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CJ7 is precisely the 80-something minutes of delirium and cheesy special-effects you'd expect from the man responsible for the chaos of "Shaolin Soccer" and the lunacy of "Kung Fu Hustle."
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
If CJ7 feels like the love child of Charles Dickens, Mao Zedong and Steven Spielberg, it's because that's exactly what this PG-rated, Chinese-made fantasy is.
The overall feel is Hong Kong to the core...which means CJ7, like the first 25 minutes or so of "Shaolin Soccer," doesn't make many allowances to Western sensibilities.
A bit of a letdown. The manic comedian who has gained fans worldwide for his outrageous slapstick and special effects-driven antics in "Kung Fu Hustle" and "Shaolin Soccer" takes a backseat this time - and that's part of the problem: This is lesser Chow because there is less Chow.
The Hollywood Reporter
A hyperactive, wishful-thinking special effects fantasy suitable for family outings.
Heavy on slapstick and may appeal to very young viewers who won't need to bother much with the subtitles.
Bright, bouncy, kooky and comically tone deaf, CJ7 is the most bizarre kids movie I've ever seen.
Chicago Tribune
CJ7 is roughly as grating as that “Flubber” remake.
Trivial and charmless.
Chow's loyal fans are sure to be disappointed by CJ7, and the film faces one other significant problem in traveling to these shores: Any kid who is the right age to appreciate this pap is going to be too young to read subtitles.

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