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Probably the fastest 93 minutes of my life !
talanish26 April 2008
Wow - I had already read reviews of this movie, and with the writer being one of my favourite directors, Luc Besson, I just had to go see this movie as soon as possible...

I was not disappointed... I'm not sure if this was intentional but there were no trailers before the movie, so being thrown strait into the film unexpectedly with people whispering "is this it then ?" only helping build up some initial tension and excitement.

The film starts nicely, but with overtones of spy thrillers like "Day of the Jackal" coming to mind. Neeson seems a bit pityful at the start, but soon overturns that impression with a taste of his handywork after around ten minutes of the thriller.

Then, before you know it, it's over. 93 minutes, gone in a blur of fighting, fear, chasing and excitement at serious pace. The artwork and direction is nicely done, giving you the feeling of being the one attacking and the chair squirming feeling of being the poor gits who get annihilated in almost every way possible.

It was one of those films that I wanted to applause after the film, I actually clapped about three times, but no-one joined in... too afraid of being the only two people clapping I suppose...

Neeson was great, and I can't wait to see the movie many more times. I only gave it 9 out of 10, as it was too short ! The film could have been easily stretched to 2 hours in my opinion, with some more development and intimacy with the characters. But I guess this may have not made it so exciting... still, well worth the money to see this in the big screen.
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Neeson is the vodka of James Bond's martini
danube8313 July 2008
The most thrilling movie I've seen in a long time. Neeson is what we would fear if James Bond went to hell and came back for revenge (I doubt big budget Quantum of Solace will top this). I loved Jason Bourne; but where Bourne is confused for half the movie, Neeson is looking down a barrel of a pistol 3/4 of the time. In a three way spy battle, I would put Neeson edging out Bourne, who would be a step ahead of Bond.

Between the jaw-dropping action sequences was the subject matter of international trafficking, which was pretty miserable to watch. Although killing is wrong, death was never more satisfying to watch.
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brilliantly executed film
mitrismaster13 July 2008
First thing to say is, this is a great and fun movie from beginning to end. If you like the Bourne titles then you will love this movie. The fighting style and the way things get done is similar to Matt Damon's character and it doesn't get old and is interesting and great to watch throughout the whole film.

The movie has a similar plot to other action thrillers, but even though you may know the outcome, it is the journey that counts in this movie. It is the way he does what he does, the way that he fights and overcomes problems that draws you into the movie and makes this movie so great to watch.

Liam Neeson is such a great cast for the main character, he delivers an outstanding performance. I love to see an actor that can portray themself in anyway, a good guy or a bad guy and in this film he fights for his daughter and he will not stop for anything. You love to watch him seek revenge and feel for him the whole time, maybe just because its Liam Neeson, can you help yourself from loving this guy? He is such a great actor and shows himself as a badass with charm.

Great, great , greatness i loved this movie so much and had great fun watching it. If you love the bourne titles you must see this movie. All i can say is its so much fun to watch it, love it and go check it out.
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perfect high speed action
sc_dude21 April 2008
Just saw the movie in the sneak preview. First of all this movie will get a lot of those people who will whine about everything that is not realistic really (If you are one of those, you'll have a lot to whine about). But if you can just enjoy a movie as its intended to be and you appreciate some action this movie is near perfect. The main character is so pure and non complex. Finally an action movie that doesn't try to give some oddities to the characters to make them more interesting but just straightforward high speed action .

