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2013 Review by Non-Gamer viewing 2-D DVD

Author: happybradofhoj
29 January 2013

As the title indicates, I have NOT played any chapters of the hit video game, so my review is based solely on the aesthetics of the film. The first time I saw the first "Silent Hill" movie, I was confused and interested at the same time. Sometimes it takes a second look to understand what you have seen. So, I went to see it again and the first film is truly one of my all-time favorites.

So I hear the film didn't do so well in the box-office, which is too bad really because as a horror film goes, this is a good one. I would conclude that the gamers wanted to see the story unfold true to the game, which can sometimes be hard to do in film. I don't know. I would also think that the 3-D (although popular right now) was a failure with this film. With less than half of the original movie's production budget, add 3-D, then corners had to be cut. I think they did a great job recapping the storyline for those who didn't see the first movie. However, informing a new audience about the past was not the problem here as viewer-ship was way down.

I don't believe that Silent Hill 3 (yeah, there will be one) will gain a bigger audience if they persist on cutting the budget which in turn affects the whole quality in every aspect. They need to drop the 3-D and focus on giving the audience action and gore.

This type of movie has to LOOK, FEEL, and SOUND like reality. The first movie did that. Everything from the ash to the super 8 footage, gave it the realism that you were in that nightmare with all the characters. SH2 lost that realism with the cheap ash overlay to the lack of detailed transition into the darkness. It kinda made it look like a made for TV movie which this film should not even think about doing. Low budgets, corners cut.

Adelaide Clemens, who plays the teen version of "Heather" aka "Sharon" does a fantastic job, but at one small moment in the film she plays Alessa (the demon child in the purple school uniform) and that ruined it for me. I think the demon should remain in the younger form, which is just spookier to me vs. a teen who looks like she about to go "trick or treating".

It's good that we got to see some familiar faces with Sean Bean, Radha Mitchell and Deborah Kara Unger. Although each performances were minimal. Familiar faces are key to building a strong franchise and they may have blown this opportunity. Again, budget cuts.

Although the Characters of young Sharon/Alessa is present in the film, previous actress Jodelle Ferland has been replaced by a young Erin Pitt. Obviously because Jodelle is now a teen (18), so why couldn't they have her play Heather as the teen instead of Adelaide Clemens? I don't know why, that's show biz I guess. But it's those little things that are noticeable.

All in all, it's a good horror film. Better than most.

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Meh... at least it has some cool visuals!

Author: Mattias Lindgren from Sweden
27 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Oh boy, I don't know how to feel about this movie. I saw it with low expectations because I didn't want to get disappointed. I actually regard the first Silent Hill movie as one of my (few) favorite modern horror movies.

So what did I feel like watching this movie? Kind of bored actually, but at the same time not... mad. I wouldn't go that far to say that the movie has destroyed the Silent Hill series, I mean... it's just a film adaptation.

Okay, let's talk about the bad stuff with this movie.

Jumpscares - Very predictable ones may I add. The first movie didn't use jump-scares, it actually managed to give the atmosphere life that made it creepy on its own.

Odd acting/dialogues - Sometimes the acting was convincing... but most of the time it didn't feel real, and I don't think that's the actors fault. The things they say to each other just happens so quickly that it feels a bit like... "this is your line, say it immediately as we start the camera."

Love - Heather + Vincent? Come on... I actually started bursting out in laughter at one point when they suddenly had this big chemistry that came from nowhere, and I mean nowhere.

Now, the changes from the original plot they made in this movie didn't really bother me. I expected some changes, given that it follows up the first movie that already had seed its own changes.

What I found really good with this movie were the visuals. They're very CGI, but they still look believable and instantly made the movie feel like a proper movie and not a school project by some Silent Hill fans.

And they seriously couldn't find a better actress to play Heather!

Overall, I think this movie is worth checking out... but only once.

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Yes and No .. but more of a No....

Author: Peter Midknight
26 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If only I could speak to all the makers directly.... but here's my review for all.

Let me start by saying why my review has credibility. But first, what kind of reviewer am I for this one... I'm one of the angry gamer reviewers, so skip it if you wish or if you care none for Silent Hill ... the true Silent Hill.

I have been a major fan of this game and have played Parts 1-3 over and over(as well as all the others hoping they'd get it right again.) but lets be honest ... just like the fall of Resident Evil (Starting with RE4) ... SH started going down hill after SH4...

I'm a fan of the old school and when it was done right. Not when it was watered down or spiced up to reach a useless audience. When the graphics went up, the quality went down.

Onto the movie review. First, someone please punch the guy in the face that wrote the script and the dry and completely flavorless dialog! 8 out of 10, that's 8/10ths of the dialog was just cow manure. Kate Moss may have been the only good performance, and even if not, she did good with what she had.

