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Piece of garbage
Joe12 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Well. WHat can I say? Horrendous acting. Miserable, on everyone's part. The mother and the daughter looked the same age. The writing was worse than any soap opera, the combination of these made it so farcical to watch that the subject matter was problematic. It was a misery, not because it concerned a girl being raped, but because you didn't like any of the characters. they were all horrible. the girl was a brat, her parents were nasty, the rapist was dire, the friends were all sickening. Everything about it was wrong. The directing, the sets (who has an outdoor swimming pool in Dublin? Apparently all of the people in the show do!) Even the camera work was shoddy. I finished watching it solely for the purpose of writing this, the experience was so wretched that RTÉ should issue an apology for doing such a shoddy job with such a serious issue. Shame on them all, how dare they make that show, it was a slap in the face to the nation, and to all rape victims, whose real tragedies could be dramatised, not this soapy, ridiculous garbage. And the verdict? well, marks on her neck, that's something that should at least be brought up in a crime like rape, no? Guilty would be the verdict then, I should think.
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billythehick1 October 2008
this is an ad for the rape crisis center. i have nothing wrong with that, i'm all in favour of that. but usually these ads are about thirty seconds long.

this show was two hours.

and it managed to be less interesting than watching a single thirty-second ad 500 times in one sitting. the characters were awful, the direction was unforgivably dire, the writing was a joke and the story frankly went nowhere. just wretched situations for wretched people.

and just to cap it off. i thought the main character was retarded. i mean i thought she was mentally challenged. i was waiting for it to come up in the plot who horrific it is to rape a mentally challenged person and then it dawned on me that she wasn't supposed to be retarded. not only her, but her best friend too, the one who turns on her. terrible performances all round, just awful. watch ads instead.
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