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They're back.

Author: MovieAddict2014 from UK
10 March 2007

After a disappointing tenth season, Trey Parker and Matt Stone have started off Season 11 with a bang - satirizing the media frenzy caused by the Michael Richards racial slur incident late last year and yet again touching on a very fragile subject matter: the "N-word." The reason "South Park" can get away with using the N-word over 40 times in one episode, of course, is because - unlike "Family Guy" or other basic shows - "South Park" has evolved into an intelligent criticism of society and every episode deals with some kind of current events issue, and in particular this episode addresses the impact of these harmful words more so than just the shock of the word itself. Stan's dad Randy uses the N-word on national television and becomes the subject of hate - facing a sort of modern-day twist on racism, with people calling him "the N-word guy" and not allowing him to shop in stores or go anywhere without being confronted. He's even chased down by a pack of rednecks who take issue with his degradation of an entire race.

As a subplot, Cartman takes issue with a midget teacher who ends up trying to fight Cartman.

Hopefully the episodes will continue with this strength and won't deteriorate over the season's progression.

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I love this episode!!

Author: Huggable782 from United States
8 February 2008

I love this episode of South Park. Partially because it features Token (I love the fact that his name is Token because he is the "token" black character). Partially because it puts an interesting twist on a real issue and the rest of me loves Jesse Jackson moving his ass up and down telling Mr. Marsh to apologize...oh yeah, and the Disturbed song "Down With The Sickness" when Cartman is fighting the little person. To be totally honest, I came on here just so I could find out who did that song so I could iTune it when I get home. *guilty smile* I love when Stan tells Token that it's cool because his dad apologized to Jesse Jackson and Token was like "Jesse Jackson is not the emperor of black people!!" And Stan's like "...he told my dad he was." And what really makes that part funny is the fact that Stan seems so confused by it all. I freakin love this show and I love this episode.

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nig*** and guy: "two words which by themselves can be harmless but which together form a verbal missile of hate"

Author: RainDogJr from Mexico City
27 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

***written on 26 December 2008***

Well Christmas presents were really nice and one of them was the Eleventh South Park Season on DVD, certainly was terrific so here I begin writing stuff about each episode of another South Park Season which I hope can be as great as were the ones I have recently seen complete (Seasons 9 and 10), actually I have seen already 4 episodes from Season 11 since I saw Cartman Sucks, Guitar Queer-O and The List few months ago at South Park Studios and yesterday before watching The Godfather (the Coppola Restoration 4-disc set on Blu-ray was also a present) I decided to watch With Apologies to Jesse Jackson then I can say that all those four episodes are great.

Anyway this has brilliant stuff, is hilarious and by watching it one of my favourites episodes came to mind, How to Eat with Your Butt from Season 5 (an episode that I haven't seen in a long time). Certainly that episode came to mind when I saw the reaction of Cartman when he sees the midget who came to the South Park Elementary to talk about the power of the words, to make the children think about what they say. Cartman laughs really hard every time he sees the little person and he simply won't change during this episode unlike when he lost his sense of humor (during How to Eat with Your Butt certainly) and unlike the little person who at first was apparently not angry or anything because of Cartman and even he wanted to help him but of course he will change, he will end having a fight against Cartman and eventually proving his point, a point that nobody really get and this helps Stan in order to get another point. Here everything begins with Stan's family, his father Randy is participating in the TV show Wheel of Fortune, a puzzle, people who annoy you, he has the letters N_GGERS, he has to guess and guess what, yeah Randy says the N-word on TV! And he loses, the answer was naggers.

Basically is great since Randy apologies to Jesse Jackson (by kissing his ass) thinking that after that everything will be fine, thinking that Jesse Jackson is the emperor of black people. Randy will try to get closer to the African American culture and he will be the "N-word guy", now he is the discriminated and at one point he will meet the other "N-word guys" (Michael Richards and some others). These "N-word guys" first convince Randy that people will still point him no matter if he said the N-word just because he thought he was going to win money (unlike Michael Richards certainly) so now with Randy these "N-word guys" will finally succeed with their plan, now "if a person uses the word nig*** it must be at least seven words away from the word guy". Is simply brilliantly hilarious stuff, basically the "N-word guys" said to the people at the Congress that all the white men who have had slightly racist thoughts will be pointed as "N-word guys" sooner or later then all the Congress (except of the only black man there) is agree to ban the term "N-word guys". You should watch this episode.

