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Dr. Grant 'Doc' Roberts: I'm going to take some pleasure in reporting you to the police.

Mona: Well we were only playing a prank.

Jerry: It was just a harmless hoax. We didn't hurt anybody or break any laws.

Dr. Grant 'Doc' Roberts: The authorities may take a different view of that. You've endangered lives, and you *have* done some harm with your hoax. Some day a new animal *may* turn up and a memory of a stunt like this just may keep it from being properly investigated. Did you ever think of that?

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[last lines]

[Grant, Joyce, Jonah and Nicole are watching Sanderson's TV show "Stranger Than Fiction"]

Sanderson: And so ends the strange tale of Abby, the Abbots Bay monster. The perpetrators of this monstrous hoax have been put out of business and I for one am proud of having uncovered this fraud. One day, a new animal might show up but memories of stunts like this might keep it from being properly investigated. And that, my friends, is a true tragedy. Strange? Yes... Stranger Than Fiction.

Joyce Carter: [Grant shuts off the TV] He's taking all the credit for what you guys did.

Dr. Grant 'Doc' Roberts: I can't believe that guy. First he puts words into my mouth then he takes them out without so much as a by your leave.

Jonah Roberts: It's also very unsanitary.

Joyce Carter: I know you're burned up about Sanderson but


Joyce Carter: isn't that real smoke!

Dr. Grant 'Doc' Roberts: My chicken!

Dr. Grant 'Doc' Roberts: [Grant runs off to the kitchen and comes back holding a dish with a charred and smoking chicken] Well it *was* a chicken.

Nicole Roberts: Don't worry about it, Dad. The pizza we ordered should be here any minute now.

Dr. Grant 'Doc' Roberts: You ordered pizza when you knew I was cooking dinner?

Jonah Roberts: You may be a great dad but as a cook - you're Stranger Than Fiction.

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