Watching this movie was a great experience and I was surprised that I could enjoy an action movie this much. My tip: sit down, enjoy the ride and don't moan about imperfections.
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It doesn't get much better.
StevinTasker9 January 2009
A no nonsense, kick the crap out of everyone who gets in your way action movie. Liam Neeson's character is the angry love child of Bourne,Bond and all the other pretenders put together. If I was asked to cast the movie I guess he wouldn't have been my first choice but having seen it I can't think of anyone else I'd rather have in the role. The fight choreography is bone crunchingly good. This is one kick ass flick and one I will definitely buy on DVD. There's little doubt who the bad guys are and they get a very satisfactory smack in the mouth - when they aren't being shot or electrocuted. This was made by people who like the genre and know how to get an action movie from A to Z. I can't help but giggle at those reviews that mention plot and probability in this kind of movie. What kind of movie did they think they were going to see?
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Surprising original exciting action movie
peggeltje9913 March 2008
I saw this movie tonight at the sneak preview and I was completely surprised and blown away. I went to see this movie with no expectations. In the beginning it seems that it was going to be an easy to watch movie, but after a short time it turned into a high-speed action movie. I found the story original and so did my friends. At some times I found it hard to watch, because of the drug abuse and violence. To know that these practices still occur also gave me a horrible feeling. I was completely taken away by this movie. At some points it was very very quiet in the cinema, because of the excitement, you wonder what is going to happen next. Some moments in the story I found a bit not convincing, but the rest of the movie makes up to that. Liam Neeson in one of his best performances. It had good action, a good story, some humor. There are also some sensitive / sentimental scenes. There are no plot twists. It is just a story being told. This is one of those movies which stay in your memory for a while and let you think about bad things that happen. The movie that had that same effect on me was Traffic (2000). Personally I think this movie is underrated, but maybe this is because it is new. I would give it 8/10.
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Surprinsingly good - definitely must see
Vlad C30 May 2008
I'm still under the influence of this movie, so my comment is likely to be superlative! I went to this movie, knowing that one of the writers and the director were both French, and since I've seen some not-so-impressive movies (almost fell asleep), i was really skeptical.

BUT this one proved to be a great action movie. The best movie to compare with Taken is Hit-man. The idea is somewhat the same (lots of action, shots, flying bullets etc) - though the motive for the actions are not money. But the level of realism, the motivation of the character, the cold blood which moves him on makes this flick a good option to choose when selecting a movie.

Liam Neeson does a great performance, perfectly interpreting his role of a former spy. As he says in one of his lines, he's "retired, but not dead", having an opportunity to show everyone what he knows to do best.

The movie covers a hot topic too, kidnapping young women to force them to prostitute, and all the business this involves. You get to see the kind of people are supporting these arrangements and what it takes for the victims to be there.

Of course, the movie has (very small, almost invisible) drawbacks, like some lines in a wrong language (english instead of french) and some Rambo - stuff, but the overall impression is simple: a strong recommendation!
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great movie, keeps you on edge of the seat!!
kvishal-u21 October 2012
I absolutely love these kind of movies. Taken is awesome when it comes to how fast the story moves and leaves the viewer thinking what next. The scenes are well shot, the movie is absorbing and acting simply superb, to the point and no nonsense. Liam Neeson does justice to his role as a retired CIA agent trying to get his daughter back. By the time the movie finished I wanted more and thankfully we now have Taken 2 coming, just hoping its as good as the original one.

It appears that story has been written keeping Neeson in mind because he fits the role in a very natural way. All in all, great movie and if you are into action thrillers then this is the movie for you, and if not then go and watch this, maybe you will become a thriller buff.
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Daddy knows best and France is dangerous
ntsci2 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This silly but very violent bit of non-sense could be summed up neatly as daddy knows best and France is dangerous. Not much else to the story.

Basically a girl from a well off background gets trapped into the sex slavery market through kidnapping and drugs, while visiting Paris.

The Daddy is some sort of superman super spy who now works as a body guard. He knows all about the world and was immediately worried when his daughter set off to spend some time in Europe with a friend. He knows how dangerous the world is and of course, in the traditional Daddy knows best theme... it turns out that France IS a dangerous country. So, then daddy turns into superman secret agent and kicks butt all over Europe.

If you don't mind pointless violence, like French bashing, the obligatory Arabic sounding bad guys, or if you think that outrage over a daughters abduction justifies torture, murder and other atrocities (shoting some French cop's wife) than, well, perhaps this is your film.

Personally I vacillated between laughing at the stupidity of the premise, thrilled at the display of martial arts, and at the same time disgusted over the film's violence.

