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Reviews & Ratings for
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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

As an enormous fan of the video-game franchise, and a huge fan of the first film... This was a slap in the face! Shame on the production team! This is NOT "Silent Hill"...

Author: MaximumMadness from United States
12 February 2013

It took me five minutes. I counted 'em. Five minute to realize that I was being slapped-in-the-face by a production team and a writer/director who not only fundamentally misunderstood the "Silent Hill" franchise... they seemed to think it was the exact opposite of what it really is. "Silent Hill" is not mindless gore. It's not cheap, "Matrix"-style martial-arts fights between actors caked in monster-makeup. It's not cheap gross-out scenes and endless, phoned-in jump-scares. It's not non-step special effects with no story. But that's what this film is.

This is not "Silent Hill."

"Silent Hill" is provocative. It's emotional. It's deep-seeded, psychological horror. It's fundamental human drama!

I say it again. This B-movie trash is NOT "Silent Hill."

Michael J. Basset writes (and I use that term loosely) and directs (again, loosely) this sequel to Christophe Gans' far superior 2006 film "Silent Hill." Starring Adelaide Clemens, Sean Bean, Kitt Harrington and featuring supporting roles by the likes of Malcolm McDowel and Carrie-Anne Moss, this should have been a solid film.

Taking place several years after the original film, we discover Sharon De Silva was miraculously returned from the "Dark World" to her father (Sean Bean) by her mother Rose, through the use of some sort of talisman. The two have assumed the identities of Harry and Heather Mason, and have moved around the past few years, never staying in one place too long.

Pretty-darned-quickly (and I mean, way too quickly and forced into the shaky narrative), Chris/Harry is abducted from his apartment and Heather/Sharon is forced to team up with high-school pretty-boy Vincent (Harrington) to travel to Silent Hill to recover him from a cult, and various nasty creatures.

This film is garbage.

For starters, I will say that there are a few nifty things about this film. Some of the production and creature design is nice, and the soundtrack (courtesy of series veteran Akira Yamaoka) is fantastic. But that's where it ends.

This film fails hard for the aforementioned complete misunderstanding of the "Silent Hill" franchise, and for Bassett's atrociously mis-guided and poorly thrown-together script and direction.

First, the script. This film has one of the most poorly-paced and poorly-thought-out scripts of the decade. There is no narrative structure to be had. Scenes casually begin, continue with some of the most horribly robotic dialog, and conclude on a whim without any sort of rhyme or reason. Characters are casually introduced and then immediately killed off. There is no sort-of growth or development in any of the characters. The script felt like a mish-mash of rough-draft scenes cobbled together from a dozen different creature-feature scripts. Bassett- hire another writer next time. Please.

The direction is pretty heinous. Some scenes are shot so nauseatingly casually with text-book film-school set-ups that they'll put you to sleep, whereas other scenes are shot like kinetic action-movies. It's so jarring to see how the visual style changes from scene to scene at times. And there is no subtlety. If there's a creature, by god, Bassett will shot them in bright light and closeups, to the point where everything begins to look fake, and you say to yourself "That's just bad CG" or "That's just a bad costume!" Terrible direction.

I will give Clemens and Bean credit, as they try to salvage decent performances from this sub-par material, but they cannot save the script or film. Other performances range from amusingly-bad to dreadful and embarrassing.

The cinematography, editing, production design and virtually all other aspects are pretty much sub-par, and cheap-looking. This film has the aesthetic and feel of a low-budget TV-movie.

But as I mentioned at the beginning of the review, the reason this film is just offensively bad is the fact it disregards, no, actually does the opposite of the series intent. This film is loaded with nothing but cheap, meaningless, insignificant gross-out gore and effects. There's literally a scene where we see fat people comically wolfing down hamburgers made of human meat, in a scene so hilariously awful, I had to leave the room for a minute to stop laughing. That sort of thing happens constantly in this film- cheap gore gags that have no deep meaning besides their desire to make us point at the screen and go "Ewww!"

"Silent Hill" is a perverse, deep, complex, mind-bending video-game franchise. It's not the sort of series to use cheap tactics like this. If "Silent Hill" is going to have a gory moment, or a sexually-themed moment, it's because of the characters and story calling for it, and it's going to be done with as much taste as possible.

Ah, taste. That's a term our director and the producers apparently know nothing about.

