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  • They're in their 20s. He works in a video store; he's eager, chatty, sleeps in his car. She rents adult films, looks disheveled, rarely speaks. He chats her up, she brushes him off. He takes her address from store records and contrives to run into her. He rings her doorbell; she tells him to go away. He invents a story of a great-aunt who's died; she lets him in but holds a butcher knife between them. So it goes. He presses for a relationship; she ignores him, insults him, or yells. He's persistent, inviting her out, cooking, washing her hair. Both have demons and, as their natures become more clear, his addictive personality and her sex nausea may be on a collision course.

  • A young man working in a dead end job as a video store clerk leads a relatively sad existence based partly on the bad decisions he's made in life. Beyond speaking to his Polish grandmother once a week at a specific time or else, his social circle consists of the three guys who work at the store, they who on the most part also lead relatively sad lives like his and thus hang out at the store on days off. However, his boss, Eric, tries to look out for him, although he doesn't tell Eric all the problems of his life, the latest being that he has once again resorted to living in his car. The one bright light for him is the young woman who comes into the store every night and rents solely porn, generally but not exclusively girl-on-girl porn. Knowing nothing about her except the official information on her store account, he goes about getting her to be his girlfriend by generally stalking her at her apartment. She makes no bones about the fact that she has no interest in him romantically or even as a friend. But among the many small white and bold faced lies he uses as pretenses to be at the apartment building, one does provide a small crack for him to get through to her, with her still proclaiming that he has no chance to be her friend. Regardless, he will find that she is a recluse which includes letting all her telephone calls going to voicemail, including those from her father, and that she doesn't work but still manages to lead what looks to be a comfortable enough existence. In his ever more determined goal of being her boyfriend, he may come to learn the whole story of why she is such a damaged person.

  • A look at the relationship between a lonely introverted girl and a young video store clerk vying for her attention.


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  • Official Synopsis:

    Good Dick is a modern fairy tale about a troubled, reclusive young woman and the persistent video clerk who draws her out of her claustrophobic world by starting up a unique courtship with her.

    As they become closer, her sexual antipathy is met with his unflinching optimism, until finally her aggressive defenses overwhelm them both and the relationship bursts apart.

    Profoundly affected by his presence in her life, she finds that she has the courage to face her past.

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