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Very Enjoyable if you take it for what it is.
kcdl2 August 2009
I'm totally surprised by the amount of negative comments made about Chuck. though at the same time the good comments are very good.

I half wonder if the negative comments comments are because people are watching it in the mode of "This is comedy why aren't I laughing every single second".

I agree the show isn't laugh-a-minute. However I think it far more than that. I once heard this show described as "joyous" and I think that is a perfect description. This is a show that should produce joy rather than laughter. Laughter is reflexive and ephemeral while joy is more lasting and requires sympathy for the characters.

I enjoy the show because I love the characters. They may seem to be clichés but the are all archetypes in new contexts. We not only have meek nerds in dangerous situation but train killers in mundane situations.

I love watching these characters trying to adjust to these environments that are alien to them.

The other thing I like is that there is forward movement in nearly every episode especially in season 2. I'm so sick of shows that are stand alone bad-guy-of-the-week. Chuck has a clear story arch. It is a very plot driven show and secondarily a character driven show. The script is a formality much like Star Wars.

Really it is a classic story about man who is being forced to be the man he is meant to be. Chuck has the potential to be a hero but years as a lowly computer store clerk have obliterated his self confidence.

On the flip side it is the story of a girl who has been running around saving the world and just wants a normal life.

I guess if you don't have sympathy for the character you will never understand what is great about this show. It is FAR more than a bunch of spy clichés.

Another thing I love is the chemistry between Chuck and Sarah. It is more than just sexual tension the to characters are actually in love. This makes things a bit different to the usual sexual tension theme where the boy is trying to get the girl to like him. We know they like each other from the start. It is merely the circumstance that keeps them apart. This raises the stakes of the story arch of chuck trying to get the intersect out of his head.

In summary I believe you enjoy it more if you don't think of it as a purely as a comedy but as journey for the main characters.
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Action packed, Smart, Hilarious, Sexy show.
kwanbis1 November 2009
Chuck is one of my favourite shows so far.

The action is very good.

Comedy is excellent, not too overacted.

Yvonne Strahovsky is the sexiest agent on TV by far.

All the episodes are very much different, so you don't get bored.

It looks like all is in place for a hell of a show.

I hope NBC does not let it die.

By the way, i'm non-American Spanish-speaker, and i still love the show, not like others that are very much "american humor", like 30 rock which i can not stand a minute (this is just an example), so i'm confident it would be loved from people all over the world.
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Chuck is like either love it or hate it. I LOVE IT!
Fear Cheol11 August 2009
A lot of people who watch Chuck forget that they are watching a action/comedy. The people who think that its supposed to be solely comedy will be disappointed because they think they're supposed to be laughing the whole time. These people aren't the fans....

People who get offended by its portrayal of its action/sci-fi side are offended because it doesn't thrill them like most shows like Dexter or Supernatural do. Its not supposed to do that either. These people aren't the fans....

People who are able to see the key factor of this show.... the simple care-free enjoyment that puts a smile on your face when they watch chuck. Who can see behind the unrealistic plot and cliché characters to the amazing morals and ethics that only this type of show can have. People who can just sit back and indulge in the charming epicness of Chuck. These people ARE the fans!

And i am one of them.

If you are a rationalist, don't watch......ever.

But if you have an open-mind and have even a hint of empathy then this is the show for YOU
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Is this show the greatest show currently on television?
Pillowfightgayness9 September 2009
I would like to explain to you what makes this show worth watching.

There are 3 main reasons.

1. The plot: to sum it up in one word "amazing" How the creators came up with this idea ill never know but it is great, a totally unique and might I add awesome idea for a TV show, The mix of the drama and the comedy in the show is just stunning major kudos to the writers

2. The characters: Every single character on this show is great. whether Im watching Casey lay out some serious fighting skills, or watching Captain Awesome be...well, awesome it always has my attention

3. The relationship between Chuck and Sarah: Last but definitely not least the element that most makes the show worth watching. Their chemistry rivals that of another great TV couple *cough* J.D and Elliot *cough*. They play off of each other so well that it makes me really believe that Yvonne Strahovski really is a super sexy C.I.A agent and Zachary Levi is just some "nerd" that happened to land the hottest women on the face of the planet in the most bizarre sort of way. I love Chuck and Sarah.

