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"Blood+" Yakusoku oboeteru? (2006)

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As Saya lies unconscious in the snow, she has a dream. It is 1918 Russia, and she and Haji are in a cave, keeping warm by a fire. Saya is weak from fighting, and Haji wants her to rest, but Saya wants to go on. Haji points out that it has been three years since she last woke. Saya sighs and wonders if anyone will remember her when she wakes up the next time. Haji promises that he will be waiting...always and forever.

Saya and Haji are on a mission to locate Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin, the monk who was involved in the downfall of the Romanov dynasty. Although he was thought killed in 1916, Grigori has been reported near Pokrovskoye, the village where he was born, which is Haji and Saya's destination. From an old woman at a well, they learn that all the young people of the village have moved away except for Sonia, daughter of a crazy scientist named Yuri who was doing research on "how to create humans." Just their luck, Sonia comes walking down the road as they speak. Excited at meeting some people her own age, Sonia invites Haji and Saya to stay with her. Over hill, dale, and rickety bridge they go. That evening, as they sit around a fire drying their wet clothes, the old woman is peeking in through a window.

That night, while everyone is sleeping, Haji (who doesn't need to sleep) sees someone outside the window. He gives pursuit, thinking it might be Grigori. Out of nowhere comes a spear that impales him through the chest. The next morning, Saya wakes up to find Sonia in bed hugging her. Sonia asks Saya to come live with her. Sonia goes off to make breakfast. While getting dressed, Saya looks out the window to see that the old woman from the well has axed Sonia to death. Saya runs outside to confront her. The old woman claims that Sonia is a demon, having seen her suck the blood of villagers. Suddenly, a huge brown arm appears and crushes the old woman's head. Then Sonia appears with a bloodied arm. Putting 2 + 2 together, Saya thinks "Chiropterran" just as Haji shows up to toss her the sword. When Saya turns back to face Sonia, she has disappeared.

Haji explains that Grigori, who was helping Yuri with his research, took over Sonia's body when she died in 1916. They search for Sonia/Grigori and find her standing in front of a black carriage. Amshel Goldsmith, the driver of the carriage and Grigori's brother, says that Diva, who is apparently inside the carriage, wishes to sleep. They drive on, as Grigori stays to protect Diva by fighting Saya and Haji. Grigori turns into a Chiropterran. After a mighty battle, Saya's bloody sword dispatches Grigori, but not before he puts a stake through Haji once again. As Grigori crumbles to dust, Saya collapses in Haji's arms, certain that another long sleep is coming upon her again. "Do you remember the promise?" she whispers to Haji. "When I'm done hunting Diva...." but her voice trails off.

Return to present time. Haji has found Saya lying in the snow. Saya tells Haji about her dream. She asks about the promise made when she fell into the sleep, but Haji will only say that she'll find out when the appropriate time comes. Suddenly, Riku's voice booms over the snow-covered field. Riku has found Saya and Haji.

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