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MPAA Rated PG-13 for some sexuality and brief strong language

Sex & Nudity

  • As in many bollywood type movies, the love story in this movie begins by the long luring glances of a handsome young fellow, which can make you feel tense as a viewer.
  • There are scenes which the two (unnamed souls) have a kiss but this they are short scene and are obvious to spot, so you will have the chance to look away, flick the channel or forward the movie if required.
  • However, there is a sex scene when adultery is committed. This was a very intense scene where the couple lay at the side of each other in bed, the 'male' grabs the 'females' hand (as she looks tense and guilty), very little skin is shown but they do kiss.
  • Throughout this movie, the women remain covered and with no boobs sticking out or having any conversations with sexual references.
  • The most skin that you will see in this movie is a man's legs and upper body as he briefly walks about the house in his boxer shorts. (This is after he has been in bed with the female)

Violence & Gore


  • An old aunty figure, who is well known within the community, refers to the Bangladeshi woman's deceased child as being beautiful because its mother is a devil.
  • The young daughter talks about running away from home and is often a bit of a Madam to say the least.
  • I did not hear any swearing in this movie.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There was a scene where a modern looking neighboor(Indian looking) smokes a ciggarette and begins to make friends with the Bangladeshi woman.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Most intense when the husband comes home and the young man is using his computer. A great disrespect when the husband had already told his wife that "no one is to touch the computer".
  • I thought that the wife was going to be in for it...and then...(watch to find out)
  • The daughter (school girl) runs out of the house, in order to run away from home. This long scene follows the mother chasing the daughter through groups of drunken crowds and into the train station where the mother collapse at the side of her daughter, who begins to cry.
  • Throughout the movie the strong Bangladeshi music is played with scenes of the Bangladeshi women's childhood. She remembers her childhood very often and often falls into deep thoughts about her sister. It is very dream like the contrast of scenes create a feeling of being pulled away from happiness.

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