So to answer my question, Yes this really is the greatest show currently on television, I haven't been this obsessed with a show since I first set eyes on Scrubs. If you have not seen this show or you've seen a little and are skeptical about it, Just watch it you will not be disappointed.
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great show!very funny!
Vishak Elisaus17 August 2009
I think this is the only TV show that had me hooked after just the first episode...I've watched a lot of TV shows and i would have to say that this is definitely the funniest of them...everyone has a different sense of humor..the previous post mentioned that this show wasn't funny...shocking to me..but oh well..people are different...humor aside, it's action packed and has it's serious moments (well serious until chuck arrives on the scene)...the fact that he doesn't mean to be funny makes it even funnier(if that makes any sense)...there's also some love triangle stuffs which in fact is one of the main things that makes you wanna keep watching(well.. me anyway)..I really do recommend watching this series(not one a week..just get the DVD and watch one episode after the other..makes it more enjoyable)..
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Chuck is the most magnificent show on television
struggle6725 February 2009
Chuck is the most entertaining show on TV. It's shot well and the writing is smart and quick. The acting is superb from the extras to the main characters.The story is dramatic and visionary where the character dynamics can be turned on a dime. Love and romance, an agent searching for a good fight, an average guy tossed into the world of espionage; this show has it all.

You will laugh and cry, rejoice and be frustrated because of character depth and great acting. All the characters are lovable and relatable.

NBC has found a hero in Chuck, who as a typical guy, inspires us to be better. The creed of the show is to take care of your family and friends. Simply Chuck calls to do right even in tough times.

It's certainly a show that will keep you on your toes throughout. Without a doubt this is the best show I've ever seen.

At first I was skeptical but after two or three episodes I was hooked because its funny and exciting with a great story to it. I implore you to take a chance on Chuck, trust me its worth it. Regardless of anything else there is nothing else on TV like it.
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Best show on TV
kknott26 March 2009
I have a DVR and rarely watch shows the day they are recorded, the exception to this, is Chuck.

The best thing about this show is it's uniqueness. Most other shows on TV right now are cast from a few different molds. You have Cop / CSI dramas, reality shows (which are really getting stale), medical drams, and situational comedies. The closest you can compare this show to is Get Smart crossed with Alias crossed with Moonlighting added to a great work place comedy. Depending on which episode you watch there will be differing levels of comedy, drama, action, and even romance.

The amazing acting ability of Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski, is a pleasure to watch.
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Chuck = Best Drama-dy on Television
Sidney Caning16 March 2009
Out of all of the shows on television, I would have to say that without a doubt, Chuck is the best show. It has the Perfect blend of drama and comedy. It is one of those shows that only gets better with time and I am hoping, no no, I am praying that Chuck gets a third season. Each one of the actors/characters brings something special to the show that makes it a huge success. Zachary Levi is a hilarious actor and he and Yvonne Strahovski have amazing chemistry. Adam Baldwin is always there to keep the show in line and his quirky one lines are perfectly timed. I hope they are given the chance to prove to the world that they are worth it!
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Chuck Finale
ArrrMadeus28 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, for starters. Chuck has always been one of those shows that no matter where you pop in to it, it will be an exciting television show. Chuck offers a lot of fun, it offers you comedy, drama, and there are a lot of touching moments throughout the show. I, as a male, can honestly say that the Finale has made me cry like a baby. I have loved this show since the beginning of its airing, and there is nothing I want more than this show to continue. Unfortunately, I don't think it's going to be continued; but they may make a movie about it. If none of you have watched Chuck, or gave up on it, I suggest you continue, (or start), watching the show. It's a touching show, it's by far number one in the top ten most amazing shows, it HAS to be. When you watch the Series finale, you'll be tearing up.
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The greatest American action comedy TV series
Odd Henriksen10 November 2008
Chuck is in my opinion, beyond any doubt, the funniest and the overall most entertaining American TV series on the air in 2008.

I do however not believe it is amongst the most "universal" in regards to what target audience it's ideally suited for. While not having any demographic numbers or survey results to refer to, I honestly believe it has a greater appeal to men than to women, although I do know both female and male fans of the series.

Chuck is basically an interesting and hilarious blend of comedy and action. It does not imitate other series, and does not have a boring and stereotypical concept that you feel that you've seen dozens of times before. It's really a breath of fresh air in the ever-growing jungle of TV series, of which few are worth spending time watching - in my humble opinion.

The main character, Chuck, is a geeky, modest, conscientious and somewhat shy person who is suddenly faced with many challenges in his daily life, trying to keep together the different parts of his life at the same time. His field of expertise is fixing computers. Viewers who are passionate about technology will probably be especially likely to "get" the humor of this show.

