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During the first Hoochie Girl competition hosted at the Rusty Nail, Van bumps into Aurora, his high school fling. After pronouncing Aurora the winner of the contest, Van finds her and tries to get some answers about his broken heart. Turns out on his 16th birthday Van saw Aurora in bed with Jethro, while she was assuring Van of her true feelings for him. However, Aurora runs without an explanation. Van continues his obsession with her as he picks up the g-string Aurora dropped after she ran away. He is determined to see her again but doesn't know how to find her. Pascalle remembers Aurora and shares that she joined the motorcycle gang The Horsemen. Aurora is his leader, Tyson's girlfriend. Van and Munter arrive at the Horsemen headquarters, where it's pretty obvious they can't get in. But Van finds a way - to deliver some pizzas. Successfully in, he finds Aurora in the kitchen and they straighten all out. Turns out she never knew that she rooted Jethro instead of Van. Now that all is ...

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