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Reviews & Ratings for
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9 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

This Film started well and then just went down hill or should i say it went down silent hill.

Author: (HorrorFanForever) from United Kingdom
21 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is yet another film of 2012 that i didn't care much for i didn't really care about the characters but i thought the acting was okay from everyone and another problem i have with this film is Sean bean! because once again he has nothing to do! just like he had nothing to do in the first film!.This man always seems to play small roles now granted i thought the man did a good job playing the role of the father but thats about it because he really doesn't do anything else in the film except walk around just like he did in the first film. All this man ever seems to do is walk around! and never anything big or important! i mean his daughter did more in the film then he did! in fact it appears she did everything and again we get another lame story that i don't care about and we have a bunch of strange things happening that i don't care about,about the only interesting thing about this movie is the end when the two villains fight each other i thought we had an okay fight between pyramid head and the Evil creature women but even that could have been done better,i thought the fight was poorly edited but it kept me watching at least as lame as it was. I thought the ending of the film was a little cliché and it looked like a sequel bait ending which it probably was meant to be because i'm guessing they are going to make a third film which they don't need. All in all i thought this film was quite boring and it didn't have much action in it and it didn't scare me that much either i maybe got one scare max but thats not saying much considering this is supposed to be a horror film.I just found this film pretty lame and in my opinion the first film was better and it made a little more sense too. this film is not terrible but its really not good either and i just didn't care for it and in my opinion we would have been better off without this film they should have just stuck to the original and since they did make this film they should have at least given Sean bean more to do instead of just him sitting around in his house all day. Sean bean may have gotten kidnapped halfway through the story and brought to silent hill but even then he doesn't have much to do and we barely see him for most of the film instead all we see is the lead girl running around looking for him and having weird visions and i just got tired of it after a while but i guess the actors did the best they could and the ending is okay so i gave this film 4/10 for the effort because it least they tried but all in all i thought this film was nothing special and quite forgettable.

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16 out of 26 people found the following review useful:

Oh Dear....

Author: Ryan Levine from United States
26 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It has been 6 years since the release of the first Silent Hill movie and fans have been eagerly waiting for a sequel. Now, we finally have one, and boy is it a let down. First off, this movie isn't so terrible as I'm making it seem. Heather Mason's cosplay was pretty accurate and they got close with Claudia Wolfe. It did have "some" good acting in it. It also started off good. However, the spoiling of what would have been a good twist to those who have not played Silent Hill 3 could have been easily done without especially since it was made in the first 15 minutes. The character Vincent was introduced well, but he said a lot of really bold things to Heather Mason for someone that just met her such as "I don't want anything bad to happen to you." Once the characters made their way into Silent Hill, the story just started to get really messy. Heather started coming out of character, there were pop out scare tactics so cheesy even William Castle would have thought were corny, and when Heather enters a room of mannequins, we all start to think "Oh, looks like we're actually gonna see Pyramid Head rape some mannequins!" Instead, we get more cheesy scare tactics and a character written in only to be killed off almost instantaneously. Also, our big climax was a poorly edited fight scene between Pyramid Head and the antagonist and our protagonist just watching. Yeah. The dorky hugging that only last a few minutes was not good enough to be the climax of the story? And to top it off, they presented an ending that was bland to those not fans of the game, and hysterical to those who are. If you wanna see, be my guest. I think fans of the games would appreciate it. If you haven't played the games, you might want to sit this one out. It's one of those films you watch on Netflix with your friends just to make terrible puns all through the night.

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8 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

Finally, a video game to movie adaptation worth watching.

Author: Spliffy Sweetkorn from Philippines
6 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I registered here just to tell the world that there is still hope in movie adaptations.

PLOT: It's so Silent Hill 3.. quite good. and addition of the twists like heather's boyfriend from the order was not bad. I was expecting Heather carrying an Uzi but it was still OK because Harry didn't die. (Best Ending?)