The very most brilliant achievement of this series is the unique chemistry between the characters. No one take themselves too serious, the actors deliver great performance and consistence in every episode, and the characters' spontaneous reactions are often enough to cause great laughter. The only "serious" character I can think of (who is rarely funny - undoubtedly by intention) is Chuck's sister - Ellie. She contributes greatly to the "balance" mentioned below, and is in that respect an important character.

Furhermore the series' perfect balance between gripping action scenes, risibility and self-irony is quite remarkable. It's both pleasant, fun and thrilling at the same time! I hope Chuck will continue to be such a success for a long time and that the creators continue to develop the concept so that it does not "grow old" fast. I look forward to its release on DVD in a greater variety of countries! Quickly summarized: A hilarious series, in my opinion the greatest American action comedy TV series ever!
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A Brilliant mixture of Action, Romance and Comedy
Travis Brooks19 February 2009
In my line of work, I get very little time to sit down and enjoy something on the TV, or especially become enthralled in a TV series - until Chuck.

From the first episode, back when we were first introduced to the individually zany Chuck, right up to present day 2 seasons down the line - Every episode is a whirlwind of emotion, with the action of the plot, mixed with the comedy of the 3 bantering and finally the intermittent cover relationship which we all have our own opinions about.

It's been a long time since I set something aside and looked forward to it every single week - and to this day have never been disappointed by it!!!

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Mr. Magoo meets Jane Bond?
Dylan Thomas29 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
From the previews, it would have appeared that this show has an interesting twist from the typical rhetoric of the genre. But that is not the case. All summer we were "duped" into believing this was going to be Mr. Magoo meets Jane Bond. A regular Joe with a doofus complex meets Mrs. America gone international spy. He is unaware of her "secret identity" and she's aware that he unknowingly knows something he shouldn't, and that she might have to kill him at any second. This is not the plot at all, and would have been network gold if it was, in my opinion.

Instead we have a typical ridicules plot about a goofball of-a-guy that receives an EMAIL that contains all of the government's secrets and overloads his brain with every detail. Extraordinary piece of technology Email is. To implant all of the knowledge of the government's secrets into the brain, that he can only access at the exact time it is needed. Whaaa? It suddenly seems that I'm watching Joss Whedon's Angel ala spy-games via Johnny Mnemonic. Were you can expect every week's story to involve Chuck having "visions" that lead himself and his heroin on adventures that bring them closer to solving the mystery of whether or not Chuck can score with this spy-babe. And there might be some hilarity thrown in, but I doubt it. This "piece" has all the appeal of a shiny object to a bird. No doubt the fans of claptrap will love it...
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Don't let season 5 be the last of Chuck and Sarah!!!!!!!!
Brian Wustmann3 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Chuck is unique. It is real. With the corny acting, the monotonous or bizarre plots, and the horrible story lines have claimed the life of too many of today's television shows, Chuck offers a refreshing plot, real emotion, and real problems. The ingenious plot uniquely blends action and drama with comedy and romance. The importance of the intersect on Chuck's life and how it changes him makes us look at our own lives and makes us wonder what it is that we want to get out of our lives. Adding to that the incredibly passionate and emotional love story of Chuck and Sara and discovering the importance of family (the Bartowski's) and friends (Morgan, Casey, Buy More Gang), watching Chuck makes you realize what really matters in life and makes you feel like part of a family, Chuck's family.

As I write this, I realize the miniscule impact that this review has on determining the fate of Chuck. All I hope is that Warner Bros, own the rights to Chuck, will take a second and listen to the passionate fan base that has stood by Chuck for five years, through thick and thin. Chuck is more than a show. It's part of our family. If we lose Chuck, we lose part of our family. Sarah's not the only one who fell for Chuck. We all did and we will never stop.

Sign Petition To Continue Chuck:
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Greatest Off The Beaten Path Action/Comedy
mnsmb71 January 2017
I stumbled upon this gem 4 years back and binge watched the first three seasons in less than 2 weeks. This show is so very creative and never truly got the chance to be successful. It was just removed from Netflix unfortunately but is still one of my favorites. The show has 5 seasons and I would say the first 3 seasons contain some of the best episodes. The idea and execution of the entire show is so well done. The main character Chuck is funny and undeniably lovable just like his best friend Morgan. Chuck's romantic history may have him a little jaded when the beautiful and mysterious Sarah enters his life. If you're willing to give love a shot and want to have lots of laughs at this light-hearted action show Chuck is for you. I rated it a 9/10 because the final season does get a bit monotonous but the music, acting and plot are well worth the watch.
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Chuck might have some potential underneath the muddled scripts
nunyerbiz6 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Through a series of 'forgettable spy movie clichés', a regular guy from the local electronic store gets all the secrets of the government downloaded into his subconscious. Of course, this brings interest from the unavoidable 'powerful government agency clichés'. The CIA agent (romantic interest) and the NSA agent (sorta pointless other guy) must sorta protect him while sorta trying to get information from him while sorta trying to make the audience laugh on occasion.