Regarding the stupidity of the premise, I should explain that there is a terrible irony in the depiction of Europe as dangerous when the murder rate is 3.6 times higher in the US than in France. In addition, sexual slavery often involves importing 3rd world women into the US (and into France for that matter); not kidnapping well off US kids in France.
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A thrilling movie and Neeson at his best !
l_dura_lex_sed_lex_l27 February 2008
Gone to see Liam Neeson, I've just seen a great movie. Much action, some American humour (you Americans don't take it too serious, and that's just as pleasant taht way !), a Liam Neeson at the top of his art and as a background a very hard subject that makes you think about it (procuring). I don't know how the critics are reacting in USA, but in France they are vilifying this movie. So, whatever your American critics are saying, just do as usual : don't listen to them ! And enjoy this ninety-minutes show. Regarding Liam Neeson... Well, I am a huge fan, thus I can't be unbiased. Yet, I found his interpretation very convincing, he is still the same : one of the best actors ever, along with... Hum, I'll stop there, don't want to be controversial. Have a good sitting ! By the way, do excuse me for any mistake I could've made, as I'm French (I imagine you could've guessed it, since we are the lucky ones who are the first to be able to see this film !).
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Who needs luck when you can break a guy's arm in three places?
happyendingrocks24 June 2009
Since the entire plot of this film is given away in the masterfully delivered trailer, it's not divulging anything to say that Taken is a modern-day revenge thriller. This presents an interesting experiment, actually. Considering that there aren't really any surprises to be found in Taken, beyond those we were offered in the pre-release snippet, are splendidly realized action sequences enough to carry this film? The answer here is a resounding "yes". Taken may be a simple film, but it's not simplistic, and even though the first third of it is spent recapping what we knew going in, the second and third acts here deliver enough thrills and action to make this film riveting, even if we know exactly where it's going.

By setting the chase within the ultra-sleazy world of human trafficking, which we secretly hope is just a media creation, but know deep inside that this reprehensible and inhumane phenomenon is a reality, the film is propelled by a sense of urgency that isn't present in most revenge films. Liam Neeson's daughter isn't "Dead", she's "Taken", so his race against the ticking stopwatch tracking her probable fate provides enough tension to diffuse any disappointment in knowing exactly what's going to happen here.

The selling point here is how deftly Liam Neeson hacks his way through a bevy of Albanian baddies. Neeson is untested as an action star, but watching him maneuver his way through the sea of detritus here, we're left hoping that he's got a franchise in him.

The film may not have the intricacies of the expertly crafted Bourne films (although, like every action film made since Bourne appeared on the screen, the fight scenes here owe an obviously rich debt to Matt Damon's antics), but the gritty and realistic path Neeson carves to get to his stolen daughter is sufficient to deliver the promise implied by the fantastic trailer.

You don't have to be a parent to understand and sympathize with Liam's plight here, and there is a morbid but exhilarating sense of release in seeing the evil empire pay for its transgressions. Sometimes morally complex, ambiguous studies of man's desire for revenge are too preachy to be entertaining. Taken doesn't really care if you like Liam Neeson or wonder if he's doing the right thing by flagrantly taking the law into his own hands; the film just wants you to strap yourself in and enjoy the tidings as he hands out beat-downs all over Paris.

This film doesn't want you to think. Like Neeson's character quickly realizes, thinking is often not a luxury present in dire circumstances like these. Action is what counts, and for those who miss the era of the lean, mean 85-minute skull-crack fest, Taken will re-conjure the giddy thrills of watching Dudikoff, Seagal, and Van-Damme chomp through a slew of B-Movie terrorists. Having an Oscar-caliber actor delivering the judo chops only sweetens the pot.

Forget about Oscars, plot points, or coherence. This dude's daughter has been kidnapped, and he's a former government agent trained to make bad guys' lives a living hell. Do you want to see him find his daughter and take down the scum who took her? Of course you do. Even reading this review is over-analyzing it.
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very good popcorn flick, could've been even better
wuzzadaly12 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I went with very few expectations, despite being a fan of Neeson and Besson. I came out pleasantly surprised. The film is very much in the Bourne trilogy mold - Neeson's character is a been-there-seen-it-all former CIA agent who knows all the tricks and is also a dab hand at dispatching henchmen quickly and effectively.

Another reviewer (while giving the movie 1/10) noted all the clichés in the movie. That is true, pretty much everyone is a composite of previous action movie stock characters. The acting is pretty wooden at times, and Neeson's American accent (as usual) doesn't overly impress.

