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(I) (2008)

Plot Keywords

agent cia
france albanian
rescue prostitution
stepfather protective father
protective male mini dress
voyeur voyeurism
sexual violence sexual assault
woman in jeopardy white slavery
sex slave sexploitation
female exploitation lasciviousness
misogynist bound and gagged
girl in panties white panties
blonde bikini
lingerie scantily clad female
cleavage firearm pointed at the camera
dark hero shot at the camera
killed in an elevator teenage abduction
panties tied to a chair
albanian mafia horse
thong secret agent
forced prostitution woman crying
woman trafficking arc de triomphe paris
blood splatter car crashes into building
unsubtitled foreign language tough guy
hit with a fire extinguisher wrapping a present
teenage daughter syringe
sony shot multiple times
horse riding milkshake
product placement private jet
poker orchid
lunch date loud music
listening device kiss on the cheek
karaoke machine intravenous
id badge hot wiring a car
home movie government corruption
eiffel tower paris driving through fire
construction site city night scape
chinese carryout food cherry
birthday song birthday present
binoculars barbecue
audi one man army
electric torture violence
vigilantism teenage girl
stabbing slaughter
shooting sex trafficking
politics paris france
obscene finger gesture neck breaking
jacket international politics
gun french secret service
flashback fight
fearlessness ex cia agent
disappearance determination
degradation death
chase cell phone
brothel blood
tortured to death female in bra and panties
righteous rage martial arts
human trafficking one word title
virginity trapped in an elevator
translation tied to a bedpost
thrown off a balcony tattoo
tape recorder surveillance
strangulation stealing a car
stabbed in the leg stabbed in the chest
stabbed in the arm spit in the face
shot to death shot through a window
shot in the stomach shot in the shoulder
shot in the leg shot in the forehead
shot in the chest shot in the back
shot in the arm shootout
sex trade screaming
punched in the face prostitute
pop star pistol whip
overturning car needle
murder knife
kicked in the face kicked in the crotch
kicking in a door karaoke
jumping off a bridge jumping through a window
impersonating a police officer immigrant
hit in the throat hit by a truck
hiding under a bed held at gunpoint
handcuffed to a pipe foot chase
father daughter relationship falling from height
extortion explosion
ex husband ex wife relationship elevator
electrocution drug addiction
dragging a dead body slamming a door
divorced couple deception
cut arm corruption
corpse concert
climbing through a window chase on a boat
champagne car crash
car chase camera phone
broken mirror boat
birthday party auction
attempted murder abduction
torture revenge
kidnapping bodyguard
title spoken by character

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