Based on the first two shows, Chuck is a muddled mess... but it can be amusing at times. In the title role, Zachary Levi is likable but he doesn't seem to know whether to play it straight or go for a laugh. When a legitimate laugh does appear, the "spy clichés" pop out and stop any momentum. I don't think it's much of a spoiler to say that Chuck probably isn't going to die or get brutally tortured. So when the show plays it's spy stuff with a relative straight face and tries to deliver tension, it's just a waste of time.

The writers might have something with Chuck and Sarah, as the actors appear to have potential for some chemistry... but the show needs to find a direction. Right now, it's some interesting ideas wrapped in a bunch of clunky spy games.
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Best show to hit NBC ever
marijan-mikolic28 January 2012
Chuck is an amazing show from start to finish, from the amazing pilot to the emotion pumped finale, it's a thrilling marriage between comedy and action. Chuck never fails to entertain, especially if you're a nerd and can relate to the main character, and the acting is spot on every single episode. It was an attempt at creating a comedy about spies at the beginning, but turned into an amazing plot driven show that just kept on giving to it's fans, the ones who kept it alive. The center of the show - the relationship between Chuck and Sarah is so great because of the chemistry between them. The finale of the show made me sad it was ending, because not only was Chuck a great comedy and action show in one, but a ray of light in the darkness that is the NBC schedule. Chuck will be forever be remembered by me as one of the best shows to ever exist.
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Chuck Fails Creatively and with the Audience
Fredrick Gruskow7 October 2008
Chuck is a show that failed from Day One creatively. It attempts to be humorous but does not quite make it to vaguely amusing.

Is it any wonder that few people watch it? After all, it is ponderous, weighted by bad screenplays and indifferent performances and with a direction that is so lacking it is actually amazing.

Funny? Not really.

Exciting? More like sleep-inducing.

In other words, Chuck is a failure, both commercial and artistic that should be made to leave room for something better.

Here's to hoping its replacement will be an improvement.
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one of the best TV show...just love it (carmichael)
Harmeet Bhangu30 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
i don't usually give reviews but CHUCK made me to do it,,,,,awesome TV series waiting for next seasons..!! john Casey, Sarah walker, Ellie MORGAN GRIMES were fantastic last but not least VOLKOFF and his terror guys we all want u CHUCK Albeit i am not everyday TV watcher yet this TV show on behalf of its story and optimum character selection made me one of its greatest be honest i am overwhelmed by its story line with so much me guys you won;t regret watching this show. Till then farewell.
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Best TV Show Ever
Shivan Desai29 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Chuck was the best show I ever saw, Chuck Bartowski is my favorite character because he is smart and good hearted. With or without the Intersect, Chuck is the best spy and a hero. Seasons 4 and 5 are my favorite seasons of all. I like how he is always brave is willing to protect his friends and family from being in danger, that makes him a great hero and a great leader. Chuck vs Undercover Lover and Chuck vs The Pink Slip were the only two episodes I disliked the most. For Pink Slip, I feel bad for Chuck because he was having a bad day because he was fired from the CIA and lost his chance to be with Sarah, it was never right for Casey to suggest Sarah to put him out of his misery due to his bad day being worse, but it was great that Chuck got two of his job back at the CIA and the Buy More, also Team Bartowski being reinstated. Chuck deserves to have a happy life and has friends and family who care for him, especially Sarah and Casey. For Undercover Lover, Casey pushed Chuck when he was comforting him when someone he loves is going back to undercover, good thing was that Casey accepted Chuck's help. There are two characters I also disliked which are Emmett Milbarge and Clyde Decker they are both one hundred percent jerks, I'm glad that they are gone for what they did to Chuck, for Emmett he was humiliating Chuck, although he met his end by being killed by an assassin who was trying to find Chuck, luckily no one cares that he is gone nor misses him and for Clyde Decker he would have let Sarah die and took the Intersect from Chuck, however he was killed by an ally of Chuck's to prevent him from framing him and his team. Two villains like to ruin people's lives and now they are gone. I always believed that Chuck and Sarah were meant to be together they have been friends for three seasons and an undercover relationship. True the relationship was strained due Chuck being a spy, but later is was restored in Season 3 and later they finally got together for real. Chuck and Morgan are the greatest friends of all and they are more like a dynamic duo. Casey is tough and strong, but he does care for Chuck and everyone. The two-hour series finale was the best episode to end Chuck and the final song for the show really fits in to conclude the series.
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A mix of Action and Humour that just does not Work at all
janicepass30 September 2008
Mixing such disparate elements as action and humour is quite difficult... And Chuck is completely failing at it.