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Another good episode

Author: gangstahippie from Canada(Montreal, Quebec)
21 September 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode of South Park is pretty good.It has Stan's dad Randy on a game show where to win he has to look at a word with a letter missing and guess which word it is.This is how it looks like "N*GGERS".It is really "Naggers" but Randy says the N-word and as South Park mirrors real life, Stan's dad becomes known as a guy who said the N-word on national TV(just like Michael Richards who makes an appearance in this episode).Stan tries to make things right with Token(the black kid in the school), but Token tells Stan he does not get it and Stan cannot figure out why.Meanwhile, Cartman makes fun of this midget.At first the midget takes it in good humor but then gets really angry and decides to fight Cartman.It's hilarious seeing cartman making fun of this guy! This is a good episode of South Park in my opinion and like most other episodes, it mirrors a real life event.

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one small opinion

9 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

well... i loved the episode...

i may not be from US but i know u can t say the N-word... because we don t want to be racist, now do we?... no we don t.

the other part with little ppl was also F@ckin histericall with Cartman laughing his ass of to that point-proving- small dude. i guess his steam was endless right?... just crazy man... how he kept laughing... his words were bollets that couldn t be dodged :P

+ i think that Matt & Trey deserve some kind of recognition for being such creative/funny bastards... they always crack me up... with the SP series + with their movies as well... i wish them plenty of health and happiness so that they can make ten more series...

that is all ... thank you for SP...

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Still going strong

Author: KingMFreak from Lake Forest Park, Washington
8 March 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Many believe South Park has lost its steam and is finally winding off the path of greatness and down a very rocky road. It's true that after ten years, it is starting to get pretty difficult for Matt and Trey to keep the episodes fresh AND funny. I believe they hit their peak with Season 8, which provides some of the greatest episodes and is the greatest season.

South Park has always been known for providing its viewers with great political satire, often taking our stances and shaking up our beliefs on an issue. The latest episode, With Apologies to Jesse Jackson, contained so many hypocrisies it could be claimed as one of the most ironic episodes of the show's history.

The episode starts off with Randy on Wheel of Fortune about to win it big, solving the last puzzle. In the biggest laugh of the show, he gets his choices up to N GGERS (the category is People That Annoy You). Randy utters the N word, while the correct answer is NAGGERS.

This, of course, starts a whole media storm, while Randy is called the N!gger guy. Meanwhile, Stan and Token suffer differences over this event and a short person (Dr. Nelson) tries to talk to the school about racist comments. Much to his disdain, Cartman finds him hilarious.

And so the show continues with Randy being persecuted and Cartman fighting the midget. The episode starts out strong, but then starts winding down a long road of mixed messages. Randy meets Michael Richards and some other guys who muttered the N word, and together they get the term N!gger guy banned by Congress. Meanwhile, Stan realizes he doesn't understand Token because he never will, and Cartman defeats the midget.

With an episode like this, it's hard to know where Parker and Stone stand and what we are supposed to think. They come to three conclusions that defy each other and together make no sense. Usually we are given their perspective in the end, but not this time. This could be another way for them to reinvent the show, by now not reaching one conclusion, but several.

Overall, it probably wasn't as strong a start as, say, Good Times with Weapons, Cancelled, and even The Return of Chef. Granted, it was much better then Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina. I highly anticipate what Parker and Stone will do next with the show. Just one request: Make a good episode that doesn't spoof our culture. Usually when they stray from satire, they enter a whole world of trouble (Garrison's Vagina and Erection Day especially). Good Times with Weapons, Woodland Critter Christmas, and Scott Tenorman Must Die are all terrific episodes that don't really question our culture. Let's have another one of those, please?

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