Other reviewers hit the nail on the head when they say that the movie was rushed and way too short ... you don't need a bigger budget to shoot better and more meaningful scenes. This brings me to the completely cheesy and forced puppy romance. That kid was declaring love not more than 24 hours after meeting her... and after only about maybe a full five hours in her presence.. Totally killed it for me..

The true reality is that you just cant tell the story of SH with a movie or two.. It was about the why, the how and the what.. what is Silent Hill … they blurted it out in a single sentence.. It was also about the adventure the surviving the nightmare but w/e. Most importantly its a survival horror and mind melting psychological thriller.. Games 1-3, I mean. The movies completely missed the idea and just stole the concept... they brushed it in as a few flashbacks.. they almost had it and then fell right off the horse..

The other is the music!!! where the heck was the chilling noises and soundtrack of the games!? They used like one or two songs over and over and a few sound effects of SH..

So bottom line … they missed the essence of Silent Hill – the music – the story – and the survival horror.. No one wants to watch a 'lets- play' but she didn't have to solve a single puzzle or find any clues? She was just like Alice, tumbling down an endless rabbit hole and when she reached the bottom nothing was accomplished and the movie ended with a weird hugging scene with Alessa and a two minute fight with Pyramid Head…. So little was done right, it was hard to notice what was good about it, like the 'nurses' was the only thing that went right.

They could have done this movie as a 10 minute web-episode and spared us the 1 hour of cheesy unfitting dialog and acting.. Or they could one day maybe do SH justice with a very dark and serious TV show like The Walking Dead. Give all the characters and stories time to develop, lets see some true horror, shooting, mêlée fighting, puzzle solving and back- story learning, through a few seasons of AMC's Silent Hill. (I wish … I'd help write it to..) Every half season or so could be dedicated to a certain part of SH in what ever story they are telling, The apartments, Hospital, School. There is tons to use and lots to go through.

SH can only be done as a web series or it needs to be given proper time to unfold on cable TV! Other wise, don't bother because you'll never pull it off... its whats wrong with all the new game to movie and comic to movie adaptations … cheap thrills and a degenerative whoring of good stories for a quick buck... And I've had just about enough....

Please don't forget to 'like' if you agree.

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I am going to pretend that this movie never happened

Author: pv0124 from United States
25 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love Silent Hill Part one, it was the right amount of awesome, it included parts from the games, good story line. Part two? Just awful, Please if you enjoyed part one do not watch this one. There was a horrible twilight love romance in it, there was a happy family fun ending, how the movie tried to wrap up part one was horrible. I felt like they just put a whole bunch of 3D scenes and said "fuck it". I did not like the fact that it was nothing like the first movie at all, and the weird fighting scene at the end??!?!? WHAT WAS THAT??? I played the Silent Hill games, I am a fan, part one was just so good, what happened? It didn't even wrapped anything up the proper way. SO disappointed, I am just going to forget that this movie happened deleted from my memory, maybe watch part one a few times, and if they makes a part three, I will just pretend it one those stupid "nightmares" "Heather" has.

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6 years of waiting .. and at end a horrible sequel

Author: ferdinand_egy from Egypt
24 January 2013

When i watched the 1st part in 2006 i considered it the best horror movie i had ever seen .. and wondered about the release date of the 2nd part of it .. and after 6 years of waiting .. i got a great shock when i found how bad this sequel is ..

Not understood story ..until now the most whose watched it doesn't understand many things in this sequel .. such as how Sharon returns from silent hill without her mom .. how the brotherhood at silent hill can be able to walk out silent hill and try to kidnap her .. some points was needing to clarify .. beside a bad visual effects except some few shots wasn't bad .. bad acting from the most of cast .. horrible directing and it wasn't professional at all ..

finally i wasted 85 minuets at nothing .. i hope they aren't going to make another sequel cause am sure it will be ugly

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really??this is the best they could do??

Author: george zervakis from Greece
22 January 2013

the silent hill video games offer a huge material base for terror. here though people here seem to have just taken the scary creatures and universe and ignore any suitable scenario that would 've fitted nicely. the story runs extremely boring and you always find your self knowing what's going to follow. there is a sentiment of fear underlining the spectator but it's not enough.after watching it i can say that, this is worst than the first movie which was already bad, that it still is OK for a cheap terror-laugh night and that 3d effects leave me indifferent if the film is not good, but i 'd give a five to these ones.if you are a fan of the games definitely watch it, you should have a personal opinion.