I say above "could've been even better" and sadly it does seem like this was an opportunity missed to make a movie that would challenge Bourne. Sadly it falls short there. The action is excellent, Neeson is a very believable tough guy, though the audience I watched it with laughed towards the end when his character takes on almost-superhuman powers.

The film offers a very brief glimpse into the world of sex traffickers but you get the sense that Neeson's character doesn't care about any of these women except his daughter. I think in the end that saves the movie - Neeson doesn't try to save the world, he only wants to save one person and will do pretty much anything to achieve that.

Highly recommended, but don't expect any daring social commentary, just sit back and enjoy, while wondering why Liam Neeson has never tried his hand at any role of this sort before.
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Never Boring, Always Exciting
alipardiwala14 April 2009
This movie had me excited from since I had read reviews on IMDb about it, and it did not disappoint. This is a fast paced thriller that had me gripped till the end, with great elements of action, a bit of gore, a lot of suspense, and all in all a fun movie that was completely worth the 90 minutes.

Liam Neeson once again proves himself to be up there among the best with another brilliant performance and this one has really made me a big fan of his work, especially after great performances recently in Batman Begins, and voice roles in Narnia and Fallout 3. All through the movie he gives you the impression that he is not one to be messed with, and makes the action sequences look absolutely fantastic. The next Bond? Although a bit old, he would fit into the role brilliantly seeing as how easily he carried it through in Taken.

All in all, a great movie, and one I'd recommend to anyone who loves a good action thriller... Nine out of Ten
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Step aside Bond and Bourne... Niam is better !
Jose Guilherme23 October 2008
Yes, its only an action movie; Yes, the script has more holes than the victims of the main character! Yes, Neeson's rampage in Paris is very implausible; Yes, its not Oscar material... no great acting.

Still... its a very good movie. I gave it a solid 8. I left the movie feel very satisfied... its that kind of movie that is fun and thrilling and brainless at the same time. Doesn't get tiresome. When its outrageous its funny... when the action gets going you feel right in it all.

When you finish seeing the movie you do wonder why Bond and Bourne aren't as macho or mean. Niam's character Bryan("B" letter too) beats up baddies way better and he looks more scary and real somehow than those other pansy agents.
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Liam Neeson at his Finest!
Robert Jamieson22 October 2014
Although the film has a few illogical moments where something will happen which should have killed Neeson but who cares? This film is AMAZING! When I first saw this movie I knew that it was one of my favourite to date, there was never a dull moment, something was always happening at the acting was surprisingly good for a movie made to be the next big action thriller.

From start to end I loved every second, it had a run time that fit the movie brilliantly and the story was really captivating. The film managed to take a overprotective father concerned that his daughter is never safe and turn him into a bad-ass on a vengeful rescue mission after she gets 'Taken'.

Overall I think it would be criminal to give this film any less than a well deserved nine, it could have been ten but there were some problems with it in the logic department which slightly took me out of it for a few seconds.
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Liam Neeson... so cool in this.
Just-Being-Me7 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I think this film is brilliant. I love it. It was interesting and enjoyable to watch from start to finish. The second Taken wasn't as good but this first one was a top film and the famous saying Liam says in the film is so cool and makes the character seem cooler.

This film is brilliantly planned and the main actor... Liam.. is great at playing the part of a retired agent who is also a loving father. It is one of my best films. Usually with films like this i lose interest more or less half way through but this draws you in and makes you want to watch the film all the way through, it never got boring.

This film definitely deserves a 9 out of 10.
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Exciting and thrilling action drama!
OllieSuave-00710 January 2014
Liam Seesom stars as a a retired CIA agent who travels across Europe to find his kidnapped, estranged daughter. He has to rely on his skills and wit to rescue his daughter from the kidnappers, who are trafficking young girls for prostitution.

This film gives the notion as to what highs and lows a father would go through in order to save the ones he love and it is intriguing to see all his methods and skills of survival he utilizes on his mission.

Trying to find somebody in a foreign city of millions makes you feel the suspense and eerie of being in a foreign country, where you know almost no one and where you do not know your surroundings - everybody and everything is a stranger to you. This just makes this rescue mission even more thrilling.