GAME and Movie Reference: Even at the very start of scene where Heather was going to SH and heard on the dialogue that the Pyramid Head was Alessa's Guardian and Executioner, i got the feeling PH will be protecting Heather since she is Alessa's daughter/half.. and was right when she was rescued from the gripping hands of the mad prisoners.. and the last scene where PH was battling the other "boss" monster.. whoaaa.. blows me away... my dream as a SH lover - to be able to make PH an ally was finally fulfilled.

Flashbacks from the game and the previous movie was given a fair chance. It strengthened the plot a lot. It bridges some gaps of the game. and it also connects the game to the movie in some way. oh, and Rose was not just an extra. she speaks now.

Travis was lookin good back there giving hitchhikers some ride in the ending sequence. Note, Travis said "haven't been here in a long time", does this mean that he actually take another route near silent hill after all what happened saving a little girl? or maybe this was the first time Travis got out of silent hill? hmmmn.. but considering the fact that he gave Alex a ride to Shepherd's Glen makes him a frequent visitor in that area.. (almost)

Some scenes i felt like from one of the games. No downpour and book of memories yet, still waiting for the PC version :( 1. Heather walking on the street to the school bus -- like the street when you look at the window on SH4. 2. The motel they rented looks like Norman's Motel 3. I love Robbie the Rabbit.. The beginning scene where Robbie looked at Heather.. feels like when he was pointing at the peeping tom Henry.

ACTING: not the average award-winning feats but the kind we silent hill lovers love. people criticized actors/acting when they aren't looking forward to how the "plot" was executed. people who haven't played the game. just look back at the crappy dialogue sequences of SH1.. gamers don't bother.. (i personally say it added to the mood of the game) duh.

FRUSTRATIONS: 1. No "Happy birthday" song.. arrrrrrrrrrrrgg!!! 2. No automatic weapons. lol

AWARD: Heather gave the best speech in class.

MESSAGE TO THE HATERS: Play the game first, will you?

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10 out of 17 people found the following review useful:

Very Disappointed

Author: Dorian Sheridan from United Kingdom
20 January 2013

I'll first of all point out that I am quite the Silent Hill fan before explaining that this director did not get the point of Silent Hill.

The games and indeed some aspects of the last film provoked fear through the unknown, the fact that the characters were totally lost and on their own in a place where anything could happen. The creatures were scary and the less we knew about them, the scarier they were. In the last film the acting was great and there was plenty of suspense, and a decent director and art team running the project.

This one had some great visuals, the environments were great to look at. The CGI effects however, were not. Neither was the poor use of the actors talent, and the over use of extra human characters and monsters. These combined with a terrible attempt to almost follow the 3rd game TOO closely whilst remaining loyal to the first film, makes for a bad experience. It's nice to see that the director here tried to make a nice little tie in with both the games and the film, but the last film wandered into it's own little story, which luckily turned out well. he should have stuck to following the games, or the last film instead of both. Then he needed to write up some less cliché' lines for the actors.

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22 out of 41 people found the following review useful:

For Silent Hill game fans, this is worth checking out.

Author: anasnajmie from Malaysia
26 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

****SPOILER ALERT*******

Plot: The story is a direct sequel from the first movie. Heather/Sharon (Adelaide Clemens) and her father Harry (Sean Bean) are on the run from a cult group that wants his adopted child back to the Silent Hill, though Heather does not fully understand the reason behind any of this. But when her father is taken by the group, she is determined to come to Silent Hill to save him and learn the truth about herself, the group, the town and the nightmare that has been haunting her for so long...

Review: As a fan of the Silent Hill game series, I found that the attempt of the director to stay true to the game plot admirable. Sure, it is a headache to balance between the game fan expectation and the commercial element of the movie. So, the story of the movie goes slightly off from the game. However, I understand the difficulty to cramp a 10-hour game into a 1.5-hour movie; changes need to be made to the movie's storyline. But rest assured, the director has made many references to Silent Hill game in the movie, (game fan will notice this starting from the beginning of the movie itself!) and I as a game fan appreciate that. I am pretty sure the director is also a fan of the game series himself!

