Someone escaping a major CIA installation without any amount of pre-planning or warning time? - The entire CIA and police lacking any and all choppers or officers on motorcycles? - No one in the entire CIA trying to shoot a suspected spy that is escaping with full force only seconds after being uncovered? - One assassin able to overthrow all the protection the Secret Service and the CIA can provide even if they are warned weeks in advance of that assassination plan, even knowing the assassin personally, while said assassin has only two sticks of C4 and three simple handguns at her disposal? - After killing the Russian president, the assassin and Russian spy and prime suspect is only escorted by two lousy city police patrol cars with no armor and no back-up? - This Russian spy and assassin getting so badly handcuffed it can not only escape the patrol car, but disable everyone including the driver within seconds AND gain control of the car? - The Russian spy agency needlessly, thoughtlessly killing the long and truly loved spouse of their best agent for no reason, after she completed the mission she was supposed to - without the Russians even trying to use the husband as bait or blackmail, alienating their perfectly placed mole and thereby ultimately ruining a perfect plan that spans the entire NATO leadership and took more than two decades to put into action? - Since when are Soviet-Russian spies doing suicide bombings? - One man is able to infiltrate the inner sanctum of the US administration, kill the entire cabinet in seconds, wall himself in, start the nuclear countdown? - That man still unable to fend off one women that has just lost her husband, job, mentor and political orientation even though he is inside the most protected structure of the US and she is not? - The CIA and secret service AGAIN unable to handcuff that women so she can AGAIN kill someone while restrained?

The director should have hired a group of ten-year-olds as advisers in plain old common sense. If they seem to be smarter than the CIA agents portrayed on-screen, re-work the plot to spare the average audience from disbelief-induced brain cramps.
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Jason3 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Typical Hollywood action trash with no story, no logic, little acting. It's so bad it's hard where to start. The plot is laughably outrageous. It seems that movie makers believe if they don't outdo competition and themselves in the ridiculousness department, it won't sell. Maybe they do have a point, as the American audience seems to have addiction problems, and they seek ever increasing doses of unbelievability when it comes to plot and action sequences. This year's movies gotta have louder explosions, more car chases, even more impossible stunts, and bigger conspiracy theories than last year's.

The first 10-15 minutes were OK. Even the washed up actress AJ managed to portray a somewhat passable and vulnerable agent. I was even willing to buy the makeshift bazooka under the principle of suspension of disbelief. But with the tomb raider sequence of truck jumping, the "movie" took a huge nosedive. AJ is superwoman after that and there is no ounce of suspense. She will of course save the world.

Am I to believe these sleeper cells take the most convoluted, most illogical, most difficult path to achieving their goals? Nothing is tied together. The onus of thinking up a rhyme or reason is all left to the viewer since the scriptwriters could not make sense of the script they wrote.

The "twist" was apparent within the first 15 minutes of the movie. Those who really believe Hollywood will cast AJ as an evil Russian spy should be deemed to stupid to own a driver's license to get to the theatre. So, who does that leaves the villain to be? Come on people.
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Overpoweringly Ridiculous...Simply Dreadful Cinema
Eschete24 August 2010
If you willingly go to see this, you are asking--nay, insisting--that your intelligence be insulted. There are absolutely no redeeming qualities to this film aside from its making itself available for mockery with its heavy-handed, unrelenting cheesiness and awful, awful dialogue. I swear, even the scenes in which people are speaking Russian sound stupid.

This is the story of a woman--a skeletally thin woman--who works for the CIA. Yes, it's been done to death. Anyway, she...You know what? I'm not going to even go over the plot. Just imagine "Tomb Raider," except with anachronism-addicted Soviets running around and a 90 pound woman knocking out men the size of Sonny Liston with one limp-wristed blow.

And the plot holes! Does she love the husband or did she just marry him for the cover? If the CIA "can't find back past" a certain point, do they REALLY let you become a higher-up in the organization?! Please, please trust me. This is not fit to be looked upon. Save your eyes. Save your brain! This film WILL make you dumber.

Grade: F. Things to look for: Angelina Jolie's bizarre running style, physics defied left and right, Angelina Jolie in a bizarre disguise that kind of makes her look like Terri Gibbs without the dark glasses.
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Good action, good story. Bad image of Russians.
MarkusOctavius29 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Just watched the BlueRay of this movie and I really liked it. Good action, exceptional acting, good story. Not a mind blowing, but still interesting.

I've also listened to the director's commentary for the movie where he said that the Russian people had a negative reaction after watching this movie. In particular, that they were offended of the way Russians are shown in the movie. Well, I hope the director reads the reviews on this website and I would like to make a tiny remark. He completely missed the point of why they were offended.

