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Good Film
Michael_Elliott16 January 2009
Another Romance of Celluloid (1938)

*** (out of 4)

MGM short is pretty interesting as the first part discusses how the celluloid gets to the studio and eventually how the film goes to the lab. The second part of the film is pretty much a promo for MGM as we get to see some footage from upcoming movies as well as some behind the scenes stuff from Marie Antoinette. Film buffs will also get a kick out of the 1937 Oscar ceremony where Frank Capra announces Spencer Tracy is too ill to be there to get his award so it's handed to Louie B. Mayer who then gives it to Tracy's wife. It's worth noting that a few of the films mentioned as "coming soon" ended up not being released for over a decade and a few of the films are announced with certain cast members but the final movies feature someone else.
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A little bit of education, a whole lotta p.r.!
MartinHafer9 February 2017
"Another Romance of celluloid" is a promotional film from MGM that is both educational and a way for the studio to promote their movies...but mostly to promote their movies! I liked the first portion where they talked a bit about how cotton is picked and is somehow magically made into celluloid film (this portion is a bit rushed). Then the focus is on how the film is developed and becomes the finished movie...all very interesting. Following this, however, the focus squarely is on promoting its stars as well as looks at upcoming movies. This is interesting because some of the announced films were never made and some underwent cast changes. The IMDb trivia section discusses this. All in all, for a movie buff like myself, this is a must-see picture...though casual fans of classic Hollywood might not feel so strongly about it.
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What happens after film is delivered to the lab...
Neil Doyle30 June 2009
This MGM promotional short starts out where the last "Celluloid" short stopped. Now the film is ready to be developed in the lab after a day's shooting of MARIE ANTOINETTE with Norma Shearer, Tyrone Power and Robert Morely. We see the celluloid strips (many, many of them) drying in the lab where they're polished, dried and given a timing treatment so that all the images will appear consistent in photographic images.

Then we spot a tram taking a tour of sound stages, covering six miles of studio streets.

And finally, a glimpse of current stars on films either being made or being readied. Some of these were never made.

Interesting that plans were for Spencer Tracy and Robert Taylor to do NORTHWEST PASSAGE. Never happened. Fernand Gravet was to do SCARAMOUCHE. He never did. A film called UNVANQUISHED was never made. And so it goes. We get glimpses of MGM's stable of "more stars than there are in heaven"--samples of CLARK GABLE, SPENCER TRACY, MYRNA LOY, LEWIS STONE, MICKEY ROONEY, LUISE RAINER and MILIKA KORJUS ("The Great Waltz").

Interesting for film buffs.
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