Gamefan view aside, the movie itself is generally good. The graphic of the movie, especially during transition from the "reality" to the "nightmare" world is stunning. Not too mention the ashes effect in the foggy world. Although I did not watched the movie in 3D, i am pretty sure it would look good in 3D. In fact, the movie itself was done in 3D, than later converted to 2D. It also has many scary moments, disturbing image, gruesome killing and horrible monster.. Should be interesting to watch them in 3D!

Storywise, this movie is actually quite complicated and heavy. This is to be expected from a game-to-movie genre. If you never played the game, you will be very confused with the storyline. Even myself who played all the game series (aside from the latest one) still do not understand the game fully. However, the director try to solve this by having Heather read a book her father wrote about Silent Hill. A good attempt to simplify the back story, but otherwise failed to clear the confusion.

Adelaide Clemens has done a fantastic job in bringing the main character Heather. She was the central character of the movie. The director did a good job in casting her, as she looks surprisingly similar with the game character! However, there is not much development with the other characters. Alessa, who is a very important character in the game version, has surprisingly limited role. It is fair to say that Heather aside, the other characters has no development at all. Silent Hill game fan will be disappointed by this.

In conclusion, the movie itself is good, but like many game-to-movie genre, it suffers the same problem: it still fails to balance between staying-true-to-the game-plot and change-the-plot-so-it-fits-into-a- movie. Silent Hill hardcore gamers will most probably find the movie adequately satisfying, but personally, I think the movie did a fine job to follow the game storyline. For the non-gamer viewers, this movie is good, but can be quite heavy and complex.

Final Verdict: 6.5/10 for the non-gamer viewers, as it is hard for me to imagine them not having questions/confusions or even half-asleep when they come out of the cinema.

To Silent Hill game fans, 7.5/10 for you. Check this movie out, see if you like it. I do.

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4 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

Had Potential, Very Poorly Executed

Author: Nancy Blatch from England
6 September 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Let me start by saying I did enjoy the first Silent Hill movie. I can allow myself to enjoy horror films, even with a certain degree of cheese. The first film retained the chilling atmosphere projected in the games. It also had good monster design and a reasonable plot. To be frank, I feel a sequel was totally unnecessary.

Firstly, the film contained some very bad acting. I'm wondering what the need was for so many British actors, some newcomer American actors and actresses could have matched the performances in this film. It says a lot about a director when established actors such as Sean Bean and Malcolm McDowell do such a terrible job. Plus, the incredibly brief screen time given to Erin Pitt is possible some of the worst acting I have ever seen.

Secondly the relationships established within the short amount of time this film spans are totally unrealistic and ridiculous. For example, Vincent and Sharon. After Vincent's quick and unreserved acceptance of Sharon's f***ed up situation, we learn of Vincent's background. He's part of the crazy religious cult that started this mess in the first place, and has been indoctrinated all his life to believe Sharon is evil. We are supposed to accept that suddenly this fundamentalists throws his beliefs to the wind because he got a funny feeling in his groin area? Now, we all know what religious extremists are like, you're going to have a pretty hard time of convincing them of any logic. I'm sorry, but I can only suspend my disbelief so much.

Cut to the mannequin scene, which was unsuccessful in building any suspense, we are faced with the Mannequin Monster. Now, this is bad monster design. I was severely disappointed, I've seen better CGI on Buffy. Obviously, I have to cut it some slack considering the movies budget was less than half of the originals.

Once we've been assaulted by some more terrible acting they introduce the "SEAL OF METATRON" (Hahahaha) which once handed to Claudia reveals her true nature, which is apparently a big-titted, corset clad, blade wielding monster. This monster is soon to face a gratuitous battle to the death with Pyramid Head, who isn't half as scary as last time ( last time he flayed someone alive!) This film just feels like a tacky, gimmicky take on the first one.

