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8 Jan. 2007
The Sinister Prime Minister
Blane Whittaker is pleased finally to get a real assignment, less that his martial art skills are only called upon as backup for two haughty colleagues, ICT nerd Rose Gupta and fashionable disguise expert Daisy Millar. The job is to find out and hopefully remedy why the British PM plans to declare war on Europe. Luckily (?) he happens to visits M.I. High to confer an academic prize. Thanks to a DNA analysis device and Blane's longstanding friendship with SciFi-obsessed Stewart Critchley, whose confidence and 'intergaactic' radio he must abuse, they find out who has ...
8 Jan. 2007
Eyes on Their Stars
HQ worries that teenagers are turned into 'pop zombies', who roam at night to ravage music-shops, sparing only popular boys-band Crush's records. The band's tour bus is diverted from its way to Wembley to MI High. Blane rightly suspects the boys are innocent, unlike their dodgy, domineering manager, ex con would be-singer Tony Frisco. Gupta works out he's using subliminal messages and works on an auditive antidote.
15 Jan. 2007
The Big Freeze
The British secret service suspects that the weather, which gets out of whack worldwide, is being manipulated from inside the meteorological institute, but their undercover agent as found frozen to death. Blane's team is sent in, but soon realizes that director Roger Powell is too dumb to be behind it, unlike former start TV presenter Sonya Frost.
22 Jan. 2007
The Power Thief
Disgruntled geology museum guide Brent Gilbert has stolen two of the three magical 'dark stones' believed to be able to throw Albion back into the Middle Ages. Putting them together apparently progressively paralysis the British power grid and he holds the government to ransom. Blane and Daisy must guard the third stone while Gupta tries to reason with Brent. Only Blane considers buddy Stewart's divining rod theory, which proves crucial.
29 Jan. 2007
Nerd Alert
Junior hacker 'the worm' has managed to sabotage two satellite launches already. If he does the same with a military surveillance one, an overseas enemy may attack the 'unprotected' UK. Despite the huge stake, Blane can't fully concentrate, worrying he may miss his big brother Kyle Whittaker's departure on his regiment's next mission, as turns out related. Blanes till thinks of luring the Worm trough a chat site into a contact with Gupta and using nerd buddy Stewart Critchley's gaming champion skills to let him unwittingly counter the hacking, with Daisy as bait.
5 Feb. 2007
Super Blane
M.I. High eagerly accepts helping out the CIA with a device that should decouple human powers but goes berserk life-threateningly, hoping Gupta can fix it. It's delivered by Californian hotshot 'exchange student' Chad Turner, an instant hit with all girls. Poor Blane is ridiculed and unfortunate in making the briefcases switch, but determined to save the day by volunteering behind the boss' back as guinea-pig. As if that weren't dangerous enough, Chad is actually a double agent for Skull's Grandmaster, as the team luckily suspects.
12 Feb. 2007
Spy Animals
Measly ice vendor Fenton dreams of being recruited into Skull by the grand master. Lacking any macho qualities, he offers his talent as wacky inventor to prove his theory that St. Hope school harbors spies. They assume that it's the staff, but his bug devices, modified animals including the grand master's pet bunny, and truth serum set him on the trail of our trio.
19 Feb. 2007
Forever Young
The British government's top secret research center NOSE's scientists are turned into mental toddlers. The team works out they were affected by the cooler water, then traces it to beautician Vanessa Zeitgeist's spa Shangri La, which specializes in rejuvenating oxygen therapy. NOSE director Dr. Grabwurst accidentally spreads it to the pupils but is still able to give a vital clue. Meawnhile Gupta's father most be stopped from transferring his nerd genius to a strict Catholic school.
26 Feb. 2007
Red Button Rampage
St. Hope pupil Dylan Towser has invented a device to disable military ballistic missiles. MI 9 expects an attempt on boy and invention, but the army has assigned their security to general Scarp. As cover, the class is submerged in a grueling cadet program. The mystery enemy manages to kidnap Tower and daisy, who was informally assigned to him. The team works out what happened, but the culprit already threatens peace.
5 Mar. 2007
The Fugitive
A spacecraft landed near St.Hope's, yet the team must grudgingly cede jurisdiction to specialized MI9 branch Air One, at least officially. In fact they win the race against them and Skul's agent, Stewart's cousin. Inside is junior test astronaut Liu, whom the team refuses to treat as an enemy.

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