Overall, a very entertaining and non-stop action film that is a must-see.

Grade A-
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A rather amazing film
Charles Pepperrell11 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Taken, what can I say about Taken?

Taken follows ex-cop Liam Neesson in his adventure in locating his daughter (Maggie Grace) who has, as the name suggests, been 'taken'. Liam is sent across the sea to Paris to locate her as she was kidnapped not days before she became a victim of female trafficking. With Liam already p****d off enough as it is, he fights his way through Paris to find his missing girl. And whilst the story seems like a pessimistic tale of a heartbroken father searching for his daughter, it really isn't just that! The action elements of the movie are truly compelling, whilst I was tempted to go and grab for my tea on the floor below my sofa, I simply could not. Every chance Liam had at smashing heads into the wall or quite simply teaching them a lesson, he did it with such might and fury (not for the faint-hearted), so missing a second would be enough to miss it all.

So in conclusion, the father did succeed in finding his daughter in the end, and they did live on, but as a consequence to killing all those people to get to his daughter: all the relatives sent out to kill him in the sequel Taken 2. But I think we can all agree that T2 can be a film we can just forget about with it's quite simply: sloppy story and confusing motive. It was just a disaster on many levels.
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Fast paced action. Intense, suspenseful and thrilling. Liam is great.
k-dhesi22 December 2008
TAKEN, a great action packed thriller that will not disappoint you. first the action leaves you at the edge of your seat and gives you that rush! and it just never stop, it's a huge thrill ride that leaves you eager and makes your heartbeat. A simple but good idea executed well by the director. It does more then enough to keep you entertained. It get's very intense and thrilling at times too. (partically one scene) A movie with intense non stop action through out. What more could you want?

A definite must see, again should be up with the best of them this year such as dark knight etc.Liam Neeson did superbly in his role as an ex spy who is professionally trained to kill, to go save his daughter KIM (Maggie Grace) the length of the movie could be longer but it's still a decent amount of time as the action never stops. this movie (taken) by far takes the spot of this years quantom of solace. overall if your looking for a really fast paced action packed, thrill ride go see TAKEN.
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A crime against human intellect
Helena Vladi26 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I've never written a review before, but this movie angered me so much I felt it's my civic duty to protest.

The movie is so full of clichés and unrealistic it's unbelievable it was made by adults. Apparently, we're supposed to derive some kind of psychological gratification from the Freudian symbols of innocence, fatherly love, superhuman strength and righteousness. It actually reminds me of the fantasies I had when I was 8.

Here's the plot: a rich, spoiled American virgin girl goes to Paris with a friend and gets abducted by Albanians and sold into sex slavery. Luckily, her daddy happens to be a ex-CIA agent and tracks them down effortlessly, kills and tortures them in a blood-curdling fashion and gets to his daughter just before she gets her throat slit by the evil (yet also stupid looking so you can still feel good about yourself), toad-like sheik. On his way, daddy makes a such a spectacle of killing and torturing people that it makes you wonder whether anyone would take so much trouble if no third party was watching. He doesn't even spare people who are innocent and are unlucky enough to get in his way. Like the wife of a French agent involved in the mess, whom Neeson shoots in the arm, because her husband refuses to give him information on St-Claire. (Meanwhile, their kids have been tucked into bed 5 minutes ago yet they don't seem to wake up. Yep, totally.)

All the circumstances are miraculously in Neeson's favor. His daughter is talking to him on the phone when she gets abducted. (otherwise, how would he know? Most victims of sex slavery are poor East European girls who don't have cell-phones, which would be too boring). Also, she's standing in the bathroom from where she can see her friend being abducted first, so daddy has enough time to instruct her how to hide and to shout out the details of their complexion while being dragged away (at which she miraculously succeeds, despite her panic and the struggle she puts up).

Also, multiple men can apparently easily get into a hotel room and abduct two girls, but Neeson has to use Spiderman skills to get inside. Well, thank God the bas relief of the wall was adjusted to his height exactly; otherwise, the movie would have ended there.

Another point that disturbed me very much is Neeson indifference to the scores of other girls who have been drugged and raped by Albanians. Apparently, the PRINCIPLE of sex slavery doesn't concern him, just the fact that it happens to HIS daughter.

