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So Far, the Best Episode of the Second Season

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
20 July 2008

While driving in the night in a lonely road with her husband David to celebrate their fifth anniversary of marriage, Molly hits a man, looses the control of the car and crashes on a tree. When Molly awakes, she seeks David, but the victim appears and chases her. She runs to the road and meets the Winchester brothers that tell her that the man is the ghost of a farmer that appears once a year to get a new victim. Molly follows Dean and Sam in their hunting trying to find her beloved David.

"Road Kill" is so far the best episode of the wonderful Second Season of "Supernatural". The classic ghost story has a great plot point, but unfortunately I had a good guess when Molly does not find her car and David. Nevertheless the episode is excellent, with dramatic and funny moments and a great message of hope in the end. I loved when Dean calls Sam of "The Walking Encyclopedia of Weirdness". My vote is ten.

Title (Brazil): "O Fantasma da Estrada" ("The Ghost of the Road")

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One of the all-time best episodes

Author: LaFeeChartreuse from Toronto
23 February 2010

I really, really loved this one. It may begin in standard horror-movie format, but it becomes so much more... Like Bloodlust (another favourite of mine), it nicely challenges the at times simplistic, black-and-white hunter ethos, with Molly's difficult questions about the nature and fate of spirits after she discovers what the vengeful spirit that's stalking her was like as a living man.

There's not much I can say about the ending without spoiling it, except that it was amazing - I think this was the first episode of Supernatural that actually had me in tears, not just because it was sad but ultimately because it was beautiful.

I think this is probably my very favourite episode to date, and an excellent example of the depths this show is capable of when it wants to go there.

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Classic Supernatural

Author: editor-92 from Omaha, NE
17 March 2007

After waiting a MONTH to satisfy my Supernatural cravings, here is another gem by Raelle Tucker, who also wrote the very creepy "Bugs," and "Scarecrow." Starring Tricia Helfer, of Battlestar Galactica fame, Roadkill is high on atmosphere and provides you with more than a few jumps. Best, though, are the witty oneliners spouted by the always fantastic Jensen Ackles (playing Dean). Jared Padalecki again does what he does best - provides the show with its softer and more sensitive side. After a few dud episodes, I was glad to see this show demonstrate why it's one of the best on TV. As is evidenced by this episode, when it's good, it's very, very good.

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Woah- I was not expecting that!

Author: geocubby from United Kingdom
22 July 2014

Classic horror Supernatural episode "Roadkill" is both disturbing and moving, with a rather large surprise in the end. Yet again, we experience priceless Dean and Sam interactions, with a few jump scares add into the mix for good measure. This episode wasn't necessary to the overall plot with the demons, angels, etc but it sure was interesting! A good episode for when you're bored or possibly in need of a nice scare.

I had to admit that the actor of "Molly" did an amazing job, both with her expression and voice. Another episode of great acting and even better story lines. But it IS Supernatural, so what did you expect?

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Afraid of the unknown

Author: zombiehigh18 from Egypt
6 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Life can't always be Black and white. That's what the Winchesters previously learned in "Bloodlust". Life can be gray sometimes.

Away from the coming storm, the FBI on their trail and Sam's gloomy destiny, The brothers are back to the family business, hunting evil and saving people.

Back on a seemingly simple ghost hunt, They come across Molly, who had a car accident and is looking for her husband. The brothers try to persuade her to leave as the road is hunted by the spirit of a farmer that died years earlier. However, Molly refuses and insists to find her husband first. Reluctant (for some still unknown reason) but ready to help, the brother tag along with her in search for the missing guy, and the episode goes on with a nice twist.

This is a nice change of formula, because not all supernatural is evil, some spirits need to be saved and taught how to let go.

Jared Padalecki gave a good performance as the cute, understanding and caring Sam with a real good on screen chemistry with guest star Tricia Helfer, While Jensen Ackles gave an amazing performance as the non sugar coated truth telling less caring Dean, who is still not at ease dealing with non "Black and White" cases. Tricia Helfer brought warmth and compassion to Molly. Charles Beeson did a nice job directing this one. And, I hate you Greeley for messing up the Impala. You really shouldn't!

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brilliant ep!

Author: super_frog16 from United Kingdom
21 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

wow, this was yet another example of the brilliance of kripke's writers. i have to say though i totally had the twist figured as soon as the woman woke up alone i the car lol (im too much of a horror story veteran for such things to slip past me :P), but it was still thrilling to watch, and a brilliant performance by that weeks guest star. i loved the spirit villain, he was completely creepy! and the special effects used when dean blew the guy away twice with his shotgun....well they blew me away lol i re watched the two shotgun incidents again because i was just like wow, that looks amazing, so kudos to the special effects crew *claps* and yet again, round of applause for the acting talents of Jensen and Jared. they are fab in every episode. :D i loved how the twist was shown at the end, the montage of events, i thought that it looked brilliant and showed the boys researching (yay!)which we haven't seen an awful lot of this season. i love how the show shows you the process of the investigations before the action. yeah so anyways, i know i say this every time but this has to be one of my fave eps. and a great thriller after the comic brilliance of tall tales. :D XsarahX

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A good show

Author: mm-39 from Winnipeg
10 October 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A good show. I never would have guessed the ending. Dean and Sam try to stop a nasty spirit, and Deal with a frantic girl. The car is always cool, and Dean's cold demeanor give a serious style for this episode. The special effects of the farmer were great. Cool setting of the old farm House; similar to 1000 horror movies. The ending is great, but I will not ruin it for you. Wow. What a plot twist. I wonder if they can keep the writing up for the next season? 7 out of 10. My wife believes this episode is geared more for a female audience. Worth watching. Sam is very smart and figure the problem out for RoadKill. How many time does Sam do this?

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