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Lively and engaging
bob the moo12 July 2007
Filmed live, this film is an edited version of Brown's live stage show – the last one of his most recent tour. I watched it out of curiosity but I have never been totally convinced or won over by him having only seen bits and pieces of his one-off specials. However watching this it is hard to deny that he does have a gift for mixing showmanship with the techniques of hypnotism. Now, if you're like me, then you can't help seeing hypnotism as some sort of working man's club style entertainment where people are made to bark like dogs etc. With Brown though, it is nothing like that and although each part of his act is in essence a stunt, it does come over as being based much more on just the power of suggestion and manipulation of his audience.

The stunts themselves are impressive and, in the case of the glass, difficult to watch, but even as I did I found myself wondering how he did that. Now the best part of the film is the conclusion where Brown plays back a recording of the show that had been shot from the wings. Having just completed his final stunt (which is impressive) he then picks bits from his show where he had dropped in suggestive remarks that I hadn't even picked up on but, hearing them again, you hear him basically saying what is going to happen in his final scene.

Am I totally convinced that no sleight of hand or trickery is involved at any stage of his show? Well, no frankly, but seeing how he does it and getting the "here's how I did it" at the end does make it all the more enjoyable and convincing because it does leave you with very little to say other than agree that he has effectively managed to manipulated the actions of a mass of people just by using the power of suggestion.

Fans will love this but even myself, as a casual viewer and cynic have to admit that it is an enjoyable and mystifying show and that Brown's style and sense of showmanship makes it lively and engaging.
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Paolo Macachor18 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Derren Brown. What can I say? While "stage mentalism" can be viewed as a rather archaic and too ornamented novelty, like magic - Derren Brown presents it in just that way but with new contemporary flare PLUS psychological nuances, and fun facts that Brown has from his knowledge of psychodynamics, biopsych and even NLP. Thus his being "honest about his dishonesty."

You will also find out that this is NOT a mere show of mentalism or sleight of mind... it is his true display of "soft science" and the exploit of "psychic manipulation" when in the end he REVEALS his methods of subliminal persuasion. This is the good thing about Derren Brown's psychic routines, they are fun, and in the end they can allow the showman to strangely, maintain TRANSPARENCY about what he does in the Art.

I rate this video Grade A+
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