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Nothing amazing, nothing awesome, nothing Drama

Author: Mohamed Abd Altawab Shawqy Alsemany from Egypt
24 April 2017

first, I would like to apologize because my English is not good, Even if my English is not good however I think I can write this review and some people will understand what I would like to say. for this movie it will not let people understand what is the main point and what is the goal. after 6 year which mean more graphical and technical scenes than the original part however this time appears more and more weak. this kind of movies which have no message. it's just horror for horror, nothing special for the story and nothing hard for Heather to be the one, she own the two battles easily without any kind of fail or even try to fail, she beat her mother Alessa and also she beat Claudia by the Dark easily without any thing interesting. even the Officer who see the blood on the wall and he had to search about Heather he didn't anything. I think it's the worst movie ever I had watched

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Metatron/ Megatron

Author: tstudstrup from Denmark
14 October 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Tomato/ Tomarto. The Transformers movies sucks and so does this unnecessary sequel. Hence the almost similar names.

Let me start by saying that I've never played the games, so I can't compare either of these movies to the games.

The first movie was super creepy with amazing actors. Silent Hill felt so real you could almost smell the decay and the ash.

This movie however relies on cheap jump scares and yet it's never scary. Just boring. And way too much gore and horrible cgi in all of those scenes.

The acting is terrible, Kit Harrington being the worst one, with an even more awful American accent than Charlie Hunnam. He has so much trouble saying his lines like an American, that he forgets to act.

The whole idea that his character can just leave Alessas Silent Hill (an alternate reality)is an insult to the original movie. Not even Rose and Sharon was allowed to leave after Alessa had killed everybody but them. In the original they had to actually go to Silent Hill to enter Alessas world. Here they can just stop at a motel and all ofd a sudden they're in Silent Hill.

And why would Kit's character go back once he was free and in the real world?? This makes no sense. His whole character was unnecessary.

Also, this movie waste minutes of the already very short running time, explaining things we already knew from the original with several flashbacks from the original movie. Clearly a sign they didn't have a decent script for this crappy sequel.

And once again Sean Bean is wasted in Silent Hill. He actually had more screen time in the original, than he does in this movie.

The fact that Jodelle Ferland (who played Sharon/Alessa perfectly in the original, wasn't even considered to reprise her role, because she was too young and instead was replaced by an awful actress named Adelaide Clemens, that I've never heard of before or after this movie, has disaster written all over it.

And that's what this movie is: a disaster.

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As a fan of the games I enjoyed almost everything about this movie. Here's why..

Author: rezz b from United States
12 November 2015

So, I just watched this for the second time after seeing it in 3D, three years ago. In my opinion It was much better the second time on blue-ray. I suppose I'm not one to care for the pop-out visuals, as it was merely distracting me from the plot/pace of the movie. After watching it on blue-ray I loved every bit of it. The beginning was sort of slow but understandable to have to introduce the characters. Also, anyone who is NOT a player of the games would not have caught the awesome bunny references or costumes of characters/creatures. And for that I say.. sucks for you. lol .. IMO the pace was right, the dialogue was just fine, along with the plots direction. I remember the nostalgia of having played Silent Hill 3, and how scared I was to go into the subway. lol . .but I digress. I just love what was able to be done with a much lower budget than the first, as it seems some of you were disappointed about it too. I can't wait for the next film, as it better be a sequel into Downpour! As to explain the story misdirection of dark Alyssa still separate from good Shannon in this sequel. I would say the darkness always returns. ALWAYS!

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A movie saved by a decent budget and cast

Author: bowmanblue from United Kingdom
16 March 2015

Silent Hill 2 (or 'Revelation' as they prefer to call it) could have been so much worse. At least it does follow on well from the first film, but it's basically a young woman walking from scene to scene, encountering one nasty monster after the next (much like the computer game it's based on I would imagine!). It follows the daughter of the first woman to get lost in the sinister town of Silent Hill. When her father also gets taken, she sets out to save him.

It could so easily have been lost in the multitude of bargain basement horror films infesting the DVD shelves, but at least it has a budget. The monsters are nice (or rather nasty, depending on how you look at it). There are some pretty sick ones hissing and spitting their guts out all over Silent Hill. There is probably a little too many computer-generated special effects. Some are pretty obvious and take the viewer out of the film, but the ones that are actually there, i.e. the grisly masks, make up for it.

Plus the cast is good. The young woman at the centre of the film is believable and not just a 'scream queen.' Then there's the ever-reliable Sean Bean, reprising his role as her father. And, if you can ignore his slightly dubious attempt at an American accent, you'll see that he's an integral part of the film.

I didn't watch the film in 3D, so I can't comment on how the 3D element looks. I'm guessing that there are only a few moments which really stand out (things like axes etc thrown at/near the screen).

Basically, if you liked the first Silent Hill movie, or are a fan of the game, you'll probably get some enjoyment out of this film. It's not brilliant, but when compared to a lot of the latest horror films, it could have been so much worse.

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