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Worth a watch
hramcha27 January 2008
It was interesting to me to see what Lal Jose comes up with after his highly successful "Classmates". The movie had Sreenivasan in the lead and being a big fan of the man (as an actor too) I thought this movie would definitely have its moments. The storyline in the movie did have a lot of promise. The plight of the blue collars in the gulf and the perception of the gulf in kerala, the political ambitions of some in Kerala are pretty well depicted. The fallacy in the sincerity of present day politicians and the fact that the ones with true passion in them are often overshadowed had been a pretty standard fare in malayalam movies for sometime. Srenivasan has done a good job as usual and so are most of his costars. But the movie would have made a better impact with tighter script. The movie drags in the middle and hence the bigger message in the movie gets a little diluted. But I guess in todays generation of sub-par movies this movie deserves some kudos and is definitely worth a watch.
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Strong criticism on Communism and its ideals
The movie captured my heart because it shows political party shouldn't be governed based on theories that are in the books they follow or in the way one guy. It should be in favor of people and time. Several occasions and examples are stated in movie about idealism that can be wrong, but even when they showed clearly all these and mocked them party people claimed the movie to be theirs. In 1 scene Srinivasans character mukundan is asked to type in his name in computer and flashback goes to the time when he is conducting strike against use of computers, another scene shows that people work hard to earn a living in foreign countries as construction workers and all but at home they do nothing just sit around and create problems. Then the starting shows conversation between Mukundan and his father,Mukundan says he is going to destroy all the plantations because they removed rice field to make it into plantations then his father asks its also agriculture and in the past communism destroyed a lot of things for which they had to say sorry in the future. So at present what seems to be right could turn out to be wrong in the future and saying sorry wont bring back what was destroyed. The movie also shows that communism has some good people but purely believing in books and ideals which are written down are not enough to serve people and their needs.
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