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  • Gyro creates giant robots for construction work, but Beagle Boys find another use for them.


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  • Flintheart Glomgold unveils a fleet of giant, robotic construction workers that are meant to give him the edge in the construction business. Scrooge on the other hand, is upset about these creations, notably that Gyro Gearloose was hired in their construction (Gyro's last robot, Armstrong, ended up kidnapping Scrooge and Gyro, and was finally stopped when doused with water).

    Glomgold's robots soon catch the eye of Ma Beagle, who steals one, and uses it to break 3 of her boys out of prison. Once out, the 3 then claim the 3 other robots, and begin wrecking havoc across Duckburg. Scrooge manages to convince Glomgold to help him stop the robots, by leading them to the Duckburg reservoir, in hopes that this will short them out like Gyro's previous robot, Armstrong. However, word comes a bit too late from Gyro, that unlike Armstrong, these robots are waterproof.

    Scrooge, Glomgold and Launchpad manage to lead the Beagle Boys to an empty warehouse, where a heavy pour of cement manages to stop the robot rampage. The Beagle Boys are carted off to jail, but Ma Beagle manages to escape. Glomgold is then presented with a bill for damages the robots caused the city, with Scrooge smilingly saying that McDuck Construction would be more than glad to help assist him...for a price.

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