In the end, Neeson returns with his daughter to America, with only a broken arm after fighting hundreds of heavily-armed men. Also, he has no trouble leaving France after killing each and every one of them. (France must be a Third World country). Everyone is happy and his ex-wife has to admit he's not such a loser after all. Every Freudian fascination has been satisfied trice over.

This movie does absolutely no justice to Eastern Europeans (all Albanians are shown as stupid scum and we're supposed to gloat seeing them being electrocuted), and above all, the REAL victims of modern sex slavery. I could write a lot more about this piece of garbage but I think I've made my point now. Thank you for your attention.
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Excellent film, much like Man on Fire
mark-fullam25 July 2008
Just watched this film and have to say, very good in the scheme of things. The film is quite slow at the beginning as others have said, however it quickly gathers pace. The way the script introduces you to the characters is excellent and its only when you see Liam Neeson tackling a crazed fan that you think he is an excellent choice in the lead role, in fact he carries it off very well. I wasn't too sure on Holly Valance as the pop singer, but as the number of scenes she is in are fairly minimal its OK. Action sequences are very well shot and you can tell Luc Besson had his hand in this. To this end, the overall film has an excellent pace which keeps you very well entertained. It has the same sort of storyline as Man on Fire so if you liked that film, then you will definitely like this. I would say its probably slightly better with the direction and cinematography being just a bit classier. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend you seeing this. 7/8 out of 10
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Of all the women we kidnap, we happen to nab the one with a deadly spy as a father....just our luck...
diac2281 February 2010
Remember that time period when Hollywood used to release incredible action/thriller movies in an orderly pace? Neither do I. What used to be a great trend to participate in back in the 90s (Terminator 2, Speed, Face-Off, The Rock, Con Air, Die Hard: With a Vengeance, Jurassic Park, The Mummy, The Matrix, Bad Boys, Under Siege, True Lies, Desperado, Clear and Present Danger, The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, Saving Private Ryan, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction) suddenly became a distant memory, as the 2000s served very few decent Hollywood thrillers. Instead, we have to head overseas to find them. The 2000s consisted of many surprise-surprise excellent European actioneers with Hot Fuzz, Run Lola Run, Transporter, Kiss of the Dragon, Unleashed, and this superb flick.

What happens nowadays is that Hollywood is scaling back its amount of action in order to make the extra money. In the first paragraph, 15 of the 19 movies I mentioned from the 90s were rated-R. In other words, they did not care about the PG-13 rating. Now, nearly every action movie must hit the PG-13 barrier. Even the fourth Die Hard was edited to not reach rated-R (which was a Die Hard staple). To add to that movies from overseas (like this one) become edited in the States in order to hit the weaker and friendlier PG-13. But don't let that stop you. Taken is one of the most vicious PG-13 movies you'll ever see, and you'll enjoy every minute of its inability to cut back on the gruesomeness. It sounds barbaric, I know, but if you truly want to see what good action used to look like from the studios of Tinseltown, look no further than this excellent effort.

Luc Besson and his talented filming crew provide yet another gripping story to sink your teeth into. This time it's about a retired spy (Liam Neeson) who searches all of Europe in order to find his kidnapped daughter (Maggie Grace). He is given a small time frame, since his daughter is about to be sold into the deep, disgusting, and grueling underworld of sex trafficking. The movie starts off with Bryan, the spy, trying to adjust to a life without espionage, and the rest is just a wild roller coaster ride containing plentiful action scenes and fight after fight. Written by Besson and Robert Mark Kamen, Taken provides a healthy dosage of father-daughter sentimentality as well as provide an insight into a dangerous illegal world not seen often in movies.

But it's not just the delightful taste of gunfire, fights, and chases that maintains the entertainment in Taken. Liam Neeson does an excellent job portraying the retired spy. While there are indeed great action stars, very few of them are excellent actors as well. Liam Neeson can proudly say he fits both billings, as his version of a spy is just as cold and calculating as even Daniel Craig's James Bond. Most amazing fact is that he is over 55 years of age. While Jason Bourne remains the most lethal of all the movie character spies in the last decade, Bryan isn't too far behind. While everyone else in the movie delivers decent performances, it's Neeson that runs and carries the show with a mix of emotion, determination, and rage.