Lastly we are suppose to accept that after years of Sharon's Dad protecting her, and after rushing to Silent Hill to save him after being warned many a time not to, she is perfectly happy for her Dad to stay there to find her Mother. So Sharon and Vincent skip happily off, forgetting about the horrendous nightmares that have tortured their entire existence.

So to summarise, to watch this film would be a total waste of your time, and the effort I put into warning you not to watch it. But if you are a bit like Sharon and like to ignore warnings, don't say I didn'

If only Sharon had known all along that all she required to beat Alessa was a nice big cuddle. D'awww.

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4 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

Horrible acting and script make for a terrible sequel

Author: lornloxor from Finland
9 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I thought the first Silent Hill movie was rather decent. How does this sequel compare to it? Well, it is utterly horrible.

The dialogue is extremely clunky and lacks all subtlety. Kit Harrington (Vincent) and Adelaide Clemens (Heather) are absolutely horrible in this. They also look way too old to be in high school to be believable. The interaction and the dialogue is just so awkward and forced. There's no natural flow to it. It's rare to find it so bad even in a bad movie. Partly it must be the director's fault because Kit is pretty good in Game of Thrones.

You can't help but shake your head when you watch Vincent react calmly and unquestionably to all the crazy stuff Heather starts to talk about. "Oh, a demon child and people trying to resurrect old gods? Well, OK then". And the reveal about Vincent around the half- hour mark? Wow, just wow. So horribly written and acted. Everything is just resolved so suddenly. Like the scene with Vincent's grandfather. Suddenly he's turned into a monster and he's carrying Heather. Oh no, what's going to happen to her! The suspense! Nah, she just takes the medallion from inside the monster and that's it.

The visuals and the sets are kind of OK. The iconic Silent Hill fog was done nicely. Pyramidhead and the nurses were well done. They clearly used most of the movie's budget on the CGI. But the horror in this film was pretty much only cheap scares. I don't care that much for those because I think the horror should mainly come from the atmosphere. This movie's atmosphere doesn't remind me in the slightest of the times when I was playing these games all those years ago. Very disappointed in this film. It was mind-bendingly boring. And I liked the first one, everything was just done so much better in that one.

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16 out of 30 people found the following review useful:

A disappointment

Author: cde298 from France
30 November 2012

I'm a fan of the first movie, even though I never played one of the games. And I was disappointed by Silent Hill 3D, mainly due to the weak plot, gratuitous violence, and bad dialog. Finally there is a pink bunny that shows up seemingly every ten minutes throughout the movie, for no reason at all. Why? The script writer generally added horror elements that have no connection to the general plot, and those elements are really cliché to the extreme (an Indian cemetery? so lame).

The amounts of gore are much higher than the original movie, but the lack of a mystery and no connection to the plot whatsoever leaves a feeling of emptiness. The actors go through their lines in a very unconvincing way, and the ending, well, is underwhelming to say the least.

In the end, Silent Hill 3D is a mediocre horror movie with violence that would fit more in a Saw movie, and really undeserving of the "Siling Hill" moniker. The only two good points that I can see (pun intended) are 1. the 3D and the visual effect and 2. the scene with the clown, quite chilling and well done.

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24 out of 46 people found the following review useful:

A Little Too Much Action, Not Enough Development

Author: Jae Mills from United States
25 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Silent Hill: Revelation is a fangirl's haven. They even referenced TRAVIS! I freaked the hell out!!

Granted, they changed quite a bit from the game and there were some things that were kinda "what?" with their changes.

(Full review and spoilers)

In the game, Harry is killed in their apartment when Heather gets back from her Nightmare at the mall. What drives her to Silent Hill is finding out WHY her father was killed and who she is. Vincent - you don't even really meet him until a third through the game, though I get why they introduced him like they did for the film. Then you have Douglas, who wasn't supposed to die that soon and actually helps Heather.