"Silent Hill: Revelation" is among the year's worst films. Shame on producer Samuel Hadida. Shame on writer/director Michael J. Bassett. Shame on everyone involved. A 2 out of 10, and that's being extremely generous, just as a fan.

EDIT: After re-watching the film, I decided to bump up my score to a 3 out of 10. My issues with it still stand, but a 3 out of 10 seems more appropriate, as the film does have some strengths.

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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:

Scary As A Loose Bowel Movement

Author: darksyndrome-610-974642
16 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Being a huge fan of the original Silent Hill, I was stoked to watch the sequel.

Wow. Was did I screw up.

The original Silent Hill built a lot of it's horror on the creation of the monsters, the overtones of the scene, and the music. There was no cheapo "jump" scares, and the fact that the main character was all alone in the town (basically) was what really set the stage for some fright.

Silent Hill 2 was completely the opposite. Crappy acting, a band of people living in the town, random monsters with absolutely no back story. This film was a waste of time from beginning to finish, leaving me asking myself "what the hell was that" by the time the movie was over.

The movie was 0% scary, and utilized classic cliché's, most notably clowns.

I laugh every time a crappy movie comes out because I always go immediately to the reviews of the people that "loved it". Those shills must be getting some type of kickback from the studios, because anyone with half of a brain wouldn't enjoy a minute of this crap.


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3 out of 5 people found the following review useful:


Author: leonasunflower1978 from eastleigh, england
8 November 2012

I saw the first Silent Hill film never having seen/played the game and really enjoyed it as a stand alone horror film. I found it creepy, sinister and atmospheric with decent acting, pretty much all I ask from a horror film.

I saw Silent Hill Revelation, again after not being a fan of the computer game, and was very disappointed. The acting was really quite awful! It reminded me of some amateur dramatic stage productions I've seen, painful! On top of this the script was terrible, trite and unnatural, and delivered so badly! Sean Bean was the only decent one and even he wasn't great! The plot was pathetic, there was a final 'showdown' where as far as I could tell nothing much happened apart from a bit of sword swinging! I wasn't scared or creeped out once and I'm quite easy to scare! I wish I'd seen paranormal activity 4 instead!

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4 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Single handedly ruined a franchise... Garbage...

Author: ohwoahitsme
15 February 2013

So I am a huge fan of the games but this does not mean I will hate all the movies... I actually loved the first one, but this one... OH MY GOD... what a huge pile of garbage!!! I would not even rate this as a B-rated horror movie... more like an F or lower...

First who on gods earth did they have do the CGI effects? It seemed like it was split between two people, one who knew how to fully render accurate and realistic CGI effects and characters with good values, lighting and shading etc... then one who created monsters he thought were cool but had no idea how to place them in their worlds and light them properly... looked like a bad video game cut scene half the time...

the girl who played the young allessa (when you do see her) looks nothing like the original and does a horrible job at portraying her ( even when not talking). Now don't even get me started on the older teenage version of allessa... for start... WASN"T ALLESSA A FULL GROWN ADULT WHEN WE SAW HER AT THE END OF THE LAST FILM??? WHY IS SHE NOW A TWIN TEENAGE VERSION OF SHARRON? nice continuity there writers and director...

And what hack did her make up??? Honestly looks like shes a member of the band KISS... dear mr. head of the makeup department.... white face cream and black lipstick do not make a person look like a dead demonic girl... pathetic...

now onto the story... do people seriously still write like this... I've heard better story lines and continuity from 8 year olds playing make believe... The random attempts at twists and turns were horrible and just seemed like a failed desperate attempt at being creative and a failed attempt at trying to make it seem like the first one had a deeper hidden story and the writer and director of this one were all mystical and deep...

Honest garbage, cheesy lines, characters so connected and loving and protective of each other after one day of knowing each other...the timeline makes absolutely no sense...

as far as the actors go... there are some actual decent actors in this film the only thing that sucks is that the writing and directing and cinematography all make them look really bad cheesy and corny...

Don't waste your time honestly... this movie is beyond a pathetic attempt at trying to make money while destroying a franchise you think you can add a cool spin to...

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4 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

The worst sequel since Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

Author: eched
3 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This, this was pretty bad.

The biggest flaw in this is that it's clearly trying to be more faithful to the games, which the original film wasn't really. The original kind of set up its' own world and its' own rules.

The problem here is all the spots that are more faithful to the games, go against plot points of the first film. As such, it contradicts the film and makes it into a confusing mess.