Pierre Morel directs this movie well, by keeping the action within a decent view, maintaining good pacing, and also allowing for the actors to breathe out a scene when more emotion is involved. The fights themselves are brutal, and not held back in the least bit. You will feel every blow, you will chuckle at every clever maneuver and trick, and sometimes even jump in surprise as to what's happening. The movie is quite cold, as sometimes you'll forget that Bryan is the good guy, especially in moments where innocent people are within the crosshairs. Like Jason Bourne in The Bourne Supremacy, it's at times difficult to root for Neeson when he involves people that well….aren't really involved. But that feeling is quickly vanquished when you see him waste the next sap that is part of the sex trafficking ring.

Bottom Line: This movie proves multiple things: Neeson can be an action star at a relatively old age, Europe is suddenly a rising force in the action/thriller genre, and also that you don't need fancy CGI or special effects to craft a good movie that will also lead to good money. Taken quietly emerged as the top action film of 2009, and becomes another great film with Luc Besson's stamp on it (The Fifth Element, Unleashed, Transporter, Nikita, Leon). The movie has the trills and the tension, but also has the heart that is sorely missing in most mainstream action films. You will cheer this movie on as it delivers with a great storyline, great acting, and just an overall satisfying cinematic package.

Did I already mention that Liam Neeson is 57 years old?
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Next time Liam Neeson says "I will find you and kill you", you better watch out!
Kristine4 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
As you all know I am very rarely wrong(note the sarcasm, lol), well this is one of those cases where I was extremely wrong. When I saw the trailer for the movie Taken, I thought "Oh, great, another 'surprising and suspenseful' thriller that will I'm sure be the ending we never saw coming", after all I've seen way too many of those movies. But after so many positive reviews of this movie I decided to go ahead and give it a fair shot. I adore Liam Neeson, but when I heard the role that he took as a deadly agent that you don't wanna mess with, I was in question. I tell you, this movie took me by complete and total surprise, this was a great movie. The story is something that we've seen a million times before, but what made this movie more special then the others are the fantastic performances and script that made this into an exciting and intense thriller.

Bryan Mills is a retired CIA operative from their elite Special Activities Division. He describes his former job as being a "preventer," but has recently retired in Los Angeles solely in order to be close to his 17-year-old daughter Kim who now lives with his ex-wife Lenore and her new wealthy husband Stuart. Mills discovers that Kim wants to take a holiday trip to Paris, with her friend Amanda. Despite his initial concerns about the trip, Mills allows her to go, later discovering that their actual plan is to travel around Europe following the band U2. Arriving at the Paris airport, Kim and Amanda meet a Frenchman named Peter, who offers to share a taxi with them to their apartment. When they arrive, Amanda reveals to Peter that she and Kim are unsupervised, because her family is in Spain. Peter invites the two girls to a party; Kim is reluctant, but Amanda, who is sexually attracted to Peter, hastily agrees. In the house, Kim receives a phone call from her father, which she answers in the bathroom. From the bathroom window, she sees men entering the main room and abducting Amanda. Mills is able to gain critical information about the kidnappers in the final moments after Kim is kidnapped by telling her to shout out everything about them that she notices. Briefly, Mills talks to one of the kidnappers, warning him that unless Kim is released, he will pursue him and kill him.

Seriously, I'm so glad that I was wrong about this movie, I couldn't tell you how many times I had my hands over my face or cheered or screamed during this movie, it was so exciting. Liam Neeson, I couldn't believe how scary he was, I've seen him in tough guy roles before but just the delivery of the line "I will find you and kill you" was delivered so perfectly, just calm, cold and confident. I just loved how the bad guy said "good luck", yeah, he wasn't as confident when Liam popped up in to get his revenge. Another thing about this movie that I absolutely loved is that it wasn't one of those "big twist" endings that are so stupid and predictable, this was just one of those "in the wrong place at the wrong time" situations. I highly recommend Taken if you get the chance to see it, it's exciting and a great movie. Liam is one dude you do not want to mess with.

