Plot Keywords

demon killing an animal
subjective camera character's point of view camera shot
psychic child eccentric
homeless person mute child
covered in blood gourmet
documentary filmmaking tv journalist
news footage forest
canoe talking to the camera
sickle omelet
missing child filmed killing
tinfoil hat corpse
false teeth paranormal investigation
handheld camera punch into the camera
critically acclaimed video camera
father son relationship punched in the face
hearing voices family relationships
mental institution no ending
blood murder
mother daughter relationship repeated scene
phenomenon paranormal phenomena
missing person poster sound editor
dead bird cinema verite
bare chested male bomb shelter
missing husband house on fire
extrasensory perception title spoken by narrator
voice over narration person on fire
cooking spaghetti
false accusation of murder dog
television broadcast mother son relationship
psychological testing blood splatter
psychoanalysis ghost in photograph
housewife murder of family
interview film starts with text
missing daughter family photograph
plankton flask
bleeped dialogue husband wife relationship
tv news raw footage
tinfoil low frequency noise
talking to one's self disappearance
shaky cam child in peril
ectoplasm videotape
tokyo japan found footage
yarn priest
beating storytelling
tape recorder apartment
foster father foster home
psychic research drawing
village suicide
shrine sacrifice
ritual psychic
possession pigeon
mockumentary missing person
mask japan
ghost folklore
fake documentary embryo
dam curse
baby abortion
2000s death of child
death of mother

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