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5 Jan. 2009
Art Attacks
Blaine and daisy have been promoted to a unit where they train rookie agents. Only Rose remains with two new colleagues, cool clever Oscar Cole and rowdy idiot Carrie Stewart, while Lennie has been replaced as MI9 section chief and school janitor by younger, more technology-minded Frank London. Their first assignment is to save a London-hosted conference to start an anti-Skul-alliance. it's undermined by major monuments in participating countries being tagged with destructive paint in the manner of English street art legend Kranky. Once he's identified and convinced ...
12 Jan. 2009
The Mole
MI9 must handle an epidemic of robberies committed from underground tunnels. They are dug using the MO of the incarcerated Mole. The team gets him to admit he has an accomplice, who co-build the digging machine and must be operating it alone, actually Luke Withers, who was hired by Skul. The Mole is enlisted to help trace and catch him, even though Frank fears he's too much of a flight risk. Meanwhile headmaster Flatley tries to stand up to his bossy deputy King, who literally took over his office.
19 Jan. 2009
Agent X
Headmaster Flatley is terrified that his computer illiteracy will get known now his dragon deputy demands everyone starts a blog. Worse, she prevents Ocscar from stopping April to post pictures of him, which are, as he suspected, traced by Skul. The grandmaster hires never-identified agent X to track Oscar down. Frank informs the team they must trace the trail within hours but refuses, like Oscar, to tell the others why he's a likely target in witness protection since childhood. Yet that proves crucial while they find agent X successfully makes every link and sends ...
27 Jan. 2009
The Mind Machine
To Gupta's delight, Cambridge biochemistry professor Dr. Wallis guest-lectures. In fact it's his cover to be protected in the base with his new 'brain machine', which can give people a different personality. To headmaster Flatley's horror, St.Hope gets a surprise inspection from Mr. Richter, who insists to attend the guest lecture. One by one, the pupils and Flatley are turned into mental Siamese warrior fish, aggressive, Asian and fishy. Oscar not only evades them but also works out crucial switches. Deputy King hopes that Richter will give her crazy-acting Flatley's...
2 Feb. 2009
Dark Star
Oscar is not pleased that the remainder of his team, already a bit jealous of Gupta, who gets to address a spies conference in Southern France, only gets to fetch a polarity reversing device for safekeeping by Frank. He sends them 'off duty' when he learns that Colt Winchester, a nemesis since his graduation, has been sprung from MI9's special jail by two cahoots. The kids find out on their own, and are joined by Gupta, who wondered why the base computers weren't manned, to take on the fiendish trio.
9 Feb. 2009
Fit to Wurst
Junkfood and candy are banned from the canteen on 'know what you eat' day. It's worse for the trio, as MI9 called for agent Jed Black, a frustrated drill sergeant, to get them in shape in hidden gym sessions. Skul posts Ivor Luvabitz as vendor, who offers free samples of a greasy, highly addictive Bavarian hot-dog sandwich. When the exhausted trio emerges next day, they find pupils, staff and even Frank obsessed with the 'Wurst', regardless of insane price-rises. Oscar tails Ivor to the factory while Gupta works out an antidote.
16 Feb. 2009
The New Grand Master
MI9 took a risk not to Oscar's taste: deliberately releasing master Skul criminal Lorenzo, the fashion crime king, hoping he'll lead to the Gradnmaster, but his trail got lost in Vienna. The best hope to pick it up before the annual grandmaster election between the six top agents is a new satellite gadget. The package it's in was delivered by mail, but the deputy principal bullying the postman resulted in it being defenestrated and found by punk leader Scoopdog. Skul traced it and took him to the election, which the incumbent counts on winning intimidation. Gupta and ...
23 Feb. 2009
Think Tank
Although that deprives St.Hope's of their best contender in the national creative writing competition, Gupta is 'allowed' against her will to transfer to the National Academy of Brilliance (NAB). Oscar must do without her to find out how Nobel Prize winner Dr.Vince manages ever again to trump MI9 inventions. His research institute proves bogus, a front for evil Mr. Smith to accumulate brainpower squeezed as yellow juice from unsuspectingly 'tested' NAB students.
2 Mar. 2009
Family Tree
St.Hope's is doing the pupils' family trees. MI9 is searching an escaped cloned Neaderthal caveman, whom the trio nicknames Andy, after his escape from researcher Katrina Houseman's genetics lab. He was marked radioactively, but that trail is being followed by sinister bounty hunter Georgi and cahoots. Andy turns up in London, where a tragedy is in the making.
23 Mar. 2009
Operation Flopsy
MI9 holds a desperate brainstorming as all attempts to catch Skul's grandmaster failed. Chief agent agrees to a far-fetched plan to pretend a 'blue infection' affecting rabbits, so he'll come to have his inseparable bunny Flopsy tested. It works, but he tricks the team so he can escape alone. Oscar meanwhile got a cryptic message about his mother needing medication in Skul captivity, but has to cease the chase of an agent. An exchange is arranged, but proves most frustrating.

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