It was not due to the fact that Russian government had (or has) spies in the US, but due to the image he gave to the Russians in his film.

1. Russians don't address each other as "comrade". Never did. 2. Russians don't drink vodka on every other occasion. And certainly don't carry a bottle on their person just in case. In fact, Russians drink more beer than vodka. 3. Russians don't kiss each other as a form of greeting. Only if they are very good friends (or would like to seem so) or relatives and either both girls, or of opposite sex. Russian men never kiss each other, even if they are best friends or relatives. Male relatives kissing is much more common in Europe and even US, than in Russia. 4. The Russian spies that were caught in the US last year were not observing the life of US. Any simple person can do that without being a spy. For example, I often talk to my relatives in Russia and tell them how I live in the US and how life in the US is in general. Of course, I don't tell or know any secrets; THAT is the spy's job.

Also, just a side note to others, who might only know about Russia by films such as this one: Russian people don't dream of attacking US (or any other country for that matter). They have problems of their own. So please, stop exploiting these beaten-to-death stereotypes in the movies. Otherwise, the cold war will never really end.

Other than that -- great movie. Enjoyed it very much.

Just to clarify: I am Russian and lived in Russia for 26 years.
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A Full of Action Combination of "The Manchurian Candidate" with "No Way Out"
Claudio Carvalho18 December 2010
Two years ago, the CIA field agent Evelyn Salt (Angeline Jolie) is captured in North Korea and tortured. Her beloved husband and entomologist Mike Krause (August Diehl) presses the US Government to make a swap and bring Salt back home.

On the present days, the highly efficient Salt performs administrative work with her boss Ted Winter (Liev Schreiber). When a Russian defector turns himself in to CIA, Salt is assigned to interrogate him. Out of the blue, the man accuses Salt of being a Russian agent in charge of killing the President of Russia during his visit to New York to attend the funeral of the American Vice-President.

Salt claims that she is innocent and asks Ted to call her husband, but she is not successful in her attempt. Salt asks Ted to give protection to her husband but she decides to flee to seek out Mike. Ted does not believe she is a Russian spy but the Secret Agent Peabody (Chiwetel Ejiofor) orders his agents to capture Salt dead or alive.

"Salt" is full of action film that combines "The Manchurian Candidate" com "No Way Out". Angeline Jolie is very beautiful and surprisingly performs a pleasant heroine. Despite the twists, the story is predictable and flawed, but the action scenes make it worth seeing. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Salt"
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Outdated contraption
Sharan S23 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Angelina Jolie has been famous as a drama star (Changeling, Girl Interrupted). She has tried to be that action star who saves the world in Tomb Raider or even the assassin in Wanted. Although she seemed good enough, she plainly sucks in Salt. #1: She's exhausted! #2: Her dialogs are sometimes cheesy. #3. The story is a complete letdown. We've seen many movies (few released this year) with the same storyline. It's a fashion that the smart and good-hearted guy who helps the protagonist is the twisting antagonist. We've seen it in The Fugitive, THe A-Team and even in Die Another Day. When Salt tries such a thing, I could easily predict the baddie. I'm not gonna spill any more beans. But, this should be enough to keep you away from Salt. The movie sucked.. if only Jolie had tried a bikini in between to captivate you.
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Christ , that sucked badly !
mikelmike779 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Probably the worst attempt at an action flick in history , it makes Chuck Norris movies look like Shakespeare . Super agent Saltie is the agent to end all agents . Accused of being a traitor in a supposedly secure building she escapes by fashioning a home made flame thrower , using hair pins , her stockings and some bubble gum !!She then leaps from moving vehicle to moving vehicle , jumping several hundred feet while eluding several armies of male pursuers . You get the idea , if ever a flick deserved a minus rating this is it . I don't blame the actress for takin' the money and running , but what idiots put up the money for this garbage , I've got a bridge for sale cheap !!!!!For anyone who liked this , please continue therapy .To the Jolie relatives who vote for this mess , buy her some food , she looks skinny and tired .
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I love Salt.
RoboRabbit8916 November 2017
Let's get going, back in July of 2010 I first seen this in theaters, when I first seen the trailer for this I definitely wanted to see it. Now, when I did seen this I absolutely loved it, I own it on DVD and have enjoyed it ever since.

Angelina Jolie is a bad ass chick in this film and I loved it, I hope she will do a sequel to this soon since the movie is left open ended.

I love spy thrillers and when done well they are fun, but I also like them as action films too. This film was very good, the action scenes are awesome and I thought the story was good too if not a little convoluted.

This was the only film I seen that summer but it was worth it, overall I give it a 7/10. Probably the best action film of the summer of that year and Angelina's best action film in her resume.

It was fun and action packed I highly recommend it.
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