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The Third Wave (2007)The Third Wave (2007)The Third Wave (2007)The Third Wave (2007)The Third Wave (2007)The Third Wave (2007)Volunteer Alison gives the village elders new identity cards.The Volunteers created the First and still the only Tsunami Early-warning Center in Sri Lanka.Donny and Alison operate on Tsunami victims in their makeshift hospital.Oscar Gubernati with Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa and Trade Minister Jerarj Fernandoupulle.Bruce French- Volunteer from Telluride, Colorado. The instruments were donated by Canadian band 'RUSH'Donny Paterson -Body collecting takes its toll on everyone.Oscar Gubernati-Volunteer from Palermo, Sicily.Alison Thompson- Body collections continued for 5 months. Alison Thompson- Volunteer from New York City and Australia.Donny Paterson- Volunteer from New castle, Australia.The Third Wave with the village chief, Mr A.P. Darmedesa.Sri Lanka.The Third Wave (2007)
20 photos


Four volunteers travel to Peraliya, Sri Lankan after the 2004 tsunami, and their planned two-week journey becomes a year of heartbreak and rebirth.

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