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7 Jan. 2008
It's a Kind of Magic
Blaine's team manages to capture Skul's grandmaster, so they receive an international decoration for valor from the hands of the US president. At the gala, illusionist David DeHaverland performs a disappearing trick. To even his astonishment, the American president has really disappeared. He's arrested as prime suspect but escapes. The abductor demands an exchange for the grandmaster. CIA special agent Abe Mason gives MI 9 six hours to solve the case or oblige and be publicly ridiculed worldwide. DeHaverland's own investigation also leads to the sacred hideout of a ...
7 Jan. 2008
You Can Call Me Al
The spy team has a forced holiday from MI9 as the base is temporarily turned over to gadget genius Quentin Flake, who needs to test his artificially intelligent system ALLEN, Al for short. The kids are supposed to concentrate on St.Hope's lame 'Save the planet' inventions contest. Alas, Al gets out of control, resolved to take care of human 'reoffenders' by drastic means. Blaine's knavish vandalism knack and Stewart's potato-powered Phone come in handy to defeat the robot army which threatens to take over the whole country.
14 Jan. 2008
Evil by Design
MI 9 is suspicious about the meteoric rise in popularity among the youth of designer Lorenzo Ferrago's label and the mysterious disappearance of all profits. To infiltrate his fashion house, one of the junior spies must win a school-kids catwalk competition and take the others along as 'assistant's. Surprisingly, Gupta out-stages Daisy. At Ferrago's HQ, confirmation is found that a mysterious chemical die used by the label is fishy, in fact provided by Skul's grand master.
21 Jan. 2008
Fit Up
MI9 is worried about school-kids who fell into seemingly endless sleep after gym sessions. They all attend schools which were recently visited by former Olympian Maximus Fiticus, who promotes his gladiators-inspired fitness program. So the team tricks him into coming to St.Hope's. Blane and Gupta find out that his Skul-devised gym equipment steals youthful energy, which is stored for sale to seniors.
4 Feb. 2008
Face Off
MI9 is in the case of a crime wave consisting in museum thefts by previously well-behaved school-kids, even including Blane's nerd buddy Stewart Critchley, who can't understand what happened. it's all the doing of schoolmate Lewis Chuckworth's father Charlie, who makes him wear perfect masks made after the other boys using Skul-technology. Base chief Lenny is also compromised, arrested and temporarily replaced by MI9's incompetent chief.
11 Feb. 2008
Big Sister
St. Hope's is being spied upon by cameras, first from a child-hating neighbor woman's garden-gnome, later officially all over school as part of education minister Mary Taylor's 'big sister' program to restore old-fashioned values and discipline in the youth. The team finds out what makes them tick and finds a link.
11 Feb. 2008
The Cold War
MI9 must investigate a general flu, which cripples the school like most of country. Researching the similar 1914 virus leads them to the museum which contains the cryogenics-conserved body of its vaccine designer, Theodore Tilbury, which Blane drags to the base. Skul is behind it, to profit from medical supplies, so the grandmaster orders its researcher, Dr. Gesundheit, to overcome his fear of germs to stop them and retrieve his predecessor.
18 Feb. 2008
Nano Nits
A lice problems spreads from school to school, including St.Hope's. MI9 rather worries over an epidemic of failing alarm systems near banks. Blane realizes that the two coincide geographically and bravely volunteers his scalp to set a parasitic trap. Indeed, Skul's grandmaster plans the ultimate bank robbery and hired Nora Braithwaite, whose pest control firm specializes in lice because she can thus sneakily spread her nano technology-version.
3 Mar. 2008
The Others
The exams start at St.Hope. The spy trio however is pulled out and replaced by holographic doubles for their own test, at pain of expulsion, pitted against three reformed criminals which they themselves caught, including Lewis and hacker the Worm. The tests are supervised by involuntarily retired agent James Blond, who resents juniors stealing his job and seizes his chance to make them sweat, or worse.
3 Mar. 2008
The Big Bling
The Koh i Noor, among the crown Jewels, is the last major diamond in Britain not yet stolen, so it's sent fro safe-keeping to the base at St.Hope. The only link MI9 can go is is the presence at those times of football (soccer) star Ben Lacey, who promotes a campaign to dump 'thieves-attracting' jewelry. The kids fully doubts the brainless star could mastermind anything. In fact his ever-present, slightly brighter brother Reginald is behind it, so his genius nerd accomplice Nigel can make a terrible laser canon. In order to keep the campaign at the school, Stewart is ...
17 Mar. 2008
Spy Plane
MI-9 investigates the disappearance of the spy plane X-20 on the day proud RAF designer Boris Ryfield was to present it to the PM, with its revolutionary invisibility device. Horror stories in English class inspire a wave of fears that enables Blane to cleverly cover suspicions pointing to the base, yet Lenny erroneously fears he might have said too much. Impersonating an inexistent oil prince, Blane attends the underworld bidding for the plane, which happens to be stolen for personal reasons by the designer's immature spoiled brat Irene, yet Blane resolves to save ...
MI9 is worried about several recent, nearby attacks by genetically modified plants on contractors and the housing minister. Tired of pupils cuing at his office for discipline requested by teachers who command no respect in class, headmaster Flatley is easily 'inspired' to try an alternative, a country survival class to build disciplined team spirit, notably for the boys, who are usually reported for knavery. Blane is among them, and soon discovers the organizer and his deputy, Charlie 'Greenfinger' Darwin, staunch defenders of natural landscape and wildlife, may well ...
24 Mar. 2008
Asteroid Attack
The survival of the planet looks bleak as a giant asteroid is heading straight for Earth, estimated to hit England. The British government hastily assembles the rich and powerful in a deep bunker, including Daisy's father, who has his driver fetch her. The Skul grandmaster is tipped off by a PM adviser, but fails to get in disguised. A military missile fails to destroy it, lacking Dr. Hugo Von Quark's precise calculations. he's missing, so the team is to find him before impact in three hours. Their only lead is crazy reverend Nye, who hails the end of earth in a video...
9 Mar. 2008
The Glove
St.Hopes welcomes a gym team from the derelict tiny European (fictitious)country Boldovia for a 'friendly' competition. MI9 suspects the dictatorial Boldovian regime of abusing the trip. The trio is fitted with gadgets and Carrie uses her competition friendship with the Bldavian team's top athlete as a way in.
16 Mar. 2008
The Visit
The dictator of Nordic Boldovia plans to liberate his three top agents from M.. 9's secret prison during an international gym competition. To facilitate countering their plans and breaking their codes, the event is hosted at St.Hope's. The PM's incompetent, haughty daughter Chiante-Maria is on he team, as well as Carrie, who is Boldovian athlete Lena Larsson's long-standing pen friend.Other students have their own agendas. The Boldovian method surprises the team.
30 Mar. 2008
MI9 notices that Skul has launched a rocket to the moon. Oscar consults TV space expert Patrick Houston, and suspecting his evasive response follows him to a supposedly abandoned Cold war era launching base. Houston is in fact a top-secret space program executive, whose niece is on a traitors astronauts team hired by Skul to take possession of a lunar weapon base to blackmail earth. Oscar and his team try to stop the manned next flight, but are launched themselves. Frank and Houston must devise a solution before the kids freeze.

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