He didn't help her in the slightest, so his character was just kinda… there. And Claudia was the one that was supposed to actually off him after telling him what Heather was going to be used for. I was looking SO FORWARD to that!!

Some pros were that the movie starts out similarly to the game, with her dreaming that she's at the Lakeside Amusement Park. What got confusing, though, was that Nightmare!Silent Hill was so prevalent and there wasn't a lot of the typical Silent Hill (more on this later).

I will say that, this time, Pyramid Head made sense. He didn't make sense at all in the first one, considering he's in the second game (unrelated to the first and third games) and is the manifestation of James' inner turmoil. They switched his meaning around to have him in this film, but it worked and you can tell that it was really something for the fans - to have Pyramid Head portrayed as he was. As a fan, I DIDN'T MIND AND I LOVED THE TAKE.

There was a lot of action, which, while it's nice, it took away from the character development and the real dark feel of Silent Hill. The whole love of Silent Hill is being completely alone, trying to solve puzzles and figure out everything on your own, occasionally running into another person, but eventually just going your own way. That's what draws the fans to the series and why the first film was pretty damn good.

Look, I've been a Silent Hill fan since the first game was released in the 90s and I even own the Silent Hill Play Novel - I taught myself to read Japanese all so I could play that game. Maybe I'm being a bit harsh, but then again…. Like I said, there was a lot to put into one film from one of the best games in the series. It was an interesting take! And while I may not go to see it in theatres again, I will definitely be getting it when it comes out on DVD.

Oh! They also had about five different rearrangements of "Never Forget Me, Never Forgive Me," each sounding wickedly awesome and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn was singing the ending theme. That just *made* it for me. I love that they use Akira Yamaoka's music in it. The music really does give the feel of Silent Hill.

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

A really well made sequel

Author: Ivan De Leon from L.A., California
26 December 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is the kind of movie that stands on its own and if most opinions are to be accounted; also stands alone.

Even if 6 years have passed since the original movie was released, it outstandingly manages to preserve the atmosphere of the original movie (notice I didn't say game). A true and chronologically correct sequel to the first. It is the opinion of this humble mumbler that what don't seem to sit well with most is its artistic style. A style I just pulled from my head called the Del Toroesque art style. The stitched eyes, nose and mouth in the shape of a butt kind of style. The backward walking, grotesque creature. In this universe the creatures are a race of rage fueled abominations from souls of children to the superhuman, giant sickle wielding brute. If you like Del Toro's Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth, these movies are for you.

The cast of the first movie returns alongside newcomers Adelaide Clemens, GoTs Kit Harington and Matrixs Carrie-Anne Moss. I have come to be exposed to Adelaide Clemens through the fantastical show Rectify. She is a shape shifter. I honestly cannot come up with a more appropriate word for this phenomenal actor. She transforms and portrays her characters with such ease its unbelievable. An Aussie that does such an excellent southern accent that perfectly compliments her religious character in Rectify. A Midwest accent in Silent Hill and an English accent in Parade's End.

Its nice to see Kit Harington not covered in snow, shivering all the time and being dry humped by hot redheads. So, bravo! :D Who can forget Carrie-Anne Moss' kiss with Monica Bellucci in Matrix Reloaded, amIright?

I'm of the belief that this movie did worst review-wise than the first one because it rode the 3D bandwagon as it clearly stands out without the inherent negative perception that 3D releases have. I'm also of the belief that these movies are wrongly classified by peoples expectations which to me goes back to its style. A playful, twisted style carved out of Del Toros artistic psyche.

Definitely not a popcorn-with-the-entire-family kind of movie but a well done thriller in a supernatural universe.

Side note: cheap scares are to the atmosphere of the movie as being aware of dreaming is to dreams. It breaks the entire illusion and you are worst for it. Don't.

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