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Hallmark's "Final Approach" was one hokey production...

Author: daddeobear-1 from United States
24 May 2008

What a crock of crap this movie was ! If I were to sit here and list all of the inconsistencies in this movie it would take up dozens of typed pages... Just to name a few though... Do you really think that in the wake of the blunders made at Waco that the FBI agent would have been given the OK to "go in" and take out the bad guys with a simple request and OK over the phone ? And do you think they would have done so with one of their own agents inside and take the chance that he would have been killed ? Do you really think he would have been canned simply for punching a fellow agent one time ? How did they get a NUCLEAR device onto a commercial airliner post 9-11 ? How did they get SO MANY weapons aboard a commercial airliner post 9-11 ? Although the pilot didn't have the nerve to start dumping fuel, and the stewardess did, how long was the pilot going to wait until he told someone since it was the bad guys who noticed the warning light for low fuel was on ? Does anyone realize there are no airports that limit the traffic that can land to "single engine" ? If thats the case does that include ALL single engine aircraft, from a Cessna all the way up to an an F-16 Fighter aircraft ? Thats Ridiculous term that is totally nonexistent in the real world... And that a small airport out in the middle of nowhere would have a tower with air traffic controllers stationed there with the radar scopes seen in the background is even more ridiculous ! And here the 'civilian' thats landing the plane waits until their almost ready to land before lowering the landing gear ? A regular pilot would have had it lowered as soon as he started his approach or before. And how about the fact that the "single engine airport" just happened to have a set of boarding stairs that were large, and tall enough to fit a wide body airliner ? Wouldn't the inflatable chutes at the emergency exits made for a better effect ? I know its only a movie as well as the fact that I'm sure they had a limited budget, but it was like a bunch of school kids were running the show when you consider all of the goofs and inconsistencies the movie contained. The people at Hallmark need to realize that the watching public expects more from such a production then the half hearted attempt they aired on their fine channel. There were TV shows from the 1960's that were more believable then this hokey show of crap ! They can do better, MUCH BETTER...

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Not really bad, just really long

Author: MissTRious from m/s Seven Seas Mariner
5 October 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As has been pointed out by fellow reviewers this is a bit of a clichéd/hackneyed film, full of hokum and nonsense.

This is true; however as a rainy Sunday afternoon film it isn't that bad. Yes, there are some really wincingly bad plot features: the Super Agent fired for one punch, the passenger coincidences that put them on this ill-fated flight, the ANNOYINGLY competent, plucky rookie stewardess (she was late for her first flight, yet when all this goes down her more experienced colleagues reduce to tears whilst she runs around like Halle Berry (another Executive Decision reference)). And the whole sub-plot with the White Supremacist although it started well, sort of got lost especially with the prison visit and faded to nothing. The producers were trying too hard at the Red Herring aspect.

Another thing, a handsome face means you are good, true, brave and to be trusted without question - cue Dean Cain saving them all.

Oh, and at the mind blowing running time of 2 hours and 46 minutes, this film was almost in real time for the flight. Even Lord of the Rings struggled to keep your interest over times like this, so this film had no chance. Maybe, a little editing could have saved some of the groans and heightened the tension.

Two good features of the plot were the "Chase the Ace" sequence with the vans at the beginning, nicely done and the concept of them parachuting out of the jumbo before it came in to land.

Next, in answer to points raised in previous reviews, the Nuclear Bomb was a fake (as was explained in the disarming sequence. They managed to get guns on board using the luggage carriers (luggage is scanned BEFORE it goes into them not after so it would be possible to unlock them and hide in there).

Finally, to the cast, most of them are faceless crowd workers with the occasional line of dialogue. Dean Cain is turning into a bit of a Julia Roberts in that his whole acting arsenal consists of a smile. Obviously, he uses his more than Julia to win over Men, Women, Good Guys and Bad Guys alike, but I would liked to have seen a little more depth in his character. Lea Thompson, how she ended up in that role I don't know. She was quite wasted in the role and looks as uncomfortable delivering some of those lines as she did in that male-fantasy tight short skirt. Definitely, not Desert Storm Combat gear. Anthony Michael Hall, well at least he put some effort into his role (wasted overall on the rest of the film). His role started off complex and menacing and then faded to shallow and two dimensional. A wasted opportunity.

So, like I said, not a bad rainy day film but could have been much, much better.

