Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (2012) Poster

Plot Keywords

nightmare alternate reality
on the run 18th birthday
girl doppelganger
amulet circle of fire
immolation suspended by chains
city limits sign semi tractor trailer
sword fight wearing a mask
strapped to a gurney severed hand
carrying a woman choke hold
shackled gun held to head
crawling through a pipe severed head
bare breasts ash fall
wall dissolving coal mine fire
indian burial ground message in blood
screaming in fear terrified
elevator gear works
hanging upside down skinned alive
faceless man helium balloon
birthday cake clown
introducing one's self flickering light
new school hallucination
medallion talking to a reflection
no reflection in mirror pop tart
ring of fire hung from a hook
goldfish bowl stuffed animal
hooded figure carnival
camera shot of feet running for your life
transformation character's point of view camera shot
stabbed in the shoulder hand through chest
gun in mouth shot through the mouth
blood on camera lens mother son relationship
orphanage bare chested male
west virginia portland oregon
stabbed in the chest flashback
letter character repeating someone else's dialogue
snow hung upside down
disfigurement no opening credits
balloon school bus
returning character with different actor young version of character
character says i love you ferris wheel
slow motion scene scene after end credits
stabbed to death shot to death
shot in the chest pistol
written by director person on fire
stabbed in the back box office flop
critically bashed intestines
blood spatter false identity
female bully reference to twitter
reference to facebook homeless man
secret society burned at the stake
writing on a wall vivisection
toy rabbit scarification
blind man elevator shaft
bolt upright after nightmare stabbed in the eye
syringe gas mask
father daughter relationship newspaper clipping
pendant writing in blood
vagrant private investigator
abandoned mine abandoned town
missing father evil clown
shot in the head decapitation
giant spider burned alive
severed finger disembowelment
cannibalism near death experience
revenge motel
cliffhanger hitchhiking
high school fog
evil child asylum
disintegration ash
fire stabbed in the stomach
mirror church
dream within a dream dead fish
unexpected kiss severed arm
dismemberment gore
blood amusement park
merry go round carousel
vest mannequin
female frontal nudity adoptive father
new student birthday present
kidnapping adopted child
topless female nudity sexy nurse
3d sequel to 2d film 3 dimensional
another dimension occult ritual
occult mall
ghost town monster
female protagonist punctuation in title
based on video game three word title
digit in title sequel
second part surprise ending

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