The humour is just not funny and the action is campy (and again not funny).

The problem is that you need a steady hand at the controls when you attempt something so difficult, and clearly Josh Schwartz and McG are just not cut for this kind of delicate work.

McG is best known for over-directing everything he touches and Josh Schwartz is best known for over-the-top soaps.

I don't fault NBC for trying this difficult alchemy, I am just amazed at who they chose to execute it, because it doesn't work at all.
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When Unfunny Meets Untalented
Leonardo VanZandt22 September 2008
Also known as "When Josh Schwartz Meets McG".

What more can be said about Chuck? It's a show that tries to be funny but isn't.

It's a show that wants to be full of adventure but is dull.

It's just a bad show.

Not that it's a surprised as it came from creatively dead zone that surrounds Josh Schwartz and McG.

Put together those two gentlemen have quite a record for poorly made, boring shows, and Chuck lives up (or is it down?) to that vintage.

NBC desperately needs to find itself some producers with actual talent.
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Pretentious, Empty, Boring
Rhona Wilde19 August 2008
Chuck is the perfect example of what ails NBC (and most of the networks). It's an exercise in trying to appear hip that has absolutely no meat underneath.

It's also terribly unfunny. If it were a sitcom, it would have needed 100% artificial laughter throughout.

It's hard to imagine what made anyone want to make such a badly conceived show. Perhaps it is because the concept of a funny spy show is appealing, but really, once you bring in Josh Schwartz, you know that all hope of any quality is long gone.

Another milestone in NBC's fall into irrelevance.
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Brilliant Action/Comedy/Drama/Romance-ish
dimsim-634-90867313 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This is a great TV Show. Why, you ask? Well, it has the four most appealing genre's across the world. Comedy appeals to everyone. The comedy is usually at the Buy More store, with Morgan, Big Mike, Jeff, and Lester, but it's still a great way of splitting the four genres. Action. Action appeals mainly to men, and it is what makes Chuck great. Also, the ways that Chuck gets out of situations shows us that the creators were fans of MacGyver. Indeed, it references MacGyver in one episode, where Chuck says "Those seven years of MacGyver finally paid off!" Drama. Most people like drama, although toward the end of series two it became very dramatic, and they stopped putting too much humour in there. Finally, Romance. Romance is what makes a TV show good in a woman's point of view. Chuck has a little romance, and small parts of it, but only after Sarah realises her love for Chuck.

All in all, a BRILLIANT series that has kept me *begging* for Season 3. Which will probably not come for a while. What I don't understand is: Why is NBC thinking of taking it off the air? They can't do that!
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Chuck has everything you want in a show
legendary111 January 2010
I expect some resistance to this, but i really think that Chuck is a special show. You do have to look at Chuck's slapstick( Dick Van Dyke, Three's Company), the supporting characters: lovable losers (Cheers, Drew Carrey Show), the setting( a Buy More. everyone can relate, we've been there), the love interest ( Lois & Clark, X-files). This show has taken all of these elements and put them to work. I think it works great! I began watching this about 5 episodes into season 1. I was hooked!! I bought season 1 on DVD and did not miss an episode of season 2. I was on the bandwagon to save chuck, but was also amazed to see the amount of noise made the fans. I was also amazed to see NBC not give it the push to start this fall, based on the fans feedback. It would be nice if this show was given the chance of a Jay Leno show, or a reality series. Be a shame to let this one get away.
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Really amazing show
ChrisJames863 January 2010
I just recently discovered the show Chuck. I wish I had watched it from the beginning, but have purchased season 1 and cannot wait to catch up on season 2 when it comes out. Each character is portrayed wonderfully. The show could not have been cast better. The mix of comedy, drama, romance, and suspense add up to everything I would want in entertainment. Chemistry between "Chuck" and "Sarah" is great! It's one of those shows, that if you take it for what it is meant to be, which is a fun and entertaining "dramedy," you will quickly fall in love with the characters and root for them in their respective plights. From Awesome finding more awesome things to do, to Lester and Jeff and their plans, to Chuck finally getting a normal life with Sarah. Excellent show!
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