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  • The funeral of a former police colleague of Flynn and Provenza takes an unexpected turn when the casket is dropped, revealing not only their friend's body but that of a nude, blonde woman, about whom Flynn and Provenza might know more than they realize. As Brenda investigates, she must also tangle with an irate bride who believes Brenda ruined her wedding.

  • When Lieutenants Provenza and Flynn, along with the other pallbearers, drop a retired policeman's casket at his funeral, they are surprised to find the lifeless body of a naked young woman in with their old friend. The fiasco turns comical when a wedding party, next in line to use the church, finds its entry blocked. The ensuing confrontation between the irate bride and Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson is videotaped and makes its way onto YouTube. As for the young Jane Doe, police manage to trace her identity through the serial number of her breast implants to her cosmetic surgeon.

  • When Flynn and Provenza attend the funeral of fellow officer Ray Hodge (retired), the pallbearers drop the coffin and the body of a nude, blonde woman spills out (along with Hodge). With the church now a crime scene, the investigation turns ugly when it delays the wedding between two wealthy families scheduled to follow. The irate bride attacks Brenda, igniting a full brawl between police and wedding guests. As the bride's father threatens a major lawsuit against the LAPD (even though there aren't enough grounds for it to come through), Brenda seeks to figure how a cosmetically enhanced dead beauty came to lie within a dead cop's coffin.

  • Brenda becomes the most downloaded video on YouTube after being assaulted by a bride whose wedding she's stopped due to a corpse falling out of a casket.



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  • Lt. Flynn and Det. Provenza are attending a former cop friends funeral. As they help carry the casket out, Provenza struggles to hold on to his corner and eventually drops it causing the other paul bearers to drop the casket entirely down the front steps of the church, with it bursting open to reveal their friends body along with the courpse of a young woman. To "save face" they leave the womans body at the church and bring their friends casket to put in the grave for his family. Deputy Chief Johnson puts a stop to it at the cemetary, and they return to the church, finding a bride to be waiting to go up the front steps of the church and demanding the body to be removed. Johnson refuses, and when the bride attempts to move the body, a scuffle ensues between her and Johnson- rather Johnson gets clobbered by the angry bride, which a video of the incident becomes the most downloaded video on YouTube. The investigation finds out the courpse was a model with recent plastic surgery, which has a role in her death. While investigating the dead body, the bride to be and her father threaten to sue the LAPD for ruining her wedding. But the LAPD have a small surprise regarding the brides past beauty...

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