P.S. Does anyone else think that Anthony bears more than a passing resemblance to Steve McQueen? (Or am I suffering altitude sickness?)

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A glaring expose of Hollywood

Author: Joe Dan Gorman
29 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A virtual 'who's who' of almost-famous actors... I did not rate it as 'awful' because of the unintentional comedic aspects... But in this jewel, Hollywood demonstrates its absurdly delusional grasp of the politically correct to avoid reality. AGAIN---instead of the terrorists being portrayed as 'radical Muslims' which have actually engaged in ALL reported hijackings in recent decades---the terrorists are contrived and overly exaggerated Hollywood caricatures of conservatives, LOL...

But while there IS a middle eastern man...who tries to help...the plane is actually saved by Ernie Douglas (My Three Sons) and Superman (Deano).

Then we have "Growing Pains" chick (Tracy Gold) starring as an action- reporter, while 'Back to the Future''s Lea Thompson is utterly masterful at the absurd.

It was also freakishly uncanny how much Ms Thompson looks like the "old version' of herself from 'Back to the Future"

And the computer generated airplane & sky used were laughably sophomoric.

Bravo Hollywood. LOL

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The movie is about a plane hijacking that is handled by accident than design.

Author: auhabib from Islamic Republic of Iran
4 October 2009

To me movie is just a bit better than awful! the movie is about a hijacked plane that is somehow cliché these days. The problem is that you see the series of illogical event through the movie that can hardly happen together in real life. the previous comments went through some of those.

The hilarious thing was the way the top authorities were dealing with such a terrorist attack. The movie depicted the officials as naive people that changed their mind on some unreliable resources. You can see the authorities and important character did not control the situations but the flight attendant and Jack's wife had lots of influences and handle the that serious nuclear threat. To me it could be a good news for terrorist that the main challenge they would have is facing with some brave flight attendants and passengers over hijacking rather than sophisticated officials.

The ridiculous thing was that the Jack's wife was taken on the operations to fight with the dangerous villains. Imagine a lady with a miniskirt and high-heeled shoes and make-up was walking on the battlefield. Do not miss that! As nobody knows when such a scene repeats over the cinema history!

To me, if you wanted to tell the movie in a phrase you would say it is Bollywood version of hijacking that was made in US.

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Fasten those Seat Belts for this "Final Approach" ****

Author: edwagreen from United States
31 May 2008

Wonderful action movie.

While it follows the usual plot line, it is excitingly done and holds your interest every step of the way.

As usual, we see a guy getting fired for becoming too zealous during a shooting at a cult, only for the guy to reemerge in a hijacking of an airplane. We get the pilots knocked out or dead, a young excited stewardess who can become the center of attention. A coronary patient who succumbs to an attack from all the excitement, a doctor not allowed to help the patient due to racism, dissension among the hijackers, are they there to make a political point or are they just a bunch of crooks out to clean out a bank?

With all the usual plot lines, this film works due to the excitement which is generated.

The cast is perfect and of course there are always people available who can land the plane.

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Departing from Hallmark: Another Lemon

Author: No One from Australia
11 October 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Statistically speaking, Hallmark should be able to make a decent action film once in a while. It doesn't have to be high art, but anything would top this turkey.

A group of stereotyped terrorists (possibly the same ones from 'Nowhere To Land' and 'Executive Decision') hijack a passenger plane (wow, really?) and threaten to detonate a nuclear device over L.A. (also pinched from 'Nowhere to Land' and 'Executive Decision') unless there white supremacist leader is released (also like 'Executive Decision') and only an FBI agent who just happens to be aboard (ooh, like 'Passenger 57') and save them.

Hallmark have dragged out every cliché (terrorists somehow get past security, there's a bomb on board, the FBI agent's wife coordinates things from the ground, an FBI agent just happens to be aboard, a passenger has to land the plane at a small airfield...) and injected a very, very small amount of originality (but it's so little, if you blink, you won't notice it).

Someone tell me how your VFX team can present THREE different liveries on the same CG plane? Someone hit the wrong key back there or something? The gunfights are boring and routine, the action is minimal and the plot is so contrived and copied that it hardly entertains. It's not a patch on RCI's 'The Poseidon Adventure' (2005), and that's saying a lot. Forget this movie, and watch something else. Like the grass grow.

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