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8 Apr. 2005
Zauber von Bali
Markus Winter travels to Bali, to buy a luxury hotel for his Viennese aunt Dorothea von Siethoff. The owner, Franziska, however didn't yet tell her sister Maria, who wants to keep the hotel they inherited form their father. Famous Parisian chef Pierre Fontanne booked in the hotel, probably to bid against them. Markus's daughter Leonie 'Leo', which he brought along, absolutely wants to meet her idol, pop singer Alexander, who is recording an album on Bali. She teams up with a fellow fan and meet Jan, Alexander's charming, suspiciously green manager.
29 Apr. 2005
Überraschung in Mexiko
Markus Winter is angry because aunt Dorothy made him miss his daughter's party to help her buy Mexican art for her hotels there. She blindly trusts Julian von Behrenberg, an acquaintance from 30 year ago, with a criminal record. Markus also has to fill in for the sick manager, whose able reception clerk Charles has worrisome love trouble with his fiancée, the female secretary Esmeralda. German engineer Matthias Rühmkorf checks in with his charming pre-teen son Joshi, who hasn't spoken since ma left them seasons ago. Markus suggest local dolphin therapy, while ...
17 Jan. 2006
Markus Winter planned to have a leisurely holiday himself on the Seychelles, with daughter Leonie. Helena Kaufmann however just inherited part of the land the resort is build on, and wants him to buy her out. Markus finds things are quit different, but remains occupied. Wayne Carstens starts a romance with Florentine 'Flo', who pretends to be a model. Fashion executive Horst Körner and his wife Nora plan some quality time, for their 20th anniversary. But Horst's new tennis - and archery partner there, Oliver Possard, is Nora's adulterous ex.
3 Feb. 2006
A Berlin hotel chain owner and author, who follows the advice to add a chapter to her India manuscript 'The Light of Wisdom' on Diwali, plans to hold such first-ranking Hindu feast of light in her Indian hotel. She enlists her Viennese nephew Markus Winter to ask the blessing and magnificent attendance of his study days relation, the present maharajah of Jaipur, whose fabulous ancestral palace is the jewel of Rajastan. The maharajah's excellent son and heir Shandro has lost his heart to European commoner Nadine, but is told by the patriarch the family tradition ...
19 Jan. 2007
Markus Winter starts his term as general manager of his Viennese family's hotel group in Sun City (South Africa)'s luxurious Palace resort. Marcus's good friend Wösner seeks a wife as stepmother for his three enterprising children. Marcus's daughter Leonie gets obsessed with the fate of the Zulus and even supports tribal-ecologist opposition to the hotel's plans for golf links. Other guests deal with more romantic issues.
2 Feb. 2007
Dubai - Abu Dhabi
Marcus visits his hotel group's UAE desert resort in Abu Dhabi for business deals with crafty locals and a moody heiress. Single mother Renate Frey seems to seek a father for her fine son Tobias. The boy takes to local yacht tour captain Lutz Kemper and vice versa, but that's no coincidence.
11 Jan. 2008
Markus Winter visits his chain's hotel in the Dominican republic. He's joined by his adoring and adored godson Sebastian Sellmann, who refuses to have his whole life planned by his dad, Dr. Norbert Sellmann. Hearing about the fugue, the bossy businessman from Hamburg joins them. As usual, several love affairs blossom and/or face troubles.
18 Jan. 2008
Hotel chain boss Markus Winter accepted to arrange the grand wedding in his Peking establishment of Loretta Boehme with a Chinaman. Alas she only invited her dad without telling the truth, which requires quite some urgent work with both families. Wheelchair-ridden stud Fabian Boehme refuses to be a burden to his family, let alone stand in the way of a loving marriage, but has tried everything- except traditional Chinese medicine.
16 Jan. 2009
Markus Winter visits his chain's Malaysian hotel resort. Finding his friend's small hotel's lease renewal is denied by land owner John Wong, he promises to help if possible. Cuckolded by his wife with another lobed one, international star pianist Sascha Sorell stays incognito after canceling all concerts indefinitely. Trough her daughter, he strikes up a friendship with Sabine Kilian, actually a boulevard reporter. A workaholic business executive's relationship with his devoted PA is up for evolution.
23 Jan. 2009
Kap der Guten Hoffnung
Markus Winter visits his Capetown hotel. His buddy Jonathan Beckett, who emigrated to Australia 30 years ago, visits his brother's wine estate, only to find it's now run by his ambitious but bitter orphaned nephew Leonard, who isn't really that. Coast reserve director Lukas Hafner has an affair with the German architect of a soccer stadium he and the local youth oppose. safari reservation veterinarian Dr. Mike Kubach broke a leg, so Markus recommends a colleague he met on the airplane.
8 Jan. 2010
Chiang Mai
Markus Winter knew better than to actually expect relaxation when visiting his chain's Northern Thailand hotel at Chiang Mai. He helps trace down a treasure diver with his partner and wife. Nerd Moritz knew better then expect his flirtatious brother Jens to stick to their no-girls pact, but a photographer seduces Moritz for a change. Businesman Hermann Lehmann ruins the holiday for himself and his wife Ursula by his hostile attitude when their daughter Meike (18) present her fiancé, fitness entrepreneur Philipp Schmitt.
22 Jan. 2010
Sri Lanka
Markus Winter visits his chain's Sri Lanka hotel, just when socialite multimillionaire Gregor Pohlmann makes his typically dashing entry, the start of lots of flirtation and generosity, yet without actually laying down the cash. Leon Groß, who gave up his German business career to start an orphanage for wild elephants, is Markus's pick to help a grieving widow pick up her life. A botanist with butterfingers is granted a gardener's job so she can afford her own investigation.
21 Jan. 2011
Markus Winter expected to lie back as he visits his hotel chain's Malevives branch, happily run by his daughter Leonie. But he's as busy, finding among the guests his 20 years ago ex Eva Ruhland and her daughter Nikola. Düsseldorf businessman Alexander Weigend didn't even intend to unwind, but has to as his luggage got switched with Berlin marine biologist Sandra Bohland's. Stefan Färber shows endless patience with his brat Lena after recently loosing her mother in an accident, while his new lover Greta Junghans can't wait to take her place.
28 Jan. 2011
When Markus Winter visits his Tobago hotel, a well-groomed man washed up with amnesia on the Caribean shore and falls in requited love before being identified as a married Trinadad socialite. The hotel manager's estranged father Paul Trondheim ultimately wins her confidence back after turning his great vice, a former gambling addiction, into charitable good for a hospital-orphanage threatened with closure for a recreational project.
6 Jan. 2012
Markus Winter plans to build a new resort near his Vietnamese luxury hotel. On the flight he got a crush on consultancy firm executive Nora Mäder, but she's a spy for a Chinese competitor. German restaurant chain owner Erik Krüger wants to lure back his son and prospective heir Malte, who however feels he found happiness as cook in Markus's hotel, preparing traditional Vietnamese cuisine like his fiancée Lamai's mother. Erik flies in Malte's Hamburg ex-fiancée Susanne, a compatible heiress. Resourceful Fabian gets caught in his own white Internet lies to seduce ...
13 Jan. 2012
Markus Winter visits his Brazilian hotel in Bahia, incognito, to look into the thefts wave there. His daughter Leonie, who runs it, feels passed-over. Spoiled German millionaire Wagner checks in blasé with his partner, unaware what adventure awaits him in Bahia.
31 Oct. 2014

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