Now, the only Silent Hill game I played was Shattered Memories, which I admit was pretty good plot wise, but it was a puzzle game, and I always get stumped in them, so I haven't really hunted down the rest of the games.

It's still clear though what parts fit with the games, but they make no sense here. For starters, the first film made it clear the only reason the cult lived for so long after the town was set on fire was because they were hiding in the church. But, at the end of the film the evil broke into the church and killed them all. They were all dead, which the film made very clear. And even if they weren't, there was nowhere left to run to or hide. They were screwed. Here they are still alive, just because. It ignores the entire ending of the first film.

Further more, now the cult is trying to bring forth an evil God. Sure, it was likely doing this in the game, but since when was it doing this in the movie's world. The cult from the first film would have burned to death everyone in the cult from the second film for trying to do such a thing. They were extreme Christians, bringing forth a demon God doesn't really fit with their goals.

And on-top of that, in the first one the film was unclear if the girl had powers and the demons were her doing, or if the Devil had really come forth to claim the town's souls. You could read the film in different ways. Here, oh, Alessa has super powers, it's all her doing. It's all spelled out and you feel like you are being talked down to.

All the characters talk in point form, most only existing to dump plot points. The first 40 min feels like nothing but exposition. The film keeps telling us the plot point for point instead of showing us anything.

Also, why was the key inside of the crazy guy? Was there any reason for that? One of the worst acted films I have ever seen, and I see a lot of Z grade films, so please, just stay away from Silent Hill.

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4 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

Thrilling in its premise...hurried in it's execution.

Author: hugger_mugger2004 from United Kingdom
1 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Sitting down in the cinema with my sister, also an avid Silent Hill fan, I had butterflies in my stomach. This was the culmination of two years of following the development, shooting and post-production of this movie. I was so stoked it was unreal. What followed in the next 90 minutes, I will admit, was incredibly exciting. I was certainly not disappointed, but I wasn't overwhelmed either. My main gripe? It was over way, way too quickly. When the opening dream sequence kicks in, I'm sat in awe, as we see Heather Mason's character run through Lakeside Amusement Park in a dreamy haze. There's horrific imagery abound, Pyramid Head, bound humans instead of horses on the merry-go-round, fire and brimstone - and then she wakes up.

Maybe Michael J Bassett got a little overexcited with the writing of his screenplay, as the sheer amount of material he crams into 90 minutes is impressive. The only drawback with this, is that it zips from set-piece to set-piece without you really being able to grasp what's going on. Every monster, every supporting character, instead of exploring their depth and psyche, seems to come and go with little impact. The monsters are by far the best thing in this film, aside from Adelaide Clemens' Heather - Pyramid Head, the Missionary, and my GOD, that mannequin spider! Incredibly original and scary, but way, way underused.

The whole basis of Silent Hill's success as a game was 'psychological' horror. I completely understand the director's desire to create something that appeals to a wider audience than gamers, but the jump- scares destroy any lasting psychological impact. I would have been happy to have the first 50 minutes of the movie establishing our array of lead and supporting characters, fleshing them out, giving them emotional depth, a history, and then plunge them into a full-on, twisted and truly disturbing Otherworld and watching as they mentally unravel, yet still telling the story.

The gore factor was no way near as full-on as the first film. Yes, the 3D is used to its full potential, but it was quick and fairly painless. Maybe a bigger budget might have helped things along, but you don't need a massive budget to have two actors act in a room/street/asylum and create an impact.

The sound and music was also impressive. Eerie whispers and pianos echoed across the cinema, along with the industrial sounds that Akira Yamaoka was famous for in the games, and this added greatly to what atmosphere there was. For me, the most epic part of the film was seeing both Heather and her demon counterpart merging, while spinning on a merry-go-round surrounded by fire, with a booming piano score overlaid. A brilliant, exciting, yet isolated sequence in a sea of hurried scares and explanations.

Overall, I was happy with this instalment of Silent Hill. Great ideas, brilliant set design as usual, exciting sequences throughout, but as I said, too damn short. I won't say 'don't go and see this', as it is enjoyable. Just don't go in expecting the deep, disturbing, bloody psychological horror that we all so badly wanted it to be.

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5 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

Losing faith in the horror genre.

