Tropic Thunder (2008) Poster

Plot Keywords

actor drugs
rescue jungle
vietnam thunder
oscar profanity
author land mine
southeast asia drug lord
comedian film director
drug addiction parody
comic violence spoof
killing an animal written and directed by cast member
crucified hero pose apocalypse now parody
death by landmine exploding car
wilhelm scream reference to burt reynolds
reference to al pacino butt slap
war paint videoconferencing
uh 1 huey helicopter swimming pool
shot multiple times shackles
severed finger ransom
rain ox
opium poppy napalm
mugshot m 16
loss of hearing key grip
hidden camera helicopter crash
hand signal flame thrower
fire fireball
fictional movie trailer dentures
cut hand c4 explosives
bullet belt destroyed bridge
blow up binoculars
begins with text access hollywood
gulfstream 500 business jet blockbuster
famous line blood splatter
cult film oscars ceremony
war filmmaking vomit
explosive controversy
violence crude humor
fiction hip hop music
scene during end credits underage smoking
child smoking a cigarette blood
vietnam veteran theatrical agent
tv news film within a film
face slap drug trafficking
dancing closeted homosexual
american barefoot
see you in hell torture
title appears in writing thrown from a bridge
stabbed to death stabbed in the chest
stabbed in the back shot to death
shot in the head shot in the chest
shot in the back punched in the face
punched in the crotch kicked in the crotch
hit in the crotch head cut in half
hand cut off grenade
flatulence flamethrower
fake gun exploding helicopter
exploding bridge exploding body
covered in blood child with a gun
child uses a gun bound and gagged
bloody nose bayonet
bat balding man
rpg kidnapping
explosion disguise
stabbing severed head
panda gore
animal skinning fake trailer
satire rifle
method acting hostage
heroin guerilla
gonzo drug addict
directed by star blackface
hook for hand helicopter
gay african american film executive
drug withdrawal academy awards ceremony
white male pretending to be black filmmaking
multiple cameos frat pack
title spoken by character

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