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"Blood Ties" The Devil You Know (2007)

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NOTE: The Devil You Know is a continuation of the story begun in 1.16 Bugged

Two more girls have turned up dead, their bodies drained of blood. Henry remains distant and uncooperative. When a brooch disappears from the crime scene and there is photographic evidence that Henry took it, Mike concludes that Henry is actively working against them to protect Christina. Henry maintains that it's probably not even Christina doing the killing because the murders are too garish and sloppy, nothing that a 600-year old vampire would do. But there IS that brooch, the brooch that Christina used to prick her wrist the night she turned Henry, the brooch that was obviously left at the crime scene as a calling card. And finally, there is Christina herself [Laura Mennell] waiting for Henry in his bedroom.

After exchanging pleasantries as only two very territorial, vampire ex-lovers can do, Christina gets down to business. She's not the one killing the girls, she says. For the past year, she's been followed around by another vampire. Alexander Demoret is completely irrational and is trying to expose her and ruin the life she's built, so he kills everyone she comes in contact with. Christina warns Henry that he'll be next, then Vicki, and she begs for his help getting Alexander off her tail...that is, if Henry's not too busy with his little P.I. playtoy. Meow!

After Christina leaves, Henry calls Vicki to warn her about Christina and Alexander. Just after Henry hangs up, Christina appears in Vicki's office, mostly just to size her up. Fortunately, dawn is approaching, and Christina leaves Vicki without harming her. Nevertheless, Vicki pulls the illuminatione del sol [see episodes 1.7 & 1.8] from her desk drawer and takes comfort in knowing that it's there. When the office opens, Vicki has Coreen pull up information about Alexander Demoret. From his online resume, they learn that he works as a male model in Montreal and that one of the photographers he works with is Christina. Vicki tells Coreen to get in touch with his family to see if anyone knows why he and his photographer had a falling out. Then Vicki and Mike head over to the morgue, where they learn from Dr Mohadevan that, although the throat wounds were quite savage, there are hesitation marks and that there is less savagery than on the previous kills, suggesting that the killer is getting better at it.

When Vicki gets back to her office, she has a surprise waiting for her. Coreen has been able to locate Alexander's sister Nicole, and she's there waiting to speak with Vicki. Nicole can't believe that her gentle and considerate brother has somehow turned into a crazed killer. She explains to Vicki that her brother met someone about 9 months ago who took a liking to him and was going to help him with his career as a model. Christina, Vicki says to herself. Then, about six months ago, he disappeared. Nicole shows Vicki a photo she snapped of Alexander just before he disappeared, and Vicki does a doubletake. The photo shows Alexander posing under the setting sun.

Christina lied to you, Vicki tells Henry after showing him the photo of Alexander. He wasn't a vampire six months ago, and he hasn't been stalking her for a year. Then Vicki starts asking all the right questions. Why does Alexander hate Christina? Why does Christina need Henry? Christina can't handle a little baby vamp? Shouldn't he be with his parent, the one who turned him, now? Didn't you say that they stick together for the first year? Did Christina turn Alexander? However, Henry's vision is so clouded by his underlying love and attraction to Christina that all he can do is make excuses for her. He knows only that Alexander is using him to get at Christina, that Alexander is a menace, and that he needs to find Alexander and kill him.

On a hunch, Vicki asks Dr Mohadevan whether she might have found anything other than the hesitation marks during her autopsies, and Mohadevan admits to missing something on her initial investigation. She shows Vicki two very neat puncture wounds on the first victim's arm. It is her conclusion that the victim was bled out through those holes and that the cuts on the neck were done to make it look messier than it was, like the killer didn't know what he was doing. As Vicki chats with the coroner, Henry has gotten wind of Alexander's scent and pursued him into an alley where he sees him feeding on a girl. When Alexander sees Henry, he takes off running, and Henry has the choice of pursuing Alexander or taking care of the girl. Henry chooses to help the girl.

Mike has been able to arrange a time to talk with Christina at a couture shoot at midnight at the Massey Art Center. Mike thinks that this might be an attempt on Christina's part to draw Alexander into the open. Vicki relays this information to Nicole, who wants to be there in case Alexander does show up. As promised, Christina gives Mike and his assistant a few spare minutes before planting the idea in his mind that they're done asking questions. They do manage to learn, however, that Alexander broke into her suite in South Beach and stole her watch, hairbrush, and favorite brooch.

Vicki and Nicole arrive at the art center, although Vicki makes Nicole wait in backstage while she looks around the theater. Alexander is there, too, and Henry knows it. He is concerned, however, because Christina does NOT know it. The only way that Alexander could get that close to Christina without her knowing would be if she was still bonded with him after turning him. You turned him, Henry charges Christina, and you turned him out into the world without teaching him what he was. No wonder he hates you. Christina reminds Henry that he must destroy Alexander because, if Alexander kills Christina herself, Henry will be next, followed by Vicki. Then she goes off to begin her photo shoot.

Vicki has come upon a dead stagehand and an empty carton of tanning bulbs. Just as Christina yells for lights, Vicki starts yelling "Kill the lights!" Alexander has exchanged the stage lights for UV lights. Unfortunately, the lights aren't killed in time, and Christina's skin begins to blister. While Vicki tears around knocking over the lights, Henry quickly grabs Christina, and the two of them take cover behind a dark curtain. When the lights have all been turned off, Henry tells Vicki to take cover because he's going after Alexander.

Meanwhile, Alexander is racing for an exit when he comes upon his sister Nicole. She tries to stop him, but he grabs her and orders her not to look at him. Unfortunately, she has already seen his fangs and shirks in fear. Henry comes upon them and tells Alexander to let his sister go and that he can make her forget. Alexander releases Nicole, and Henry puts into her mind the suggestion that she did not see Alexander that night. Crying, Alexander explains to Henry that he did not ask to be turned and that he hates the evil devil that he has become. Henry offers to teach him how to live with himself, but Alexander wants no part of it. He begs Henry to end his life, so Henry thrusts his fist through Alexander's heart, knowing now that Alexander was only after Christina, not him and not Vicki.

Vicki races back to her office and grabs the illuminatione del sol just as Christina appears in her office. As Christina advances on Vicki, her fangs bared, Henry appears and orders her to stop. Christina bats Vicki and the sun across the floor. Henry grabs Christina by the throat and orders her to get out of his territory. If I catch you in my territory again, I WILL KILL YOU, Henry vows. Henry picks up Vicki and carries her to the couch.

Epilogue: Christina has moved on. Henry and Vicki (with an icepack on her head) are at the police station. Nicole, not remembering anything, is crying. Mike expresses his sympathy for people like Nicole who will forever think of her brother as a stalker and killer and will never know what really happened to him. Henry disappears just before the sun comes up. [Full synopsis by BJ Kuehl]


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