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Julie (Martie Ashworth) is a sweet, subdued career housewife that at first glance seems perfectly content in her life with her record player, houseplants, cooking, and even her old, irritable husband of 40 years whose hobbies are sleeping and/or watching football on the couch. Provoked into a state of fear Julies once innocent eyes now become watchful and suspicious, and her perception of reality makes a dark shift. William (played by Larry Strauss in the performance of a lifetime) is both the unsuspecting victim faced with his mortality; and the self-loathing villain guilty of bad decisions and bad karma. Between them is an escalating, unspoken WAR - a self-destroying cloud threatening to ignite the forest with even the slightest friction. If the cycle is to break, both must be awakened to the raw reality of a true life or death choice...

The writer/director/producer Kevin K. Shah and cinematographer/co-producer Zak Forsman and their team of artist-filmmakers, engage in a radical creative collaboration with a talented cast of actors that gave themselves fearlessly to this film. Through guided improvisational scenarios crafted to capture deeper truths as they emerged the bold process was designed to abandon the script entirely before the end of production to make for an honest resolution that could never have been staged. What ultimately unfolds on screen is a compelling human drama that is terrifying and meaningful, darkly funny and suspenseful. White Knuckles take us on a courageous journey to redemption.

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