Author: davidnhewko from Canada
18 February 2013

This is the first time I have ever felt the need to review a movie. The rage inside has built during the course of this movie to the point where I have to let it out on the internet. This is a sad day for Dave; maybe also the start of something beautiful.

Mindset before movie: I loved the first Silent Hill movie. I had only played the first 2 video games, though a little dry, I enjoyed them as well. I wanted to watch the sequel since I heard of its release. I was excited to say the least. With life getting in the way of seeing it in 3-d at the theatre, the desire to see it increased. I should also note, the first Silent Hill heightened my expectations... apparently.

Mindset after movie: I have a new found hatred for writer and director Micheal J. Bassett. Congratulations goes to Carrie Ann-Moss for finding work. The respect I have gained for Sean Bean after watching the re-make of "The Hitcher" has been lost, good luck getting that back. As for Malcolm McDowell I can never blame you for randomly appearing in 80% of the recent horror movie releases, I would if I could. As a fan of Horror, well, you know that saying; fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me? Well shame on me, again. I feel like a complete fool for being a fan of Horror lately. Hollywood keeps showing me these amazing previews for 'a promising new horror movie'. Only to spit in my face, metaphorically, again and again. With the same plot lines, characters, predictable 'twists' and the 'any excuse for gore is a good excuse'. If you are like me, a fan of horror and at the same time a fan of good movies, you have already seen this movie; it will only hurt your feelings and enrage you.

If you have read this and you agree let me know. I'm always open to movie recommendations from others with similar tastes.

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5 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

I really wanted to like this film...

Author: hugsallday from United States
27 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As an avid fan of the silent hill games (silent hill 3 is my favorite and the basis for this movie), and a fan of the first film. I really wanted to like this movie, however after leaving the theater I found myself only thinking about the shortcomings of the film.

In all honesty I don't think that this film should of been based off silent hill 3. That game is fairly long and has a very dense story line, it would of been impossible to cram that much material into a 2 hour film.

But.. since they did base the film off silent hill 3 I will say that the beginning of the film starts off promising. They follow the game storyline fairly well and for a while things look good. But by the time Heather gets to silent hill, things go down quick. Vincent should of never been the one to go with heather to silent hill, because his whole motive was not well thought out. Douglas should of been the one to go with her. (the PI that was killed in the mall) Their were so many shortcuts made in the film, and imho the 3D didn't help the film at all except for the ash scenes (snow). The actors were not all that impressive either, with the exception of Harry/Chris and Heather. (even though the script was massively underwritten as their was no character development at ALL) As many others have said, and I will say to. This movie felt very rushed, there was little development and heather just seemed to pop up in the right places all the time (which is not so in the game).

Overall I was letdown by the film (compared to the first film). Their was more atmosphere and suspense in the first film that I felt was missing in this one and the monsters were not all that impressive. ( They should of added a pendulum or insane cancer or something) I would only recommend this film to someone looking to waste some time or serious silent hill fans. All others should just wait to see it on DVD

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6 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

I didn't like it.

Author: Emine GeriÅŸ ( from Turkey
16 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I didn't like that film because it was really boring . We waited for a horror but it was just funny. We laughed cause there were a lot of foolish things. The monsters were funny and not creative , they were artificial. The cast ,who were played good ,played with foolish monsters. In my opinion they can play in a good movies. The Silent Hill wasn't good enough for them. Me and my friend didn't understand that movie, the movie was confusing . The events in the film was very disappointing. We just wanted to go and wish we haven't seen that movie. So ı think you shouldn't go to that movie. İf you go that movie , you will just bored. İn the film there weren't any horror moment we waited for it but it didn't come anyway.

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6 out of 11 people found the following review useful:

How To Destroy A Movie Franchise with a Sequel

Author: fatt1988 from Malaysia
16 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Years spent on waiting for this sequel turns into disaster as the movie progress. The intro wasn't that bad but when vincent started to show up, the movie was going into the drain (I'm not paying to watch Twilight). I mean, Romance and SH just doesn't mixed up (wish I had the privilege to fast forward). The other thing that makes me say WTF was when Vincent and Heather stayed in a motel in silent Hill. How the f** a motel being built there, the road sign says ROAD CLOSED and I don't think it would be a good business to run a motel over there. The story is confusing, everything seemed to be rushed. The ending well, "and They lived happily ever after.. (except heather's father)". If you're thinking on watching this movie, you should expect Uwe Boll's being the director.

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