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It's Loretta's 16th birthday and everyone is preparing for the party. The birthday girl, however seems preoccupied with the scheme how to drop out of school for good. Wolf and Cheryl don't support Loretta in that decision. Cheryl is concerned about Loretta and she is completely baffled at Rochelle and Kasey's opinion of her daughter. Pascalle has no more interest in the Videohut. Her whole attention is on her boyfriend Hayden. She advises Loretta to get herself expelled. So Loretta behaves pretty badly and Ms Darling grants her wish. Now she is free to spend all her time at the Videohut, where she discovers Jools, a homeless girl, who lives and works there, thanks to Pascalle's good heart. Meanwhile Wolf has different plans for his youngest child - he enrolled Loretta into the private school of St. Ignatius. Loretta refuses to go but her parents force her. T get out of that nightmare Loretta suggests to the homeless Jools to take her place at school. Van and Munter do a big score with...

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