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Great film!
tr915 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I hadn't heard much about this film but it was on TV one day and I decided to watch it. I have now seen this film about 5 times and it is one of my favourites.

It is full of non-stop action, shooting, fighting, car chases, you name it, this film has it. A 90 minute thrill ride. So gripping, leaving you speechless at how good the action on screen is.

Liam Neeson is brilliant, he was born to play the role of Bryan Mills and he executed his role to perfection. Maggie Grace as his daughter was also good. The plot was fairly simple and a little bit predictable but the action was just amazing. Bryan Mills went to extreme measures to get his daughter back, you just knew he would do it, no matter how long it took and no matter how many risks he had to take. It was exhilarating, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen.

It was a short lived film but I think that made it better, it just hit the spot perfectly. It was breathtaking. I could watch this film any time and it would still be great. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

We're also left with one of the greatest quotes from a film - Bryan Mills "I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you." to which the villain replies down the phone "Good luck." - This is so memorable and really sets the film up for a thrilling ride.

Overall, one of the best films I have ever seen. 10/10.
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When Americans leave America, bad things happen...
Jonotheintrepid21 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
To save you the time in either watching this film or reading my critique of it, here is a brief summary: This film is the worst film I have ever seen. This film is atrocious. This film is so unbelievably awful that all the writers, directors, producers and cast that worked on it should be sent to the Hague and tried for crimes against humanity.

In the first chapter of this film, three facts are established:

1. There exists a man. He's pretty tough. 2. He loves his daughter very much. 3. Aforementioned daughter is going to Paris.

In order to establish these three facts, which any competent writer or director could do in about ten minutes, the film takes over half an hour, quite possibly the most laborious half an hour in cinematic history.

As soon as the daughter reaches Paris, she is of course kidnapped. Literally AS SOON. So there is a sudden escalation in pace that doesn't leave the watcher thinking "WOW, I didn't see that coming" or "Wo, what a skillful escalation in pace" but simply "OH Jesus Christ SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD THANK GOD THAT SOMETHING FINALLY HAPPENED!" This sudden plot "twist" of course makes the liberal mother and fat, short stereotypically wealthy stepfather look villainous and the absurdly-paranoid-to-the-degree-that-he-should-seek-professional-help father, who believes his daughter is safer in Los Angeles than Paris, becomes the all-knowing hero.

And of course the CIA can detect from a tiny and poor-quality voice sample the hometown of any speaker. So we learn that the daughter has been kidnapped by an Albanian gang who intend to sell her into sex slavery. This is of course the point where the film ceases to be just bad and becomes outright immoral: people trafficking with the intent of prostitution is a real and tangible problem in Europe and indeed all over the world (if you want to see an actually worthy film that deals with the issue I suggest "Eastern Promises", "Dirty Pretty Things" or "Spare Parts"). Making it the subject of a Hollywood action film in which the American hero overcomes all the odds to rescue his daughter is insulting to those women who have actually been in this situation. Particularly appalling is the scant disregard that our "hero" shows for the wellbeing of any of the other women. It left me questioning "is it supposed to be ironic? morally ambiguous? No, it's just a film that chose a very sensitive and inappropriate subject for a formula-produced action movie.

As the film continues we are given more and more ridiculous scenes that insult our intelligence. One particularly stupid oversight comes when the hero walks into a brothel posing as a Parisian police officer and the villains show absolutely no suspicion of his being impostor, despite the fact that he talks exclusively in English.

And the most ridiculously appalling scene comes at the very end. The girl is safe as she returns from Paris to Los Angeles. Finally, back in America, where everyone's safe! In spite of murdering and torturing so many people and shooting the wife of a leading Parisian police officer, our hero steps off the plane with absolutely no problems. Despite her best friend's death and a terrible ordeal, the girl is happy and shows no signs of trauma whatsoever. And in spite of the thousands of women who suffer in sex slavery every day of their lives, a plight which this film does absolutely nothing to enlighten the world on, we are made to believe this is a happy ending.

This film is an insult to my continent and my intelligence, and a mockery of so many people who suffer in silence.

But I'm European, so of course, I'm an evil people-trafficker n'all...
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