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review of walk on water
jhauberg14 February 2007
Not sure what show you all watched but I have yet to see a bad episode of Greys yet and this one was no exception. Not sure what you people were expecting but I think Shonda delivered on her promise of something "big" happen. What could be bigger than a ferry boat accident?This is the first in a 3 episode arc and is just the set up for the two to follow. Unlike a pp I think the acting on this show is above average and the writing and character development are unlike that of any other show out there. Oh, but I suppose the billions of Greys Anatomy fans who tune in every Thursday and the people who voted at the Grammys must all be out to lunch eh? Perhaps there's a bit of "Anatomy" envy going on here.... From a die-hard Greys Anatomy fan
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sigh... a decent show takes a turn for the worst
bwarren9210 February 2007
holy cow. Totally over dramatic, totally unrealistic. I almost started laughing. And it was meant to be taken seriously, too. (I think.)

if you haven't watched it yet (but have it on Tivo or something) i advise you to not get your hopes up.

Combine bad acting with bad filming and bad script (ugg that stupid little girl!!!! Garrr I wanted to shake her!!!) and you get part 1 of 3 part "Super Bowl episode".

watch it anyway though, its a 3 parter so I would guess the next two won't make much sense if you don't see the first.

Or on another note, don't watch it, and like me consider boycotting the show all together.
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Burke and Cristina's engagement
daisycrazy9116 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
so did anyone else have a problem w/ Burke telling Shepard about his engagement and then getting mad at Cristina for waiting for the right time to tell Meredith? for a doctor, he doesn't seem to understand the importance of timing. and also, asking him to hold off telling people was about the sanest, most reasonable thing Cristina's ever asked of him, and he couldn't even do it. and has anyone else noticed how he's always pushing her to upgrade their relationship? i love Burke, i love them together, and i know that sometimes Cristina can be cold, but still. respect her wishes for once. and what about meredith? i listened to a podcast with shonda rhimes and she strongly hinted that meredith is actually dead. the show is named after her; how's that gonna work?
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ewakefield-116 February 2007
How on earth can u kill off the main character of the show its called GREYS ANATOMY ..and if the stupid writers of this show kill her off whats the point as its based around her life ..I know for one if they have stupidly killed off Ellen's character i will not be watching anymore and probably neither will anyone else as I reckon it will kill the show it has been done to other shows and they have low and behold been axed as the ratings dropped and people couldn't be bothered watching plus when will there be some happiness in this show as LATELY its been down right depressing..please Shonda give us some happy story lines though it was a good episode but please enough of the doom and gloom!!!!!!
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